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First half of the National Courier Awards closes with standing ovation for Operation London Bridge delivery.

Three-time winner for Step Change goes to Evri for self-employed income support.

Alderman hands road safety to green for Tuffnells win.

Citations for saving lives to Citysprint and Yodel.


Community Assistance – above and beyond normal call of duty – saving lives.

Two citations of two lives saved by our express family at the front line.


Mike Clarke CitySprint Brighton


nca 2022 placeholder 700

Client asked for help, a customer lay dead on the floor, courier resuscitated the customer from clinically dead with cpr

Calm, quick thinking and diligent in his work, as well as life saving skills.”

Mike arrived at a Wickes delivery and was unloading the van when the customer came running out of the house saying her workman had collapsed. Mike went straight into the house to find the workman on the floor of the kitchen and he was clinically dead at the time, he had no heartbeat and was not breathing.

Mike performed CPR on the work man and managed to get his heart beating again. The ambulance arrived a short while later and took over I am pleased to say that when Mike left, the workman had a strong heartbeat and was breathing by himself, he was then taken to hospital. Without the quick thinking of Mike, I would hate to think what could have happened!



Chris Riley Yodel Truro

nca 2022 placeholder 700

With no answer to knock at the door, identified the customer had collapsed on the floor inside, his actions that followed were praised by the emergency services, this courier saved a life.

“A truly worthy nomination. Chris is a stalwart of our team, reliable, honest, hardworking, and always there for us. He cares and in so doing, saved a gentleman’s life.”

During a recent delivery on his tour, Chris noticed, through the window that a gentleman was laying down and clearly seemed to in discomfort and became alarmed. He called an ambulance and told them what he'd seen. The paramedics arrived and were welcomed by neighbours, and Chris who had stayed to support. With the gentleman now in the care of medical experts, Chris then continued on his tour as usual. The following day when Chris returned on his tour, the gentleman's niece thanked him for his quick thinking and thoughtfulness suggesting that he may have even helped to save his life.

Chris is a stalwart of our team, reliable, honest, hardworking, and always there for you. We never get complaints only compliments about ‘this friendly and caring delivery driver’ he makes a difference to the customer and for the company he is a professional and dedicated driver.

A true ambassador to the Logistics Industry, and to Yodel. Truly worthy of formal recognition and will be a well-deserved nominee for a National Courier Award.



Step Change – a unique three time, triple win of the prestigious Institute of Couriers Step Change Award.

Evri - Bringing a Step change to express sector.


nca 2022 placeholder 700

Bringing change to support of the self employed courier
Holiday pay, sick pay & a pension deal for couriers.’

The Institute of Couriers step change award is what it says on the can.

Bringing step change to sector this company already has two previous wins, they become a unique three time winner bringing step change to our sector a third time.

There first step change award was for Sunday delivery, their second for national order by midnight for next day delivery.

Their third win tonight is for the auto-enrolment of their self-employed couriers to pensions.

This company announced under their new brand that it is to auto-enrol its self-employed plus (SE+) couriers, 85% of the network, into a pension by the end of this year. This move is a UK logistics industry first and represents a £7 million plus investment each year in the earnings security of its SE+ couriers.

In addition, following discussions with the GMB Union, ‘Evri’ also introduced the right to maternity/paternity leave for all SE+ couriers with effect from March 2022.

Stephen Timms MP, chair of the House of Commons Work and Pensions Select Committee said: “This is a huge step in the right direction and will help thousands of couriers plan for retirement. I am delighted to see Hermes Evri provide pensions and parental leave in addition to the holiday pay, guaranteed pay rates and union recognition already available.”

Martijn de Lange, CEO at Evri, ‘When we first announced our SE+ model in 2019 we committed to continuing to develop our support for our self-employed couriers and we are proud to have been true to that and be leading the industry once again. Our couriers receive guaranteed pay rates, paid holiday and now a pension but have also been able to retain the flexibility that so many treasure, fitting in their deliveries alongside their other (often family) commitments.’

Steve Garelick, GMB Organiser, said: “This breakthrough deal is a massive step forward and will make work better for GMB members. Tens of thousands of couriers will now have the safety and security of knowing their retirement plans are being looked after. Meanwhile, the right to maternity and paternity leave will break down barriers previously blocking those with children from entering the profession. GMB and Evri (was Hermes) have shown once again that when trade unions and businesses are in agreement, the so-called gig economy can be a better place.”

