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Twenty-three years of final-mile excellence for National Courier Awards

Rattle the clappers, light-show and fanfares for the best-of-the-best in Express final-mile courier.

Best of the Best final mile in the UK recognised by independent panel of judges at the Institute of Couriers National Awards 2019


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Four Wheels Award

Contract Courier Award

Office Award

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Step Change Award

Presidential Proposals For Fellowship




Corporate Safety Award

2019 nca corporate safety dpd

DPD for ‘Safety Above and Beyond in the final mile.

“A primary school asked if we could go and talk to them about Road Safety” so we did! Students learnt about blind spots, braking zones, how they can have “passwords” for road drills and left knowing more about the dangers of sharing space with vehicles.

Our company became more active and included the UK’s first Strategic Partnership with Highways England. Signed in March 2019 by a Director of each organisation it has allowed sharing of best practice, arranged the trial of weather information gathering on vehicles and we shared the stage at larger Road Safety Events. Through our Partners at Highways England we have become involved with BRAKE, the Road Safety Charity. Contributing as a Corporate Sponsor and actively work together on events.

In September 2019, in only our first year of activity with BRAKE, this company was Highly Commended in the Community Road Safety section of their Annual Awards. This recognition encourages more acceptance and support internally. At present the team all have other roles within the organisation, some of the work does overlap but a lot of the passion for Road Safety comes from highly talented people who care enough to lead our organisation in this field.


Diversity Innovation Award

Diamond Logistics for their “Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion” Innovation policy

2019 nca diversity

Delivering the DfT STAT keynote at Portcullis House for express logistics 2019 it was said ‘Logistics and traditional delivery has been slow to adopt diversity policy’ This company are proud to be innovators in the sector and are holding the banner for new ways of working – embracing diversity evolution and pursuing passionate adoption of EDI policies.
In embracing the demands for a radical rethink of the future of same day delivery, a radical transformation to embrace equality, diversity and inclusion to proactively foster a dynamic and forward thinking team on the forefront of logistics evolution has happened.
The team is empowered and actively pursuing equal opportunity policies to ensure growth and access to new pools of talent.
On average over the last 3 years half the team at HQ and home service centres are female. Currently 67% of the team are female. In 2017 there was a 50/50 split between male and female, in 2018 there was a majority of 63% of the team being female and a 60% female majority on the board of directors.

We have always run a meritocratic business that embraces equality, diversity and inclusion. In 2017 we had a gender ratio of 14:10 in favour of women. In 2018 and 2019 we have an equal gender ratio. Our board of director statistics are even more ground breaking with a ration of 4;2 in favour of women. We are the exception to the statistics particularly in our sector.


Recruitment Innovation Award

Clipper’s Fresh Start programme

2019 nca recruitment innovation

700 recruits over the last eighteen months must be the HR success of the decade. Lead by Jennifer Swain head of recruitment this company has sourced and recruited from different channels of workers. Partnering up with charitable and support groups for the underprivileged, disadvantaged in the work force and those who need help to get back into work. The recruitment policy as been to open all pathways to work.

The success in this aptly named program is that working with support partners Tempus Novo, Scope and Menchap  over 700 new recruits have achieved employment from varied backgrounds, mentally or physically disabled, ex offenders or homeless, refugees, retirees, ex-military and full time parents no one is missed off the list for a change to be employed. The policy to be inclusive has rewarded the company with new staff and a pathway for more to join the company through peak periods, offered employability to those who most need it and has strengthened the existing workforce to partner and mentor these new recruits.

How does it work? In July 2018 we met Andrew Scott. Due to a series of unfortunate events, he was in a vicious cycle of unemployment after struggling to find a job for 12-months. Working closely with Reed In Partnership, Andrew undertook an alternative interviewing process and received pre-employment training and mentoring. We offered Andrew a secure job through Clipper’s Fresh Start programme, and provide on-going assistance from our Fresh Start Champions.

A Fresh Start is a win-win for everyone.


Clean Air Award

2019 nca clean air

City of London Corporation

The emerging use of cargo cycle delivering clean air final mile has been challenged by the ability to park safely and securely.

