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Corporate winners of National Courier Awards for 2023

Apprenticeship winners, a Road Safety award, Supporting the Sector from Government win,  Eco & Clean Air Awards, Cultural Impact winners, Team Awards and three drivers of Step Change.


David Jamieson Road Safety Award


Arrow XL

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700


This company has received The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Gold Award for the fourth year.

It is a great achievement and a testament to the hard work and dedication, from everyone in their business, to ensuring safety in our workplaces and community of express final mile.’

Four years in a row for ROSPA Gold goes to Arrow XL.


Supporting the Sector - Government Depts


nca 2023 placeholder winner 700

Supporting our sector - TfL Bringing acceleration to rapid charge point.

While we have struggled with electric vehicle infastruture, TfL has moved up a gear on charge points. This year they have reached 13,000 charge points in London, 940 of which are rapid charge points.
Almost a thousand rapid charge points for London.

With 121 thousand plug-in cars registered in London. ‘TfL focus is on delivering rapid charging.’ Carolina Buneder, ‘ We are looking at HGVs, we have started a scheme for engagement, we want to develop our strategy further with operators to provide the best matched infrastructure. We are looking at charging infrastructure needs – the next forward is focus of your need. We are asking where are your hot spot needs in London? We are aware where vans are registered, but where do they need charging infrastructure?’

Decarbonisation - Eco & Clean Air Award

Two winners in decarbonisation


2023 news nca corporate 700 decarbonisation


O’Donovan Waste

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700

Final mile Decarbonisation with HVO fuel to whole fleet.

Decarbonisation in Central London for final mile. This final mile transport company has become a passionate advocating for clean air in transport. In September 2022, they made the monumental decision to operate the entire fleet of 100 lorries in London move solely to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil fuel, (HVO).

Decarbonisation of whole fleet to HVO. A sustainable and 100% renewable fuel that eliminates up to 90% of net carbon dioxide emissions.

This transport company is a genuine inspiration for decarbonisation of transport. It’s leader, Jacqueline O’Donovan is an undisputed champion leading clean air in final mile.

O'Donovan had announced their Net Zero Pledge in June 2022 and is working to help tackle the climate emergency by aiming to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2035, through its eco fleet procurements policies, training, vehicle enhancements and promoting a greener culture to improve O’Donovan’s credentials across the operation and set the benchmark for the industry.

O'Donovan is the first waste management company in the UK to switch its entire fleet to sustainably sourced hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO). This is a huge step with HVO costings averaging at roughly 20 pence per litre more than regular diesel over the first three months of use. However, the benefits are monumental. The switch to HVO for the whole fleet took place in October 2022 and while the 2022 figures contain just three months of HVO use, the reduction in carbon emissions has had a substantial impact on the fleet’s emissions. 2022 total fleet CO2 emissions have been reduced by 43%, N0x by 48% and PM10 reduced by 35%. In 2023,

O'Donovan’s carbon production will reduce even further. The O'Donovan team feels HVO has a vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions now, while the necessary improvements to vehicle availability and charging infrastructure are put in place to support a fully battery-electric vehicle fleet. Whilst active trials of electric lorries are ongoing in the interim, O'Donovan has taken the steps to place the environment before profit.

When interviewed recently on the topic, Jacqueline had this to say. “We have to face facts and step up as business leaders – the climate change crisis needs immediate action and we all have a part to play. I would hope that our bold move will spur other companies to follow in a bid to minimise their own environmental impact.”

Jacqueline added, “There is no doubt that our switching to solely HVO will have a colossal effect on our client’s scope 3 supply chain emissions and it will greatly assist them to massively reduce their carbon emissions. In this day and age, there is no room for complacency anymore and procurement departments need to concentrate on the companies that are placing the environment at the heart of their business strategy.”



nca 2023 placeholder winner 700

For Decarbonisation to reach half million zero emission EV cargo bike delivery target.

Evri London Cargo bike focus in Wimbledon SW19

Expanding e-cargo with Zoomo - 15 bikes for South West London, Wimbeldon - 60% faster than vans – bringing full decarbonisation with zero emission final mile delivery

A continued investment in sustainable methods of delivery recently expanded their e-cargo bike fleet! This company partnered with Zoomo to provide 15 new e-cargo bikes to their London Wimbledon depot. This will help them reach a target of 500,000 e-cargo bike deliveries within the next year.