Mark Pawsey, MP for Rugby and member of the House of Commons BEIS select committee said: ‘I welcome Hermes’ ongoing commitment to investing in their workforce by introducing this pension scheme for their couriers. This will be a great benefit for their couriers, including those in my constituency, and will give them confidence and security in their retirement. I also welcome their ongoing work to support their workforce through the right to paternity leave from this month.’

Step change for 2022 at the National Courier Awards to Evri for pension auto enrolment for self employed couriers, sick pay and holiday pay.



Working Together - Two individuals working together to provide solutions for a specific order or client.

Hutchinson & El-Bashary Absolutely Couriers


nca 2022 placeholder 700

Sameday team challenge operating procedure to deliver food & drink in the Golden Hour with 15min windows.

“Doug and Daniel have been instrumental in finding new ways of working. The development of new customer partnerships has been instigated by the innovative thinking and can-do attitude of Doug Hutchinson and managed by the flexibility, accountability, and commitment of Daniel El-Bashary.”

2022 has brought a year of change, with the opportunity to work with food & drink customers, this now equates to c.8% of daily sameday volumes. The development of these partnerships has been instigated by the innovative thinking and can-do attitude of Doug Hutchinson and managed by the flexibility, accountability, and commitment of Daniel El-Bashary.

These two have been instrumental in finding new ways of workings as the operational requirements are very difficult indeed as most deliveries are often within a golden hour of 10:00hrs to 11:00hrs, with an exact delivery success only allowing for a 15-minute window either side. This challenged our operating practices, and it wasn’t plain sailing. It took perseverance and strong communication which Doug and Daniel delivered and without them the success of Trustpilot score of 4.8 would not have been achieved.

In establishing this growing sector knowledge and expertise, Absolutely needed to challenge operating practices. This wasn’t always plain sailing and has taken perseverance and strong communication to improve our service offering. We have worked hand-in-hand with our customers and their tech partner, Orkestro, to launch a new operating system and technology platform to give live access to all collections and deliveries. A very difficult, and challenging, sector indeed. Despite these hurdles it is fantastic to see the Absolutely Trustpilot score of 4.8, which is industry leading, underpinning our commitment to great service.

The collegiate working practices between this team and each individual client we work with, has enabled Absolutely to adapt and to deliver the right tech, the right delivery solutions, the right communication and the right service to our food customers, something to which we are very proud.



Road Safety

Road Safety Champion – Daniel Green Tuffnells


nca 2022 placeholder 700

‘Road Safety has been the biggest challenge and Best experience of my career.’

My first 6 months as a Regional Road Safety Champion, has been the biggest challenge I have faced since I started 7 years ago. I have learned a lot and keep learning daily. Since day one of being part of the Road safety Team it’s been great to make a difference.

Daniel green at Tuffnells ia a road Safety Champion – ‘Best experience of my career.’ I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to help people and most of all promote road safety within Tuffnells. I can honestly say it has been the best experience in my working career, I have a strong like-minded team around me full of experience, knowledge, and drive.

I am Looking forward to Peak and the months ahead and continue the great work we are doing as a road safety team.




Team Collaboration Awards – Two winners, one in same day fashion, the other on the Brexit at the Irish border


First - A team who have shown outstanding co-ordination and information interface.

Addison Lee team, Client Collaboration – High end fashion house in London team up to early delivery notifier for same day.


nca 2022 placeholder 700

High-end, multi-channel, fashion retailer offering a wide range of delivery options, including 90 Minute deliveries and nominated 1-hour time-slots to eligible orders within London worked with the Addison Lee team to target exact time delivery with an icing on the cake early delivery notifier where available.

The technology that sits behind this enhancement has successfully been implemented across client base, improving overall customer experience and changing the way we operate.

Through collaboration, Addison Lee team and the fashion house designed and implemented an ‘early delivery notifier’, ensuring operational efficiency, courier productivity and client satisfaction, without compromise. Through use of Addison Lee’s advanced route planner, predictions of early deliveries notify the courier and send an ‘early delivery’ request directly to the customer. The customer is then empowered to decide whether to accept or decline the ‘early delivery’ through a simple one-click response. Once the customer has responded, the courier is notified via their handheld device, where in turn the decisive action informs their next steps. This operational enhancement has been well received from online booking, auto allocation and now to interactive customer engagement.