Generating access to clean air final mile via this emerging vehicle use in the high density inner city area of London the challenge is finding parking for cargo cycles. City of London Corporation rose to the challenge to find dedicated secure parking for City Sprint Cargo cycles.

Placing the cargo cycle in the heart of final mile locations in the City of London. City of London Corporation have created a new season ticket for non-motorised vehicles at their public car parks. These commercial tickets are available to users at a 87.5% discount from traditional commercial season tickets to encourage their uptake. Users get allocated space(s) on which they can provide secure storage and charging facilities for cargo cycles or other non-motorised vehicles.


GLA, Gnewt

The end of 2019 will mark the completion of a low emission freight project that trials solutions to cutting emissions and congestion from commercial delivery vehicles in urban areas. The findings from the project with Gnewt will provide recommendations for the wider roll-out of electric vehicle technology across the freight industry.

The Gnewt/Mayor of London’s Commercial Vehicle Trial compares the performance of innovative electric delivery vans to equivalent diesels. This project concludes later this year.

The project is part of the Low Emission Freight Trials, funded by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) in partnership with Innovate UK.


Services To Industry Award

2019 nca services to industry alistair cochrane

Alistair Cochrane

Skills, knowledge and experiences over 34 years in sameday courier industry. 1986 saw this person arrive in the sales and general manager role for TNT, London. A company that would be the career for a further 28 years.
A decade after joining TNT promotion to Regional Director and then network Director roles were given to a talented and dedicated individual who’s passion for the delivery industry was surpassed only by the passion for rugby. From each job role both the company and this individual, gave and benefited from the job experience and both were to grow.

Service levels up, overall delivery improvement up, productivity up. There was only one way this individual was going. Divisional Director and then in 2009 Director of Operations, the holy grail of last mile delivery, supporting the whole team to achieve excellence in the delivery of our service. Enjoyment and challenges but still the passion, wanting to get it right and get it better every day. Reward of such agile skills and compassionate support to the team brought the top job to the door. 2009 Managing Director TNT UK Ltd.

Highly deserved job role that saw this individual develop and implement a strategy to re-engineer the UK business (60+ locations, 10000+ employees) through major structural change supported by a restructured senior team. A task that was carried out with diligence, care, attention to detail and considerately. Companies don’t stand still and for the next few years This individual gave way to stretching the boundaries and trying new areas in logistics. Project Director and then Operations Director Parcel Force but Postman Pat just didn’t make the grade.

So with some 34 years experience and without loss of commitment, dedication, passion and tenacity this individual still comes back for more. Currently the Chief Development Officer for Whistl UK LTD he continues to delivery that extra mile for our industry.


Two Wheels Award

Fernando Lopes de Silva - Two wheels Driver, Addison Lee

nca 2019 2 wheels Fernando Lopes de Silva

The first nominee Fernando has been part of the Courier Family since August 2015 Since his arrival he has been very popular with all the team and clients. He makes peoples lives easy by the way he goes about his work.

He is just the perfect day to day courier. Always willing to do what is required. Out in all weathers on two wheels, never shy’s away from any job and in some cases sees it as a challenge. Always works with a smile and is the ultimate professional.

One of the unsung heroes of the courier fleet, who without our fleet would be a lot poorer. I hope this gives you a reflection of the value we put on this candidate. 


Ailton Sena - Two Wheels Rider, Addison Lee

nca 2019 2 wheels Ailton Sena

Our second nominee has been a courier since 2009, he came to the company inexperienced but willing to learn.

Within no time he has grasped the nettle and was one of our top riders. Always willing to do what others were shying away from, his theory being, work hard and do whatever is given to you and I will always be able to pay the bills and eat well.

In September 2013 he was stolen from the couriers by our car department, much to the annoyance of the courier team. Again he was a big success and very popular with clients but he became bored with life in a car and some of the people he had to deal with.

But in January 2016 he came back to the family of couriers. This time as a van driver. we are delighted to have him, he is still a very hard working man who will help anyone. He is the kind of courier that the team will say “wish we could have lots more like him” just because he makes everything easier for everyone.

He has never delivered a baby, made citizen’s arrest or saved a life as far as I know, but because of his attitude and professionalism he has certainly saved the day on many many occasions.



