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Fellows Gowning 2019

March 1st 2019 at the House of Lords

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IoC news

IoC news

Industry news of relevance to Fellows and Members

TfL full house opens with Alex Williams

TfL is committed to working with you to achieve Vision Zero.’

TfL full house at Palestra for peak period freight meeting.

Opened with paramedic road traffic video by Vicky Lebrec from Roadpeace, ‘I was hit by a tipper truck

Focus on Vision Zero. ‘It's not just those run over, it’s the driver too.

Black Friday honour for IOC Vice President

November 23rd Black Friday - Petrol below £1.20 a litre

Powered Two-wheelers at the NEC - MCIA and FORS version 5

Jesse Norman MP steps up to take promotion to Minister for DfT

Clean air at Ally Pally for electrics - Freight In The City 2018

Diversity at the Table – DfT STAT ‘Where can we go for our sector?’

Hermes Hemel Hempstead - going green in the South East M1-M25

TFL LoCITY light vehicle round table - October 2018

DPD first all-electric depot in London – seven to come

John Lewis – 10-year plans to phase out diesel trucks

Transport sector to speak with one voice - IOC at FORS National Conference Birmingham

IOC at the IFA National conference on Trailblazer apprenticeships

National Courier Awards 2018

IOC Fellows' heads of industry round table at the IoD

NCA 2018 - the Judges have sat - panel meet at BFPO Northolt

Brexit 'No deal' - DFT publish the planning information - Monday Sept 24th

Zero emission vehicle summit: the Birmingham declaration

DfT make announcement on Green Badge of Honour

LoCITY 3rd annual Conference - Kempton Park

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