Evri to achieve half a million zero emission deliveries in Central London by zero emission cargo bikes. Head of ESG Nancy Hobhouse said: "Research shows that e-cargo bikes deliver goods 60% faster than vans in city centres while reducing carbon emissions by 90% compared to diesel vans and one-third compared to electric vans.”

Cultural Impact Award

Two winners in category for Cultural Impact.

2023 news nca corporate 700 cultural impact



nca 2023 placeholder winner 700

Homeless connect packs in Belfast

Kudos to this brand team and Homeless Connect Northern Ireland for cultural impact, creating a beautiful impact on homelessness and nurturing food sustainability. This brand has pledged to dedicate a minimum of 250 volunteer hours annually to build these packs and support in fundraising events.

This cultural impact award showcases Incredible efforts by Whistl Belfast colleagues! They've built 40 starter packs for Homeless Connect NI, helping individuals in transitioning from homelessness to a place they can truly call home.

The Brand is Whistl. Homeless Connect NI is a charity that works in collaboration with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, to provide essential packs to those transitioning out of homelessness. Additionally, FareShare NI, their regional food sharing project, partners with supermarkets and food producers to tackle food waste and supply long-life items for the packs.

Smiths news go national with recycle returns on their way back from delivering the nightly miracle of media.

This brand delivers across the UK retail doorsteps.

They are recognised in the cultural impact award as they introduced a return route for recycling and have taken the next step to go national.

Over five hundred members are benefitting from a low-cost daily recycling collection service introduced for its independent retail customers that has gone national!


Smiths News

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700

Delivering the nightly miracle of news media across the UK, originally rolled out the recycle scheme in the North West, the scheme now has more than 500 members.

Smiths News Recycle is designed to help retailers manage soft plastics and bulky cardboard left over from stock deliveries and trips to the cash-and-carry. Those participating are provided with bags for their recycling. There is no need to book a collection slot – the bags are simply left out with newspaper returns for Smiths News delivery drivers to take away at the same time, ensuring that no extra journeys are made. Customers can take advantage of as many collections as they want. Some might require several a week, while others need only one. This no-fuss service is available for a single flat-rate fee added to their weekly news bill, with no ties and the freedom to opt out whenever they like. If customers sign up now, they can benefit from six weeks’ free unlimited collections and a £3.50 weekly charge thereafter – no lengthy contracts, they can cancel any time.

Recycle allows Smiths News to support its customers in a practical way, saving them money with a more competitive, cost-effective service than the one they might previously have subscribed to. Michael Williams, Smiths News’ Head of Proposition Development “The reaction to Recycle from our customers in the North West has been amazing,”. “Early trials revealed that recycling was costly and a pain to manage, so it is fantastic to find a solution that so many of our customers have chosen to sign up to. Taking Recycle to the rest of our customers was an easy decision to make.”


Team Award - Collaboration



nca 2023 placeholder winner 700


Absolutely supporting logistics for change at Lloyds Pharmacy.

Delivering a solution, with security, confidentially and total accuracy in the pharmacy High Street. A whole team delivery that even stretched to ambient and cold in final mile. This courier company were approached by a Healthcare provider in November last year to discuss confidentially some changes in their business. They said that a number of their Pharmacy stores would be divested over the course of the next year. It became a thousand locations. The team delivered it with exact timescales/
On the final day for the Pharmacy stores hand over of the keys to the new owners, a courier was required on each occasion to collect confidential data parcels from the given store for onward distribution to many streams of locations. The driver would need to arrive at a specific time with ID and provide a receipt for the items to the branch manager. It was a team effort of co-ordination and more than one express brand was in the mix.

Sameday specialist, Absolutely couriers were the Express courier company approached were approached by Hallo Healthcare in November last year to discuss confidentially some changes in their business. They said that a number of Lloyds Pharmacy stores would be divested over the course of the next year. On the final day that Lloyds Pharmacy hand over the keys to the new owners, a courier was required on each occasion to collect some confidential data parcels from the given store for onward distribution to several locations. The driver would need to arrive at a specific time with ID and provide a receipt for the items to the branch manager.