Four Wheels Award

Miklos Istok - Four Wheels Electric Driver, Gnewt

nca 2019 4 wheels Miklos Istok

He has been a driver for over 5 years. He is particularly exceptional because his attention to detail is unparalleled; careful data entry, signature names clear, always confirming on duty off duty, delivery completed always well.

As well as being a consummate professional and highly efficient at delivery, he is the only driver I know that not only cleans the inside and outside of his van on a daily basis but even cleans the depot particularly around the drivers collection point.

He has delivered thousands of parcels emission-free over the years, with a politely quiet disposition, a smile on his face and never a grumble. He is a credit to the business.


Andrew Lumb - Four Wheels Driver, CitySprint

nca 2019 4 wheels Andrew Lumb

He joined us in 2015 and has covered all manner of work for us both local and distance. At all times he is positive and has an excellent can-do attitude, which has helped us out on numerous occasions. He is always willing to help. In his case when you say nothing is too much trouble, it really is the case.

He is exceptional at what he does and he covers the full spectrum of courier work. He is excellent at multi-drop as he is ad hoc, being quick and meticulous. He has an extremely dedicated and fastidious approach to work.


Contract Courier Award

Filip Boshnakov - Four Wheels Contract Driver, CitySprint

nca 2019 contract courier Filip Boshnakov

He has been a courier since April 2017 and during this time has demonstrated his dedication and professionalism. Great attitude to customer service as well as good driving knowledge and skills. Always a clean van and always willing. A recent contract required a courier with a long-wheeled base vehicle to go to charity clothes banks on public streets and university halls, bag up all the clothing and other products at the location and then return all the bags back to the stores once the items were delivered.
He is known as an extremely trustworthy and reliable courier with good communications skills, so when the job opportunity was given to our company we called him without a second thought. He attended a meeting with the customer and our compliance officer at one of the clothes banks to understand the process and since then has built an incredible relationship with them.
The customer has constantly sang his praises all the way through the six-month trial contract that they offered us more towns and other areas to cover and to top things off, we’re also currently in talks with them about completing their work Nationally next year!


Les Emmerson - Four Wheels Contract Driver, Hermes

nca 2019 contract courier Les Emmerson

A courier who hits 10 out of 10 week in week out for the last ten years. He has received a high number of customer satisfaction comments and consistently represents our company as one of our smartest couriers, impeccably dressed. He is reliable and works come rain or shine, he faces all challenges head on whilst out on the road to ensure delivery in a timely manner.

He is an active role model for other drivers, he is very re-assuring and has the skills to show people new to the company, how to do things correctly and gives up his own time to come in on Sundays to help others. Les has built a fantastic reputation and relationship with our company and our client’s over the years and has consistently done this for a decade.
We will never fail when Les is on a delivery.


Stephen Gray - Four Wheels Contract driver, CitySprint

nca 2019 contract courier  Stephen Gray

If ever someone epitomized the ideal courier, Stephen is the strongest candidate by a long shot. He is an incredible role model for the job – and our business.

I always refer to him as my best sales executive as he is always professional, polite, friendly, flexible and eager. His customer facing skills are exceptional and brings a smile to many on his daily delivery runs.
For the best part of 12 years, I have always been able to depend on his availability and his experience. He understands the pressures of our industry and embraces our challenges as his own. No matter what time of the day or day of the week, he is the ever-reliable courier.
In the main he covers a daily contract run for us. His professionalism has played a huge part of our service and is one of the main reasons this account has not only grown for us, but for our client as well. They regard him as their “Sales Guy” and member of their team. A true Role Model for others.


Chris Wilkins - Four Wheels Contract Driver, Tuffnells

nca 2019 contract courier Chris Wilkins

He is a really caring guy, a naturally thoughtful person he is always helpful especially when delivering between depots he will often help out and has excellent driving skills.

He was on his way back from Bristol to Dewsbury with a full load when he spotted a dog on the hard shoulder of the motorway. He stopped with care and caution not to put himself or others at risk to rescue the dog. A small terrier which was sodden and freezing. He wrapped it up in his coat, putting it on his passenger seat and brought it back to the depot. Chris gave the dog food and water and in the morning took it to the vets where they were able to identify the owners. It transpired that the dog was over a hundred miles from home when it was found.