The Second team collaboration award

Viking Courier Team Award dealing with Brexit on the Irish Border


nca 2022 placeholder 700

Dominic Cooper, Bryan Duncan and Jon Waite - Distribution Team.

January 2021 saw challenge with Brexit causing huge losses in our business in the Irish market. The team worked hard to change carriers in Ireland and win back over the internal customers with the switch of UK carriers for our 20,000 parcels a night.

The team have worked hard on delivering this success through dedication, focus, going through the contracts and making tough decisions, they have driven up service, reduced cost spending and have allowed the sales team to attract more customers.

They are now delivering the Irish border on time and on budget.

The team came up with a plan that would execute the change, save cost, and deliver a better level of service for our customers. The change took place after 3 months of planning. The team have seen an increased level of service from 92% delivered on time to 96.4% and customers returning to our business.




Corporate inspiration Award

Cultural Impact - Huboo Bristol - Supporting sport, the community and social responsibility


nca 2022 placeholder 700

Final mile Unique five way culture partnership

From express fulfilment, Huboo support sport in Bristol with all age inclusivity.

Fulfilment final mile at Huboo who has locked in a support deal for widespread local sport that doubles up to replace over eighteen adverts that restricted youngsters enjoying replica kit fo their heroes. It hits hard into the solution of culture across the Bristol geographic where Huboo has their UK head office. OC fellow, Allan Blakely explains a unique and historic UK-first. Huboo has announced a groupwide partnership of sport support around its HQ Bristol geographic. The sport support frees the younger teams from over eighteen adverts and makes inclusivity core to the Huboo community.

In the deal supporting local sport, Huboo becomes the Principal Partner for all FIVE of Bristol Sport’s professional sporting teams from the start of the 2022/23 seasons, including: Bristol City Football Club, Bristol City W.F.C. Bristol Bears, Bristol Bears Women, Bristol Flyers

Given the breadth of the groupwide agreement, and both Huboo and Bristol Sport being headquartered in the same city, the deal is unique in nature and the first of its kind in the UK. It sets the standard for sporting partnerships going forward. It will also be the first time that all five of the group’s professional teams will have one unified front of shirt partner. Aligning the Huboo brand across multiple sports, and for both men’s and women’s teams, was key in creating this partnership, and supports a theme of equal representation across Bristol. It’s a truly authentic partnership that works on many levels due to the synergies between Huboo and Bristol Sport, from rapid growth to their commitment to supporting local communities and making Bristol proud.

Martin Bysh, Co-Founder & CEO, Huboo: ‘Huboo’s core values are perfectly aligned with those of Bristol Sport’s and together we aim to raise the bar for what is possible with a partnership of this scale. It’s an exciting time for both Huboo and Bristol Sport. We have a shared vision of making Bristol proud.’

Bristol Sport founder Steve Lansdown CBE said: ‘Bristol Sport offers a unique opportunity to associate with all different types of sports, fanbases and communities. We’ve always said sport will support the city and the city should support sport. Here we have a local business supporting all of our sports and that is fantastic and I’m really looking forward to us working together over the next few years to take us both forward.’ For Bristol Sport, having a fulfilment brand that was created in the South West as the front-of-shirt sponsor not only illustrates the synergy of this unique partnership, but also means that young supporters can proudly wear the same shirts as their idols; something that wasn’t possible under their previous partnership agreement. As Principal Partner and fulfilment provider, Huboo also fulfil eCommerce retail orders for Bristol Sport’s teams, and the picking, packing and distribution of fans’ season tickets packs for the new season. Recently, Bristol City players Kal Naismith & Kane Wilson were on hand to help Huboo surprise some lucky young fans with their 2022/23 City season tickets!




EIIR Merit Award – In honour of the late Queen Elizabeth the Second

To recognise those who help our sector.

For duty, dedication, commitment, and outstanding initiative, contribution to our final mile sector.

Three winners, a regional body, a govt dept and a national emergency service.