The confidential items collected, were to be stored at a North west London depot securely, consolidated and then forwarded to various sites. Those sites included;

• One stream to HR and Treasury Data
• Another stream to NHS processing centre for Prescription Submissions Boxes
• Deliveries of confidential waste disposal
• further deliveries for archiving

Following a successful trial in November and December 2022, the Absolutely team secured these movements for the Lloyds Divestment Project. Over the 1000 mark by end of September with the project winding down by the end of year.
This project has been powered by a broad and string team, led by Stuart Rees, supported primarily by Paul Abley, Ian Christian and Trevor Crane. In April and June 2023, we gained additional Temperature Controlled project work on the back of good performance with Divestment collections. When Hallo Healthcare closed their Lloyds Pharmacies in Sainsburys Supermarkets, we moved their stock including pharmaceuticals that needed controlling at a specific temperature range, to a local Lloyds Pharmacy. This ensured that they did not lose millions of pounds worth of stock during the closure and helped safeguard against irresponsible disposal.

The team went beyond our own brand. It would be fair to say that there have been times that we were anxious due to the volume of collections and unpredictable nature in an everchanging environment. However, they were few and far between and we need not have worried because the team embraced the challenge and we had great support from other Absolutely branches and CitySprint and Speed Northern on the Temperature Controlled project work.

As we near the completion of this collaborative project, we can look back with pride at how successful it’s been. It highlights the capacity and potential of an individual depot to support a national project with the network and infrastructure of the courier industry. This can be used as an example for future prospects. We have a proven record of handling a major project and securely moving and storing confidential data.

Paul Abley’s main contribution was project managing the Temperature Controlled aspect which was 452 jobs between April and June. He also supported the Divestment Project as required.
Ian Christian mostly handled the storage and distribution of the collected items at our depot. Ensuring items collected were identified, compliant and then moved into appropriate area for onward distribution. He also forwarded the checked paperwork, a list of items collected from each branch, to me for entry onto Lloyds storage log.
Trevor Crane has often been the person dealing with any driver’s issues with collections. Mostly pickups are in the evening. He also has supported with project management and service in my absence.

There also should be a big shout out to the couriers at London North. These guys have worked tirelessly, long and unsociable hours, often being away from their families for days with overnight stays and very late finishes. This project would not have been a success without their hard work and commitment.


Step Change Award

 2023 news nca corporate 700 step change

Varamis Rail

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700

Parcels to rail for multi modal electric train to door.

Network Rail and Varamis Rail launches zero carbon Midlands to Glasgow

Bringing step change. This new company, recognised the accelerating the demand to find a more environmentally friendly solution to moving parcels, products, and light goods around the UK; A cross dock, multimodal decarbonisation focused on delivery between Midlands and Scotland.

Promoting and delivering a sustainable solution that the railway has to offer to final mile over a credible distance that wins time and delivers clean air. This brand new service delivered a winning combination of passenger rail access to roller cage parcels on electric trains for a fast shuttle between Middle England and Scotland every night of the week.

The new company is Varamis Rail working with Network. Varamis Rail is the UK’s newest train operator, have worked together to launch an innovative, zero carbon freight service. The service, which launched this year, runs between Scotland and the Midlands, Monday to Friday. Targeted at express parcels and third-party delivery companies, it will primarily deal with next day delivery of consumer goods.

Industry partners, Eversholt Rail, have converted a number of fully electric 4-car trains formerly used in passenger service to enable them to carry freight while Network Rail provided the necessary operating licenses, contracts, and train paths for the service to operate. This followed trial operations of the service, which commenced in October 2022, to test the robustness and practicality of the service, and enabled logistics companies to test the service..

Georgie Newby, Network Rail’s Senior Commercial and Customer Relationship Manager, said: “I’m delighted that we’ve been able to support the launch of this innovative new service from the latest Freight Operating Company to join the network. It is the result of hard work and dedication across multiple organisations, all working closely together to deliver a great, zero carbon service for logistics companies to use. We look forward to delivering other innovations to keep growing the amount of parcel logistics transported by rail.”

Varamis Rail Managing Director, Phil Read, added: “As the UK's newest Train Operator, Varamis Rail is keen to promote the sustainable benefits that the railway has to offer to the UK economy along with Network Rail. The increase in online shopping and home deliveries over recent years has accelerated the demand to find a more environmentally friendly solution to moving our parcels, products, or light goods around the UK; one solution is the electrified rail network. “Varamis Rail is incredibly appreciative of the support it has received from Network Rail to enable a start-up of its operations and we look forward to building on this relationship as the rail industry looks to play its part in decarbonising’ the UK.”