Thanks to this driver the dog was reunited with its owners within a couple of days. The owners were exceptionally appreciative and expressed their deepest thanks for saving a life. The driver was not late on his return to the depot either meaning not only did he save the dog but he also made sure the freight was on time into the depot. 

Chris does not do anything out of the ordinary, he considers road safety as the ultimate value of a driver and was very concerned how others may see his action but defends it with common sense and ‘thinking before stopping’. He is reliable and courteous, keeps a clean vehicle and provides perfect ‘paperwork’. An ordinary driver who does extraordinary things.



Office Award

David Bates - General Manger, Tuffnells

nca 2019 office David Bates

This new manager walked in to what was a very difficult and troubled depot circa 6 months ago and has completely turned the place around. Not only have we seen the service improve but we have seen a significant improvement in the service to the network. He has worked every shift, loaded every vehicle, travelled every route, fully engaged with every colleague, is coaching and guiding daily at ground level up and is taking the turnaround personally. This has been achieved through looking at things in a new creative way and by addressing the culture and living the values.

He has also spent just over a month assisting another location and we have seen again significant improvements in performance of the location. His enthusiasm and drive to get it right for all can been seen in all areas of the business – operations, commercial, finance and H&S safety. Customers would never be allowed to this site before based on previous standards now our top 5 customers have visited. He has even organised a staff open day on site and held a BBQ for all staff and families.

I am nominating this person based on how quickly he has changed the standard of our service for the better but more importantly how he has changed the Culture which can be more difficult. The pace he has moved to do so hasn’t been seen before in our business. This individual is truly living our company values.

Adrian Purewell - National Sales Support Co-ordinator, CitySprint

nca 2019 office Adrian Purewell

He is a friendly and supportive person always there and ready to help if you need him. He works in sales support but recently played a big role in the implementation of new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which has impacted the majority of the sales teams with regards to data retention, commission related issues being rectified, and much more at an astronomical scale! He’s also extremely patient when it comes to explaining the intricacies of the system to those of us who aren’t as technologically adept, to ensure we get it right. Not his job role.
He ensures everything is done to the best of his ability, he takes pride in his work and cares about the success of his colleagues and himself. Not only this, but he provides support for the entire company during very stressful and busy periods, making everything more manageable for everyone else.
Adrian is truly our sales champion. Not only does he work tirelessly to make sure we all get paid and any amendments get processed on time – he also takes charge of reporting any issues and fighting our corner whenever needed.
He always puts others first and helps the whole team whenever he can – he is selfless, hardworking, resourceful and I am in awe of how hard he works every day; never letting us (our office) or our company down. He can truly be relied upon and without him we would all be lost.



Courier Team Award

Becky Ahmadi and Mandy Scott, Hermes

nca 2019 courier team Hermes

Becky is Operations Development Manager and leads various initiatives to improve our products and services for customers, she has been with us for 2 years joining our IT change programme team initially and moved to join the operations team in November 2018 for the self-employed plus development. She is a change manager on technical IT projects typically and has in a short time studied and travelled the operation, navigating all the systems and process to manage the design and development of the se + solution. 

Mandy is Network Delivery Support Manager now. Previously a courier, Mandy worked up through the ranks of field manager, regional manager, divisional manager over 26 years that gives her the experience to now coach the networks management team. She specifically supports the development of the field management team, using her relationship skills, knowledge of the field operations and the courier industry.

Collaborating with our Couriers and the GMB Mandy and Becky brought about the delivery of the ground breaking Self Employed Plus Contract. With 17,000 Couriers it was a huge undertaking, successfully delivered through the cross functional collaboration and by the skill of Mandy and Becky all within 7months.
Often the most simple sounding actions can have huge ramifications so with care and attention to detail, Mandy and Becky worked on each challenge to find a satisfactory solution.

“there’s nothing and nobody that Mandy does not know about our courier network - she’s just the queen of courier!”

