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NCA 2020

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NCA 2020

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Oct 20th 2020 on tour!

IoC National Courier Awards

IoC National Courier Awards


Explaining the moment! Sir John Hayes CBE MP – former transport minister – IOC Vice President


It's going on the road, join me to rattle the clappers on the evening Oct 20th


ioc vice president sir john hayes


National Courier Awards Oct 20th. Sir John explains ’It’s going ahead and will recognise some of the exceptional adaptability of the express sector when faced with the challenge of COVID - critical infrastructure delivering to the door and helping people stay safe at home.


This year's National Courier Awards will leave the traditional IOD platform in Pall Mall, the National Courier Awards is going on the road!

With full social distancing, the IOC have completed the final mile of recognition for the 2020 Covid year winners by delivering the Silver C courier awards to the individuals in their workplaces, where their colleagues rattled their clappers in recognition of best of the best express delivery.

alistair cochrane tracey worth camera shoot for nca covid 2020

There will be a broadcast quality capture of the National Courier Awards; just like the real thing, individual and corporate winners will be a secret until the evening of Oct 20th, I ask you to be ready to rattle your clappers and join me then to celebrate the sector and its COVID year delivery.


2020 National Courier Awards

Viscount Lord Falkland, President of the Institute of Couriers, ‘2020 the 24th National Courier Awards, an exceptional year - the COVID year - recognising a peak we never planned for. A year of lockdown, a year of recognition for final mile, key workers, critical infrastructure. 2020 recognises people at the heart of final mile, last mile, express delivery.’

IOC Vice President, Sir John Hayes CBE, ‘This year, the National Courier Awards left the traditional IoD platform in Pall Mall - the National Courier Awards went on the road - from London to Leeds - with full social distancing and supported by a TV news production crew to recognise best of the best in express courier final mile delivery.'

IOC chairman Carl Lomas MBE, ‘The 2020 Inst of Couriers, National Courier Awards.’ ‘This year there is a prestigious service to industry award. Corporate nominations focus on delivering during COVID – from ventilator parts to face masks. There is a City consolidation Clean Air award and a team who deliver a nightly miracle. For 2020 we have a David Jamieson Corporate Road Safety Winner. However, the big focus is on individuals in our sector. The individual National Courier Awards winners range from office to driver, from Guildford to Gateshead, Southampton to Aberdeen, London to Leeds. Delivering parcels, co-ordinating teams, saving lives.

IOC CEO Tracey Worth, ‘Sit back and enjoy the 2020 National Courier Awards with one click on your laptop to a broadcast quality socially distanced awards. 2020 sees an abundance of professional individuals, having delivered more, gone further and now recognised by the industry for their amazing contribution. Apprentice of the Year winner presented in Guildhall Yard, City of London acknowledges the next generation. The awards video concludes with a Military coalition with Express sector winner. Rattle those clappers!

Brigadier Phil Prosser comments on the Military Coalition award, ‘This team of teams delivered logistic effect far greater than the sum of its parts under a common purpose to ensure the continued supply of PPE to all frontline users.’

Alistair Cochrane, opening our award night, reads the nomination for services to industry, ‘This individual is proven across multiple senior roles in the sector.  During COVID lockdown he reached out to support all former colleagues.’

IOC Vice president, David Jamieson, 2020 National Courier Award for Contribution to Road Safety ‘Adaptive training measures reduce accident rates with a new driving assessment with manoeuvre-based exercises.’

One of the Corporate winners, Ben Kidson comments, ‘I’m so proud of everyone in the team for having a constructive, safe attitude during this pandemic. It’s such an honour to receive this award, it means a lot.’

Comments for the individual National Courier Award winners were rich in customer testimony, “The driver was so helpful and cheerful; what a wonderful service!

The National Courier Awards are hosted by the Institute of Couriers, the government stakeholder for express, final mile, last mile delivery and are judged by an independent panel of operators and sector stakeholders. 2020 brings a focus on key worker, critical infrastructure delivery UK wide, featuring companies national, regional and local, from network to franchise and independent.

The National Courier Awards are open sector-wide to all; they are split in two categories, corporate and individual.



NCA Logo Blue 256The National Courier Awards recognise the best of the best in the courier industry - from wheels to office, contract and military. A gala evening celebrating excellence from courier companies large and small, regional and national footprint alongside each other in a unique network of all things courier.

 The 24th National Courier Awards will be held on Tuesday October 20th 2020.

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 2020 National Courier Awards – the COVID year.