The new service, which launched on the 09 January, is fully electric, supports Network Rail and the rest of the rail industry, as an environmentally friendly alternative to road haulage. It gives access to urban rail stations located within the heart of city centres and is expected to benefit the rail industry in the future as an example of best practice.



nca 2023 placeholder winner 700

Robots to ten cities

Bringing step change with national roll out of robot delivery. We have seen robots at door but this company has confirmed plans to expand autonomous robot deliveries to 10 UK towns and cities in the next 12 months.

‘The first trial in Milton Keynes has been a huge success for us. The robots have exceeded our expectations, and the feedback has been fantastic. We can see people's reactions when they meet them, and it is overwhelmingly positive.

DPD brings robot delivery to ten cities across UK. Raunds becomes DPD's second robot base following successful Milton Keynes trial. DPD has confirmed plans to expand autonomous robot deliveries to 10 UK towns and cities in the next 12 months, following a successful trial in Milton Keynes, starting with Raunds in Northamptonshire. The announcement extends DPD's relationship with AI-powered robotics and last mile delivery specialists, Cartken and follows work by DPD that identified up to 30 UK depot locations which could potentially deploy robots. Cartken's level 4 autonomy and leading micro-AV technology platform is regarded as one of the safest last mile delivery solutions on the market and enables full autonomy on footpaths with only cameras - one of the only companies in the autonomous vehicle delivery space to achieve this with a purely vision-based system.

DPD first introduced the Cartken robots in Milton Keynes in July 2022 and they have since travelled almost 500 miles and successfully performed over 2,500 trips delivering parcels to DPD customers. Based at DPD's depot at Warth Park on the western edge of Raunds, the robots will deliver to nearby residential areas within a mile of the depot, via the existing network of footpaths. In Raunds, the robots will have three separate parcel compartments, instead of just one in the original trial, and an extended battery life of up to 12 hours.

DPD parcel recipients in Raunds will be notified of a robot delivery in advance, and once they confirm that they are at home to accept the parcel, the robot will be dispatched.
Customers will then be able to track the robot's progress on a map and are notified when it reaches their property. They then use a code to open the secure compartment and access their parcel. Once the compartment is closed, the robot will either continue to its next delivery or return to the depot.

DPD has worked closely with North Northamptonshire Council on the introduction of the robots in Raunds. Cllr Graham Lawman, North Northamptonshire Council's Executive Member for Highways, Travel and Assets, said: "We are delighted that DPD is introducing delivery robots in Raunds. The council is committed to the environment and supporting clean and green alternatives to traditional forms of transport to reduce emissions. It is great to be able to help bring this innovation to North Northamptonshire."

Tim Jones, Director of Marketing, Communications & Sustainability DPDgroup UK commented, "The trial in Milton Keynes has been a huge success for us. The robots have exceeded our expectations, and the feedback has been fantastic. We can see people's reactions when they meet them, and it is overwhelmingly positive. We set out to understand the role that delivery robots could play in certain locations in the UK and the trial has helped us identify more sites where we could deploy the robots successfully. "Our aim is to be the UK's most sustainable delivery company and that means investing in innovations and trying new things. We are well on our way to decarbonising our van fleet with EVs and we are also making a big step forward by switching our HGVs to renewable biofuel, but we are also interested in brand new solutions that can help us transition to a smarter, more sustainable future."

Cartken Co-Founder and COO, Anjali Jindal Naik, commented, "Autonomous mobility will be a key lever for decarbonisation, as it transforms last-mile transportation into a much greener process. By partnering with delivery companies, such as DPD, we're propelling this transformation forward, making sustainable delivery the norm, rather than a nice to have. "2023 has been a year of tremendous growth for Cartken and we're only in Q2. Developing our partnership with DPD is a critical step in expanding our presence globally, beginning with the UK, while also being at the forefront of sustainable last-mile delivery by cutting down on C02 emissions."


Royal Mail

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700

Drones to Highlands and Islands become permanent mail delivery

The first drone delivery by Royal Mail was 2020 to a remote lighthouse on the Isle of Mull. Over the last twelve months, Royal Mail have been trialling drone technology to assess whether it can better serve remote and island communities.

