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NCA 2020 Corporate Awards

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2020 National Courier Awards Corporate winners



First, the Covid Contribution winners (in alphabetical order)


Corporate National Courier Award to DPD

Free delivery of face masks from UK wide 3D printer community, to the NHS


2020 nca corporate covid contribution dpd 900px

Dwain Mcdonald receives the National Courier Award from IOC Vice President David Jamieson


IOC chairman, Carl Lomas MBE, ‘National Courier award to DPD for exemplary action during COVID with free delivery of face masks from UK wide 3D printer community, to the NHS. Providing critical infrastructure to key workers.’

‘DPD, free delivery for NHS volunteers’ 3D-printed face shields UK wide’
DPD joined forces with UK wide 3DCrowd, the community of 3D printer owners using their machines to help alleviate the acute shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline healthcare workers in early lockdown. Dwain McDonald, DPD's CEO commented, "This is a really smart example of a community working together and shows how our nationwide network can be used to support key services at this time”. ‘Our healthcare workers are doing a fantastic job - despite the exceedingly difficult situation they find themselves in.  The supply of the much-needed face-shields is crucial, and we are delighted to be able to help." DPD is collecting the component parts from all the different volunteers and delivering them, free-of-charge, to a central hub in Sheffield where the face masks are being assembled. DPD then distribute the completed visors to hospitals, GP practices and other healthcare organisations around the country.’



Corporate National Courier Award to GLH

London drivers, safely delivering at the door in lockdown

2020 nca corporate covid contribution glh 900px

Corporate National Courier Award for GLH - Drivers delivering in London lockdown.

GLH recognising drivers in the heart of locked down streets, drivers delivering during lockdown, themselves at risk, adapting delivery and acting safely at the doorstep, collecting proof of delivery at a distance. Particularly in the early lockdown of London as infection numbers escalated strongly in the capital. Rob Scott GLH, comments, ‘It is our drivers on the front line that have helped people stay at home and stay safe in the capital. Recognised as key workers, the final mile drivers of London have become key infrastructure during COVID.



Corporate National Courier Award to Hermes

Clean Air – 40% of fleet in first mile are CNG Gas

2020 nca corporate covid contribution hermes 01 900px

Carl Lyon, operations director Hermes receives National Courier Award for Clean Air - First Mile 40% of fleet CNG


Hermes - Clean Air – 40% of fleet in first mile are CNG Gas

Sustainability is a big focus for Hermes UK as the company recognises its responsibility as one of the UK’s largest parcel carriers. 40% of Hermes’ first mile delivery fleet is now fuelled by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). A total of 72 Iveco Stralis CNG tractor units operate across the network with each vehicle reducing CO2 emissions by over 80% when compared to a diesel Euro 6 vehicle. This is a reduction of 150 tons of CO2 per vehicle and 9,600 tons of CO2 across the 72 CNG vehicle fleet annually. Other benefits of the CNG vehicles include: 70% less NOX, 99% less particulate matter, 90% less NMHC and 88% less methane.

Hermes has played an active role for a number of years within LoCITY, a Transport for London initiative designed to bring freight and fleet operators, manufacturers and infrastructure providers together to increase the uptake of low emission commercial vehicles in London. As part of this Hermes operates 100% electric vans, with a range of 70 miles and a fast charge capability, to service the central London area, housed at Gemini Park depot in Beckton. The site serves more than 150 daily rounds inside the low emission zone, delivering on average 9,000 parcels per day in London, rising to 18,000 per day during peak.

In London, Hermes is now ULEZ compliant, whilst ensuring contractors use electric and Euro 6/VI diesel engines or Euro 4 (or better) petrol engines.



Corporate National Courier Award to Swift Logistics

Delivering meals on wheels in lockdown with Age Concern

2020 nca corporate covid contribution swift logistics 900px

Meals on wheels with Age Concern for the vulnerable during Covid .Received by Adrian Smith, group MD Swift Logistics

Newbury Racecourse Partnership with Swift Couriers and Age Concern Newbury & District to provide an extended Meals on Wheels service to the Most Vulnerable Elderly in West Berkshire. Swift Couriers boss, Adrian Smith sorted the detail and reviewed the routes to deliver during COVID. The Swift Couriers team making available technology and support to optimise delivery routes getting meals on wheels to elderly and the vulnerable.

Adrian Smith, adds: “These are unprecedented times and therefore we must all pull together to look after those most vulnerable. At Swift Couriers, we are committed to working with all parties to be able to scale-up this operation and provide the relevant expertise and technologies where possible and draw from our greatest asset, our people, and look ahead to working alongside the team from Age Concern and Newbury Racecourse over the coming weeks.”