Rachel Foye & Graham Jones Transport for West Midlands – Commonwealth Games


nca 2022 placeholder 700

Knowledge & planning to deliver in closed roads

TFWM were instrumental in getting information on the Comonwealth Games impact on roads to the express delivery sector, extensive briefing, in person at IOC heads of industry tables and in regular data for both the Sunday emails and senior fellows vbreifings, even the closing ceremony detail refreshed on the eve of the big day for next day delivery success.
The IOC thanks TFWM for excellent circulation of the knowledge that the express delivery sector needed to get all the parcels delivered successfully during the closed road sectors of the games.


The second winner or EiiR merit, a govt dept with vision for the future of our sector.


DfT boost for freight – Future Freight Plan published to create a more resilient and greener sector.


nca 2022 placeholder 700

Government unveils major new plan to provide a pipeline of recruitment in sector and move to fewer planning permission obstacles for bigger warehouse.

Then Sec of State for Transport, Grant Shapps said: The pandemic shone a spotlight on the importance of our country’s freight and final mile sector. We are committed to working closely with the industry to attract a strong pipeline of talent.’ DfT campaign launched to kickstart careers in logistics and create a more environmentally friendly and resilient transport sector. Millions of people across the UK will be encouraged to kickstart a rewarding career in logistics, with the government unveiling a multimillion-pound new plan to bolster the supply chain and create a more resilient and greener transport sector.

The major campaign is launched ( June 2022) to recruit and retain a skilled workforce in the logistics sector. This builds on the government’s unprecedented action during the pandemic. Express opportunity in apprenticeship has never been greater, over 500 candidates have signed up to Express delivery operative, the degree apprenticeship for Express managers is live at UWL and the new Express Sortation apprenticeship found its first candidate starts at Tuffnells with West Thames College LSA. DPD trialled Sector Work Academy Programes, Whistl were recognised for Kickstart recruitment and DPD began Job Centre guaranteed job interviews.

The DfT campaign is one part of the government’s Future Freight Plan setting a strategy for the government and industry to work more closely together to deliver a world-class, seamless flow of freight across the UK’s roads.This included increasing the number of driving test slots, investing in new roadside facilities and introducing bootcamps, which has seen the number of available HGV drivers stabilise. It comes as part of wider government efforts to help more people into work.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: The pandemic shone a spotlight on the importance of our country’s freight sector. As a proud, free-trading nation, moving goods at home and abroad has always been the backbone of Britain’s economy. Our 33 interventions to tackle the shortage of drivers means we now have a stable recruitment pipeline and a robust supply chain, and today’s measures will help the sector grow from strength to strength. We are committed to working closely with the industry to attract a strong pipeline of talent, decarbonise the freight network and deliver a world-class road transport sector.

This Future of Freight plan explains how a National Freight Network will be explored to help remove any existing barriers faced by the sector that prevent it from delivering a seamless flow of goods across the country. A call for evidence will also be launched to better understand how the sector can more easily approach planning applications, so there are fewer obstacles to creating bigger warehouses to meet customer demand.


The final winner or EiiR merit at the National Courier Awards, City of London Police for facilitation of Operation London Bridge liaison to deliver final mile during the ten day mourning.


City of London Police – Operation London Bridge


nca 2022 placeholder 700

Received by Superintendent Patrick Holdaway, City of London Police from Alderman Alison Gowman

Operation London Bridge was responsible for roads during the ten day mourning period of the late HM The Queen. Run by the Metropolitan Police and liaised to the IOC via the City of London Police. Actions of the operation made final mile delivery possible in the most challenging closed roads operation we have seen this year.
Our sector of Express, final mile and courier logistics is indebted to the outstand work of Superintendent Patrick Holdaway and Paul Fagg leading at City of London Police NBCC to deliver knowledge and connect appropriate depts during Operation London Bridge.
With a long trusted relationship they acted urgently from the start of the ten day period, tirelessly and at all times of the day forwarded many updates in regards to roads, access and security to help get many of our Institutes courier companies through to delivery during the London Bridge period. Their contributions delivered knowledge, road routes and access detail that made delivery possible for both local and national networks who deliver final mile in Central London. Particularly SW1 and surrounding postcodes. Deliveries from meds to food. The access knowledge was made available from owner operator SME vans to national networks.