Bringing step change Royal Mail and Skyport Drone Services launched this year the nations first permanent UAV delivery service. Six kg of mail delivered between the village of Stromness on Orkney’s main island and the nearby islands of Hoy and Graemsay,

Over the last twelve months, Royal Mail have been trialling drone technology to assess whether it can better serve remote and island communities. The first drone delivery by Royal Mail was 2020 to a remote lighthouse on the Isle of Mull using a smaller vertical take-off and landing Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The latest trial was held last month (April) on the Shetland Islands in partnership with Windracers. Test flights for the new service saw Royal Mail deliver mail between Tingwall Airport in Lerwick to Unst - a 50-mile flight each way. Unst has a population of around 630 people and is Britain’s most northerly inhabited island. In October 2021, Royal Mail trialled scheduled, autonomous flights for two weeks between Kirkwall and North Ronaldsay (both in the Orkney Islands) with Windracers Ltd. In doing so they took the first steps towards Royal Mail’s goal of developing permanent, reliable, lower emission delivery solutions for remote communities entirely by an UAV. In May 2021 they conducted a one-month trial of a Government-funded “air bridge” from the Cornish mainland to the Isles of Scilly, which saw us use a larger fixed wing UAV to deliver essential mail, PPE and COVID testing kits to the islands approximately 70 miles beyond visual line of sight.

Future plans - Royal Mail continue to see a number of potential benefits in using UAVs, including increased reliability (e.g. in foggy conditions), additional connectivity for remote communities, better environmental credentials versus conventional air freight and longer term - once legislation allows - reduced costs.

Environmental benefits - The trials have also been looking at the environmental benefits of drone technology, as part of Royal Mail’s continued drive to reduce emissions associated with our operations. With the UK's largest "Feet on the Street" network of over 90,000 postmen and women, Royal Mail already has the lowest reported CO2e emissions per parcel amongst major UK delivery companies. The potential introduction of low emission vehicles, such as UAVs, will help to shape Royal Mail’s long-term environmental strategy, to meet its goals of delivering a cleaner future.



Individual winners of National Courier Awards for 2023


Apprenticeship Award



2023 news nca individual apprentice group 700

Allison Lindfield Toll Group and Rosie Bailey CitySprint with Shadow Minister Seema Malhotra and FE college head WTC Tracy Aust

Apprentice Ruben Sandhu, CitySprint Apprentice – Operations. Heathrow

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700

A truly exceptional individual, this candidate is a perfect example of what the apprenticeship program stands for.

From the beginning, He has demonstrated a level of commitment to both his role and personal development. His passion and thirst for knowledge is refreshing and he always has a smile for everyone he meets. His work ethic is infectious, and he is a great team player, always making himself available to assist and support wherever he can.

Apprentice, Ruben Sandhu has already mastered various accounts and is responsible for both Lifestyle and Abbotts weekly stock checks. He recently received recognition from his development trainer and was asked to assist in a presentation to our other apprentices across the country.

Gemma Wilby, Management Development Trainer, CitySprint. ‘I am thrilled to share my testimonial for Ruben Sandhu, the apprentice I have the privilege of mentoring. From the moment we began our journey together, it became evident that Ruben possessed an exceptional willingness to learn and an unmatched ability to adapt in any situation. Ruben's commitment to learning has been unparalleled. Throughout the apprenticeship, he approaches each task with an insatiable curiosity, always eager to gain new knowledge and insights. Whether it was mastering a complex concept or honing a specific skill, Ruben approached every challenge with enthusiasm and determination. His hunger for knowledge was not only inspiring but contagious.

One of Ruben's most outstanding qualities is his adaptability. He possesses a remarkable ability to adjust to changing circumstances and embrace new ideas with an open mind. Even in the face of unexpected obstacles, Ruben maintains his composure, earning the respect of his peers. His capacity to embrace change and remain flexible undoubtedly plays a significant role in his overall success during the apprenticeship. As a mentor, witnessing Ruben's growth and progress is truly rewarding. I am confident that his willingness to learn and adapt, coupled with his outstanding qualities, will pave the way for a prosperous and impactful career.



Apprentice Remi Colin TOLL logistics Group Heathrow.

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700

Working in the Heathrow logistics hot-spot, this candidate is already the Apprentice of the Year at West Thames College.

