Nominations for the 2021 awards are now open

Send us your nominations now - it couldn't be simpler - just fill in the nomination form online here

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The National Courier Awards recognise the best of the best in the courier industry - from wheels to office, contract and military. A gala evening celebrating excellence from courier companies large and small, regional and national footprint alongside each other in a unique network of all things courier.


Alistair Cochrane - Call for nominations

As Chair of this year’s National Courier Awards I wanted to reach out to you all with a request to recognise all of the great efforts that your team make each and every day by nominating them within the key categories for the 2021 National Courier Awards.


The awards scheme gives each of us the ability to formally recognise the tremendous efforts that our people have made through one of the most difficult years in the Industries history. The courier industry has ensured the Make It Happen attitude was there in swathes, getting through against all the odds, dealing with all the Covid restrictions and in doing so, ensuring that the Country kept supply chains open, working and delivering.

Well, what better way to recognise our unsung heroes than to nominate them in one of the National Courier Award categories? there are many to choose from, so I would encourage all IOC Heads of Industry and associate members to act now and get your people nominated for this year’s awards scheme. The categories are Two Wheel, Four Wheel, Contract Driver, Contract Site, Office, Apprentice of the year, Corporate safety, Road Safety and not forgetting the Military, so you can see there are many to choose from and I’m sure that your employees will fit into one if not more of these sectors.

I have gone onto the portal myself and it’s easy to use and won’t take much time to complete a nomination in one of the categories, so please get your nominations in as early as you can and make this year’s awards one to remember.



 The 2021 25th National Courier Awards mark a quarter century of the awards and will be held on Tuesday October 26th 2021.

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Quick summary


250 words to describe the deeds, actions and/or qualities of the individual you are nominating.

Please include :

a)       author's/nominator’s name, job title, company name / depot and contact telephone

b)      Nominee’s name, job title, company name / depot

c)       Category you think is best suited to the nomination



We accepted nominations in the following categories for the 2020 awards...

Two wheels

A Driver of a Bicycle or Motorbike.

Four wheels

A Driver of a Small or Transit Van.

Contract Driver

An Individual who is contracted to a client/customer for a period of time, for a regular contract or for a project, or regularly deals with the same client. This can be in the role of driver, office staff, support services or management.

Contract Site

An Individual who is contracted to a client/customer for a period of time, for a regular contract or for a project, or regularly deals with the same client who works within an operational site or warehouse environment within the courier logistics company.


An Individual who works within the office environment.

Apprentice of the Year Award

An individual working as an apprentice in any role

Military Awards

- Military - Civilian Award. An individual's transition from military to civilian workplace. Transferring knowledge, commitment and achieving success in the courier and logistics industry.

- Military Reserve Courier Award of Honour. An individual's excellence, commitment and knowledge enhancement that contributes to others and the industry.

- Award of Distinction. An individual's excellence, sustainability and knowledge enhancement to constantly achieve extraordinary delivery of service employed by the military.

Corporate Safety Award

A company or corporation which has shown outstanding support for the proactive use of safety on the road. This can be a courier or transport company taking the leadership in proactive safety instruction of their workforce, proactive leadership in safety innovation, instruction of others in support of all professional workers within the courier industry or third-party safety awareness in the role of road accident prevention.

Road Safety Award

A company or person who has shown commitment to improving road safety.



In addition, the President may award the following categories for 2020 - these categories are subject to review for 2020

Services to Industry Award

A Fellow of the Institute of Couriers who has given outstanding individual commitment to the wider industry.

Client Collaboration

A company who has shown improved system or processes that generate customer recommendation of quality control and service delivery.

City Consolidation

A company recognised for its commitment to improve customer interface, improved air quality and or efficiency of vehicle use.

Courier Team Award

A team within the company who have shown outstanding co-ordination and information interface that results in measured success.

Chairman's Citation

An individual who is recognised for raising the profile of the industry.


A nomination paper is presented on a company letterhead with the following information as a minimum.

Nominee's name, age, family status, job title, location & usual hours of employment. Additional information about membership of professional associations and/or charitable activities can be useful.

Contact details of nominator, company office and job title

A two hundred and fifty word (250) testimony with details of skills, aptitude, dedication, outstanding performance or a specific act of professional delivery should be written by the nominator. Additional customer recommendations or company achievements should also be included. Please see the winners' short summaries for previous years' awards for reference.


Send us your nominations now - it couldn't be simpler - just fill in the nomination form online here


Testimonies should be sent via e-mail along with any supporting evidence - such as client/customer comments or company accolades or personal achievements - to Tracey Worth at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do you have a group or team of people who deserve to be recognised for an outstanding contribution to their company or industry ? E-mail Tracey or call on 07976 263745

submissions should be received before Monday 10th September