“a technically brilliant hard working and consistent manager who works with passion and great empathy and holds respect for everybody”


Contract Office Award

Mandy Freedman - Account Manager, Rush Couriers

nca 2019 contract office Mandy Freedman

This is her second nomination, her first was as a van driver. Since then she has moved into the office as a telephonist before moving into the control team as a coordinator. More recently she really seems to have found her niche though as an account manager looking after a major account. This is a person who we trust and knows each area of delivery.

Her diligence and previous experience have led to her becoming an essential part of the customers operation. She is amazing at allowing communication to flow between both team and very demanding customers, ensuring a consistently smooth level of service. She is the lynch pin that holds it together but also keeps the cogs on the wheel well oiled. She does her job but she makes that job run so smoothly, eases away difficult decisions and focuses on the solution.

We are proud that she made career choices that have benefited her and for those who she works with.


Shervonne Timmer - Customer service Agent, CitySprint

nca 2019 contract office Shervonne Timmer

She joined us from another courier company and she is by far one of the best additions to our team. She works in a busy and pressured team but takes this all in her stride. She goes out of her way to support the team and because of this she is rated highly by them and hugely respected.

She works directly with our clients, working in a mailroom environment that can sometimes be fraught, with tight deadlines to meet but She always goes the extra mile to assist and make the customer experience exceptional. She goes out of her way to keep morale up, and support others in her team wherever and whenever she can.

She is very conscientious in her work, is always happy to take on tasks outside of her usual duties when needed.



Step Change Award

Step Change ‘Micro Hub’ delivery - leading a team effort for DPD is Graham Goadby

nca 2019 step change DPD Graham Goadby

Bringing a step change to the express sector. Our winner in 2019 has changed the way operational delivery is done
In the past 12 months our nominee has been responsible for almost all of the operational Training for DPD Group’s new electric final mile solutions.

Graham started with us in 2015 as one of our Linehaul Drivers. Having shown an interest in Training he became a Trainee Instructor before passing his RTITB exam in 2017. Since then Graham has become our Special Projects Instructor, the person who, in many circumstances literally writes the book on our new vehicles.

Graham is frequently the first member of DPD Staff behind the controls of new vehicles, ranging from 2019’s semi autonomous Actros 5 all the way down in size to the Paxster fleet we now run across the UK.

The Paxster roll out is probably Graham’s finest work. Taking a vehicle, which wasn’t even defined for use on UK roads at the time and through his own skill and professionalism building the UK Paxster SOP.

Everything from the Training courses, the Train the Trainer courses, assessments, Risk Assessements and even the uniform the users would be wearing came through Graham. Once complete Graham had the foresight and lack of ego to share all his work with DPD Ireland. Ensuring their launch benefitted from Graham’s efforts too. In addition to Paxsters Graham has rolled out training for eCanter & Nissan ENV and is now working on Mercedes Actros 5 & eVito solutions.

A winner of the internal DPD Personality of the Year for 2018 Graham has been absolutely key to the launch and continuing success of our Electric last mile solution.



Presidential Fellows Recommendations

Will Friar - Office Support, Rush Couriers

nca 2019 proposed fellows William Friar

William joined our company as a motorcycle courier and that was some 30+ years ago. It became apparent early on that this individual had a real flair for customer service and not just riding his bike around London like a lunatic. Since his transfer to the more comfortable environment of the office, Will has become the default go to man for a crisis.

Will is always calm and clear with the customers, he has mastered the art of turning a problem into an opportunity. With a skin as thick as a Rhino’s and a very good sense of humor, Will supports the courier and the client with effortless ease and manages to stay sane in one of the more stressful positions in a modern logistics company.

Monica Pound - Relationship Manager, CitySprint

nca 2019 proposed fellows Monica Pound

Monica has worked in the courier industry since the 70s having worked in many different roles to her current post as relationship manager. She is commended by us for her commitment and passion to the industry – and her sheer drive! She has especially been a real role model for women in our industry.