He delivered top scores for Knowledge skills and behaviour units,

Professionalism, humour and energy at the heart of his learning towards our next generation of logistics.

National Courier Awards apprentice winner Remi Colin has already taken the top college win at Heathrow West Thames College, their specialised logistics campus awarded apprentice Remi Colin, student of the year award for 2023 to him as a logistics candidate. College Principal, Tracy Aust, ‘ Dream Big, we are a vibrant college and our achievement rates are the best in London.’’ Well done Remi.’ The big win for logistics saw Mr Remi Colin from TOLL group take the student of the year cup, Remi on a level 3 Freight forwarding apprenticeship works for TOLL group.’ His nomination highlighted, Knowledge, professionalism in dealing with freight forwarding, he brought humour and energy.’ Ruth Cadbury, local MP was alongside Tracy Aust for the celebrations of recognition for logistics in the annual apprentice awards at Heathrow with West Thames College.


Road Category - 2-wheel Awards


Peter Powley Santis Global motorcycle courier

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700

Motorcycle courier - Early or late, rain or shine – always inclined to say yes.

This motorcycle courier has been with us over 6 years, and although he came to us as a fully experienced courier, he very quickly showed us why he is such a star - he will come out early if asked to and will work late if asked to.

This motorcycle courier just gets on with everything in the right order, with a sense of humour and a smile on his face.

He has another huge asset in that he is almost always inclined to say yes rather than no, and to help out, being the team player we wish every other member of the team would be like him.

Unfortunately, he lost his mum this year, and through all the stress, upset, and difficulty with dealing with all that goes with appointments, hospital visits, early or late, and eventually having to take time off for the funeral - he was always apologetic at being an inconvenience which was both unnecessary but so sweet of him.

If anybody deserves recognition after such a tough year, it's Pete.





Road Category - 4-wheel Awards

Eight winners in 4-wheel.

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700

4-wheel winners group photo


Tylo Jamieson DB Couriers Sameday van driver Manchester

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700 Going above and beyond his duty to save life.

Whilst on a delivery this van courier came across a very distressed lady and saved her life.

The lady was in a very bad way, dangerously close to imminently taking her own life, courier needed to act fast and get to her as quickly as he could.

Without thinking about his own safety, courier left his route, he climbed up to the bridge and got hold of the lady before it was too late. He held her tightly until the emergency services arrived. If he had not reacted so fast, this could have ended up as a fatality.

DB Couriers, Emma Cooper comments; ‘We are so proud of Tylo for doing this, he went above and beyond the call of duty that day and I hope the lady he saved is now feeling better and glad Tylo was in the right place at the right time. Tylo is an ambassador for our brand, he is a lovely lad with a huge heart, he is a valued member of our team and one of our go-to drivers to get the job done, he goes out of his way every day to ensure he does his job with pride.

Tylo has a proven record with various client support letters. Recently a major Bathroom supplier commented: “Tylo is a credit to your business, polite, helpful and has a can do attitude really nice driver DB”.


Dave Hostler Luton Van Driver GLH

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700

Luton van driver with a dozen years in the delivery family brand. Back for double win for services to UCLH London Medical delivery

The courier has taken multiple good conduct client nominations and has been chosen as the media photo face of the van fleet on the Brands web site. They are a former National Courier Award team winner six years ago.

This courier has gone on to deliver, to make change and build reputation in the medical for a key London hospital client. Operating a Luton Box van and has built an enviable inner central road knowledge.

Zoe Walsh GLH comments, ‘When it comes to our NHS clients, peoples’ lives are literally in the hands of the courier. Our courier teams work with London Hospital Trusts every day delivering anything from medication and equipment to blood samples and body parts!’ During COVID one courier stood out and led a team win for a National Courier Awards six years ago. He continues to deliver with exemplary feedback from the health authority that built their first Courier Award win 6 years ago.

A dozen years in the delivery family, this is a double win nomination for an individual who has taken proven COVID focus to continue health authority delivery in the modern world of final mile meds.

Our work with the NHS continued beyond Covid, ensuring that critical and crucial deliveries are met, whatever the circumstances. One such example is the courageous lengths our courier goes to for the UCLH who we have worked with for over 15 years. Dave Hostler is regularly personally requested by our clients because he is so great to work with, and he is actually one of the faces representing GLH couriers on our website!