Swift Couriers also pledged to provide vans to deliver snack packs to outlying areas to help the most vulnerable people in the Borough developing a safe solution scrutinised by Healthwatch in consultation with Adult Social Care and Public Health scaled up by working with Newbury Racecourse and Swift. Chefs from both the Fair Close Centre run by Age Concern Newbury & District and Newbury Racecourse will prepare hot meals.


 Adrian Smith acceptance speech for Swift Logisitcs



Corporate National Courier Award to Tuffnells

Ventilator parts delivery during COVID


2020 nca corporate covid contribution tuffnells 900px
Received by Tuffnells commercial director Chris Tresadern & operations director Ian Bland



IOC president, Viscount Lord Falkland, ‘National Courier Awards win for Tuffnells for getting the ventilator parts out during COVID.’

Client recognising the important work in Express final mile by Tuffnells,  ‘I wanted to share a customer’s message of thanks, demonstrating how essential deliveries in the sector are to the health of the nation.

Ventilator manufacturing company, ‘What you are doing is literally life-saving. You’ve made it possible for our company to continue supplying manufacturing parts for vital pieces of equipment. Due to the critical situation with Covid-19, the market is completely screaming out for life-supporting ventilators. People are dying, and ventilators are needed to treat and save those people in a critical condition. Your delivery network is helping distribute our materials for the manufacture of those life-supporting ventilators - you are part of the worldwide action in fighting this pandemic. I want to share my thanks to Tuffnells and all your staff who are making this possible. Thank you all, stay safe and healthy.'




Corporate National Courier Award to 021 Leeds Pontefract

PPE nationally to the B&Q chain for Covid


2020 nca corporate covid contribution 021 sameday 900px
Ben Kidson receives the award for the family team of 021 Leeds Pontefract.


PPE nationally to the B&Q chain for Covid. NCDA member 021 West Yorkshire get national for B&Q ‘family in sector pulled together and delivered to 128 stores UK wide’
Success story for 021 Sameday as self-employed van drivers deliver for national protective PPE to B&Q stores; face shields and masks delivered.
Ben Kidson 021 Sameday, ‘Getting PPE to the B&Q stores, we have been working with B&Q for two decades as we are a Wincanton approved supplier. We have become the go-to guys for B&Q and this job was to get the PPE out to 128 stores nationwide. Everybody involved has worked hard, done their best, pulled together and delivered. ‘It’s a family affair to deliver nationally’. Ben works with his sister Emma and set up 021 in 2000 with his Dad Ian, operating self-employed van drivers out of West Yorkshire with a national reach. The B&Q call came in Tuesday evening, the kit arrived Wed evening and 021 had delivered from Inverness to Plymouth by Thursday evening, by Friday they had Northern Ireland delivered. A task that under normal pressures was tough, but during Covid restrictions we were determined to succeed.

Ben comments, ‘I’m so proud of everyone in the team for having a constructive, safe attitude during this pandemic. It’s such an honour to receive this award and means a lot.’


And now the Corporate Team Spirit Award for 2020...


Corporate National Courier Award to Smiths News

Courier top team – Seamless service during the nightly miracle

 2020 nca corporate team spirit smiths news 900px

Received by Jonathan Bunting CEO Smiths News

Smiths News, Seamless service amid the Covid-19 chaos

‘Seamless service when disaster occurs; it is in our actions that others benefit from our strength’ - Whilst maintaining laser focus on service to our end customer, the general public, Smiths News was also dealing with head office evacuation up-scaling home working for the whole business and call centre colleagues. Organisational processes were put in place to provide communication to the delivery drivers and managing risk. Our team planned to make earlier deliveries whenever possible and to reduce the least amount of delivery contact, these instances of additional distributions were reduced by 83% during this period. The continued and seamless, excellence of delivery and communications has ensured the customer has never noticed the difference during the pandemic. Proud of our team and the industry we work in.




The David Jamieson Corporate Road Safety Award for 2020

‘Adaptive training measures reduce accident rates’


2020 nca corporate road safety dpd 01 900px

DPD road safety team – accepted from David Jamieson by Steve Hayes & Dwain McDonald




DPD Road Safety Team - ‘Adaptive training measures reduce accident rates’ The DPD Road Safety Team have introduced a new driving assessment with maneouver based exercises to improve road safety. DPD’s ongoing Road Safety Strategy looks at the core elements of Recruitment and Training, paying particular attention to the Driving Assessment. The adaptive measure led  by the Recruitment, Training and Road Safety team has yielded positive results,  and resulted in lowering the overall accident rate of linehaul drivers.


 2020 nca corporate road safety dpd 04 900px

The DPD corporate road safety team group(L2R): Steve Hayes, Ashlee Clarke and Tim Cadwell on the right with individual winner Natasha Emery (L).


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