On National Women’s Day 2019 Monica was happy to share her wisdom, experience and knowledge with the company by posting a feature on the internal intranet. In this she mentions her first job in 1970, where she was approached by her manager who told her she was being given a pay rise due to the introduction of the Equal Pay. To this day Monica remains a staunch champion of equal rights.
Her exceptional people and relationship management skills have meant she gets things done. She ensures the people around her - who she needs to achieve her actions - are all equally passionate and committed to their goals and targets. It is Monica’s warm personality, passion and can-do attitude that has won her favour with clients and staff alike.
She shares her wealth of knowledge with everyone, supporting and helping junior members of her team to help further their careers and buddying up with team members who are struggling. Monica says ‘it’s been thoroughly rewarding to guide and tutor future Relationship Managers, helping them to develop and seeing them grow.’ She goes the extra mile and is recognised for her generous support and mentor abilities. She always does more!


Monika Haromszeki - Regional Logistics Planner, Hermes

nca 2019 proposed fellows Monica Haromszeki

Monika is a hugely motivated individual that works hard to ensure that the customer is at the heart of everything we do.
South London and the south East pose specific challenges in final mile delivery within recruitment and a high demand on proactive and reactive planning.  Monika has a continuing uphill struggle to recruit couriers in one of the most affluent areas of the country, she has driven this activity really taking it personally and ensures that the right message that our company and Weybridge are great places to work.

During the last 12 months this has led to reducing overall churn in drivers to below 5% This success was as a direct result of Monika (in the absence of the regional Delivery Manager) taking the lead, working with a depleted team and ensuring that all workloads were manageable.

These are not the normal requirements of her role and huge testament to her team’s belief in her. She has overcome daily challenges to sustain our quality standards and promise to Customers. Since taking on this challenging role as regional planner Monika continues to improve every performance indicator. Working smart, hard and with passion, caring for every customer to see that every last parcel is delivered for same day delivery 7 days each week.
Monika has a smile for everybody that enthuses buy in and commitment across the team.


MOD Awards


Military To Civilian Award - Mike Doe, Clipper

nca 2019 mod military to civilian Mike Doe

Having joined the Royal Navy 1984 at the age of sixteen he served as an operator and maintainer of radars and weapon systems, the Type 42 Destroyer commonly known as a work horse ship. Having served on convoys in the Straits of Hormuz past Iran, Dubai pre the first gulf war, the Falkland Islands and the West Indies; helping to track down drug smugglers in the Caribbean.
Royal Navy logistics is not just parcels and weapons. Fourteen Vietnamese boat people off the coast of Australia clearly struggling in their boat and we rescued them. Leaving the naval logistics behind after thirteen years my second career in Logistics was to begin.

Implementing his skills and knowledge was difficult in a clearly different environment. Support both personally and with training in civilian skills he worked his way across many facets of the logistics and supply chain areas working proudly as a member of our team.


Military Reservist Award - Sgt Simon Miller, 158 Sqn RLC

nca 2019 mod military reservist Simon Miller

This soldier started his career serving with both Northumbria UOTC and 101 Regiment Artillery simultaneously. Later transferring to158 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps where he currently serves.

He progressed his career reaching the top of his trade and completing promotional courses that secured his position as a substantive SNCO earlier this year. He always leads from the front and inspires others to succeed, not missing an opportunity to push the boundaries for himself and others.

Balancing civilian and military life is hard and requires sacrifices. He has rearranged his work commitments to attend earlier on training nights; committing his own time to oversee essential vehicle servicing which allows everyone to attend the vehicle training sessions. He puts in more of his own time to also run additional PT sessions to improve fitness, encourages others to take part and were additional support is required he goes out of his way to do this.
Sgt Miller is an exceptional individual, who demonstrates the highest values and standards of civilian and Military careers.


Military Distinction Award - Major Ian Mckinney, BFPO

nca 2019 mod military distinction Ian McKinney

Ian McKinney sits at the centre of busy Headquarters British Forces Post Office (BFPO), who operate a complex global distribution network to deliver official and personal mail for Sailors; Soldiers and Airmen; their families and Other Governmental Departments. Ian is the acknowledged subject matter expert within BFPO and the lead planner for the entirety of its outputs, including the couriering of the UK’s Protectively Marked Material, routine support to military operations in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan and the Horn of Africa, supporting Embassies around the globe and ensuring ships at sea receive their mail. His superlative performance in delivering postal and courier support of our Armed Forces justifiably earns him the Institute of Couriers’ National Award in the Military Category.









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