‘Recognising people at the heart of final mile delivery’

Viscount Lord Falkland, President Institute of Couriers, IOC, ‘2020 the 24th National Courier Awards: An exceptional year; the COVID year'

IOC Vice President, Sir John Hayes CBE, ‘This year the National Courier Awards has left the traditional IoD platform in Pall Mall - the National Courier Awards is on the road from London to Leeds'


National Courier Award, ‘Services to Industry’ 2020

The Services to Industry award is the best-kept secret in the sector, like the last twenty years of the conventional gala dinner announcements, this year’s winner had no idea until he was joined by colleagues to celebrate the announcement at his HQ in Sheffield.


2020 National Courier Awards Corporate winners


The Individual winners (also in alphabetical order)


2020 National Courier Awards Military Collaboration Awards

Twenty-three years of final-mile excellence for National Courier Awards

Rattle the clappers, light-show and fanfares for the best-of-the-best in Express final-mile courier.

Best of the Best final mile in the UK recognised by independent panel of judges at the Institute of Couriers National Awards 2019

National Courier Awards 2019 at the IOD

Life services, seven gongs and nineteen courier silver Cs for 2019

Step-change award to DPD for electric vehicle micro-hub

Hermes take team award

Diamond win diversity

Clipper take fresh start recruitment.

Life Services win to Alistair Cochrane Whistl


Three winners further nominated for fellow by awards chair Adrian Smith

Will Friar Rush Couriers, Monica Pound CitySprint & Monika Haromszeki Hermes.

Progression in our sector

Mandy Freedman, former road National Courier awards winner comes back to win an office category.

Clean air for final mile double-take with two winners

GLA Gnewt & City of London CitySprint cargo bike parking


In keeping with tradition, shortlisted candidates assemble on the Balcony & Stair of the IoD before being presented to the IOC Vice President, and VIPs and the National Courier Awards ceremony begins; 2019 marks the 23rd year of the awards.

 DPD for ‘Safety Above and Beyond in the final mile.

Diamond Logistics for their “Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion” Innovation policy

Clipper’s Fresh Start programme

The City of London Corporation and GLA Gnewt Collaboration.


Alistair Cochrane


Fernando Lopes de Silva - Addison Lee

Ailton Sena - Addison Lee


Andrew Lumb - Four Wheels Driver, CitySprint
Miklos Istok - Four Wheels Electric Driver, Gnewt


Filip Boshnakov - CitySprint
Les Emmerson - Hermes
Stephen Gray - CitySprint
Chris Wilkins - Tuffnells


David Bates - Tuffnells
Adrian Purewell - CitySprint

Becky Ahmadi and Mandy Scott, Hermes


Mandy Freedman - Account Manager, Rush Couriers
Shervonne Timmer - Customer service Agent, CitySprint

 Step Change ‘Micro Hub’ delivery - leading a team effort for DPD is Graham Goadby

Will Friar - Office Support, Rush Couriers
Monica Pound - Relationship Manager, CitySprint
Monika Haromszeki - Regional Logistics Planner, Hermes


Military To Civilian Award - Mike Doe, Clipper

Military Reservist Award - Sgt Simon Miller, 158 Sqn RLC

Military Distinction Award - Major Ian Mckinney, BFPO


The 23rd National Courier Awards, held at the IoD, Pall Mall, London SW1 is Tuesday October 15th 2019.

Sir John Hayes for the gala final mile event recognising express, last mile courier best of the best.

Clean air big on the shortlisted winners

Panel of Judges for the National Courier Awards, chaired by Adrian Smith, sat to decide the final mile best of best.


Twenty-two years of final-mile excellence for National Courier Awards

Rattle the clappers, light-show and fanfares for the best-of-the-best in Express final-mile courier. Pledges of code of practice and level 6 degree in Express management announced.

Best of the Best final mile in the UK recognised by independent panel of judges at the Institute of Couriers National Awards 2018

Twenty-two years of final-mile excellence for National Courier Awards

Rattle the clappers, light-show and fanfares for the best-of-the-best in Express final-mile courier. Pledges of Code of Practice and level 6 degree in Express management announced.

18 for 18 in 2018; eighteen silver-C awards for the 2018 National Courier Awards

Ten thousand words of nominations for the 22nd year of the National Courier Awards with four corporate wins and treble-three for Hermes with DWP 'Wheels to Work'.

A big four-wheel group marked ‘Year of the Van’

David Jamieson Safety Award goes to O’Donovan Waste

Lifetime achievement dished out to Adrian Smith as Express sector rattled their clappers for the final mile.

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