Hierarchy of the IoC Mar 2024 1368x1292


IoC President, Vice-Presidents, Chairman and Secretary

Viscount Falkland President (centre)

(from the left ) David Jamieson Vice President, Carl Lomas MBE Chairman, Tracey Worth Secretary, Steven Norris, Vice President

The IOC has the following aims:

  • The institute is open to all those who are in the industry. It is for the individual.
  • The institute will be the established national recognition of standards for those who work in the industry.
  • The promotion of ‘professional and safe practices’ in serving the industry and its customer.
  • The promotion and awareness of best practices for individuals to improve their skills and qualifications.


The IoC Mission

IOC seeks to encourage knowledge sharing and development of individuals own competence in the application of courier skills. It is the individuals with the appropriate knowledge, energy and skills that make the difference and can effect the provision of, delivery of and the standard of skills the industry shows to its clients. Individuals effect the change within an organisation.

IOC membership sends a clear message to employers, clients, and other stakeholders that you as a recognised member have committed to industry standards and quality of skills to benefit the service you provide. Alongside the IOC a recognised member sends a powerful message of delivery excellence.

The 21st century brings with it the ideals of:

  • new standards of quality
  • service delivery
  • responsible ownership

These three roads are the way in which individuals will succeed to meet the needs of employer’s and clients equally.