Carl Lomas MBE, ‘As chairman of the Institute of Couriers I wish to get a special thank you recognised for two of your team who gave invaluable help to support our entire sector, they made it possible for national courier companies to receive knowledge that made it possible to plan accurately and continue deliveries to the door during Operation London Bridge.’

Alderman Alison Gowman, Ward of Dowgate, City of London Corporation, "The City of London Police well understand the need to keep the City operational at all times and have a great network with businesses that means they are in touch and keep everyone up to date."

Andy Magromallis, IOC group chair for security, ‘Superintendent Patrick Holdway support and commitment to the IoC security group has always been second to none, however during operation London Bridge, Patrick's support continued unwaveringly. Whilst still maintaining all of his other duties and functions, simultaneously being a key player in operation London Bridge, the largest police operation in British history, Patrick continuously made himself available to the IoC to provide support and advice throughout a challenging period time for the sector, with information that made it possible to keep the final mile driving forward.’

Stuart Godman boss at London same day express firm Absolutely, ‘On behalf of Absolutely, and that of every London courier, parcel operator and Logistics supplier, we would like to say a heartfelt thank you. Not only was the organisation of London’s road first class, but the proactive communication was also exemplary. This enabled our sector to successfully navigate through the streets of London, ensuring urgent goods were delivered on time. It was first class, and we are all extremely grateful for such timely, and well thought through, communication.’

Well done them, they made a national impact in a regional area during a period of exceptional challenge. A very big thank-you to them both.


Clean Air Award

All-electric target updated to 30 Town and City locations. Electric cycle, cargo bike, small and large van, all zero emission.

DPD first confirms all-electric delivery status first for 10 towns and cities ,then announces plans for five additional ‘green' towns before updating to 30 locations, two years earlier than planned.

nca 2022 placeholder 700


Setting an exemplary standard in clean air final mile, the first ten, DPD has confirmed that it is now providing an all-electric delivery service to 10 UK towns and cities and is aiming for 30 all-electric locations by the end of 2023 - that's five more than originally planned and two years earlier than expected. In October 2020, DPD announced plans to create 25 all-electric towns and cities in the UK by 2025. In July 2021, Oxford became DPD's first ‘green' city, with a fleet of 40 electric vehicles based at the new DPD Bicester eco-depot, delivering over 15,000 parcels a week across the city. This week, DPD has confirmed that nine additional UK locations have achieved the same all-electric delivery status. The ten ‘green' towns and cities are, Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, Hull, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading, Southampton and Stoke.

Progress is well underway at the remaining 15 original green delivery locations - Birmingham, Brighton and Hove, Cambridge, Coventry, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Plymouth, Portsmouth and Sheffield. DPD now expects these locations to achieve all-electric status two years earlier than planned, by the end of next year. In addition, the firm is now planning for five more towns, Birkenhead, Gateshead, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Rotherham and Shipley to become all-electric by the end of 2023. To-date, DPD has invested over £90m on all-electric vehicles in the UK, including the most recent order of 1,000 Ford E-Transit vans in May 2022, which will take DPD's electric vehicle fleet to over 2,500 in total. The company, which hasn't bought a diesel van since summer 2020, expects to deliver 26 million parcels this year on electric vehicles, a saving of 7,200,000kg of CO2.

Elaine Kerr, DPD UK CEO, commented, "I'm absolutely delighted to confirm that we now have 10 UK towns and cities being delivered by an all-electric DPD fleet. One of our big aims is to be the UK's most sustainable delivery company and by the end of 2023, we will have over 5,000 EVs on the road and 30 urban centres delivered on all-electric vehicles. "Since opening the UK's first all-electric parcel depot in Westminster in 2018, we have grown our electric fleet year on year, despite some of the issues that have held us back, such as the lack of righthand drive EVs for the UK market. We are now seeing improved availability of larger electric vans, which is what we need. As a result, it is fantastic to be able to extend our original pledge to 30 locations and two years earlier than planned. "By targeting major town and city centres with our electric vehicles, we can make a significant difference to emissions in those locations and help improve air quality where it is most needed. In addition to buying the vehicles, and investing in charging infrastructure, we continue to optimise our routing and operation, to create the smartest possible delivery system and reduce our overall miles per parcel."




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