We wanted to leave you with this testimonial from Steve Thorne the Fleet Manager, UCLH
“I just wanted to drop you a line with regard to the service I receive when booking with you.
Things have been challenging for the logistics department and I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to your team, especially when called upon at short notice. I know that when I book with you, I never have to worry about the schedule. You are always on time, the schedule is never delayed and your couriers always to do what is best for the trust. I also wanted to give a special mention to Dave: He has a great working relationship with not only my drivers but all the departments he delivers to, representing all of the trust values: Safety, Kindness, Teamwork and improving wherever he can and when asked if he can stay to cover late runs he is always more than willing to help out. I would also like to add that during the pandemic a lot was made of NHS staff working through it. I personally feel that other people also deserve the applause for their commitment to helping during that challenging time. Your team, along with Dave are amongst those people, who despite knowing the risks of working in such an environment and going on to wards with a high risk of infection, are still prepared to do this. So, thank you for your continuing support, professionalism, and hard work on behalf of the logistics team here at UCLH.


Augustus Afowowe CitySprint Self-employed van courier Sheffield

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700Sheffield Van driver - Customer recognition - hits 5/5 stars on Trustpilot

This van courier has proved himself to be invaluable. This van driver loves his work and customers, he joined us just after our Sheffield depot opened.

The service centre has achieved Trustpilot scores of five and we give great credit of this to the van driver nominated, client and team support letters were attached to the nomination to the nomination in strength.

Augustus has been available for work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to pick up work during early and late hours out of both Sheffield and Manchester service centres.

He loves his work and his customers and is always professional, polite, and helpful. He has this big beaming smile and most infectious laugh and when you speak to him, he can brighten anyone’s day!

He has been working with our client now for over a year and does their Northwest run each day. The service he provides on this account is fantastic. He always contacts the customers if he is running early or late on his timings and is prompt in reporting any delivery / collection issues. As well as reporting them to the office, he will also make them aware the next day and help them try to avoid any further failed attempts.

He takes great pride in his work and understands he is the face of City Sprint in public. He is always dressed smartly in his uniform and his interactions with customers always leaves a smile on their face. The Sheffield Service Centre have hit 5/5 stars on Trustpilot and a lot of credit for this is Augustus’s professional attitude, enthusiasm, and cheerful approach to his work. We were that impressed by the reviews his customers were posting, we decided to reward him for his hard work and dedication! (See photo in additional information)

Claire Kinsellis – IT Asset Manager – Capita Experience - “Our daily interaction with Augustus is always very positive. We are always very confident that the jobs Augustus completes are done to the highest of standards. He has gone above and beyond for Capita, always demonstrating a very positive and polite attitude. Where there have been issues with deliveries and items returned. Augustus ensures we are made aware of them to prevent further failed attempts.”

Ricky Wood – Operations Manager – National Out of Hours “I speak from all of us from an Out of Hours point of view. Augustus is a great courier and very reliable, he regularly makes himself available for any work out of hours and is a great assistance.
He has helped us out numerous times on work we struggle to cover and is always readily available and willing to assist and I would hope he gets some recognition through this award he has been nominated for. Augustus is willing to travel for work and communicates back to us if he has any issues or concerns regarding the job he is doing. He completes his jobs with ease and we only hear from him when he is ready for more work or if he has a major issue with the job he is doing.”

Many Trust pilot reviews attached with very positive comments.


Jess Armstrong DPD Newcastle - Electric Van driver

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700Nominated for a National Courier Award as the first-place winner of EV driver of the year for her national brand.

COO Justin Pegg congratulated driver as the DPD EV driver of the year. "Electric vehicles are a huge part of DPD's future and it's crucial that we shout out our best EV drivers in the network. Jess met rigorous driving criteria and competed with hundreds of other EV drivers to make it through to the Finals.

After a hotly contested event combining practical EV driving tests, question and answer sessions, and one-to-one interviews, it was this courier from Newcastle depot (Region 8) who took first prize with 114 points.’

Jess Armstrong, DPD Top UK EV driver - As well as a cash prize, Jess wins a ticket to represent DPD UK in Amsterdam at the European Finals later this year.



Dean Emerson Van Driver Yodel Coventry

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700Former professional footballer delivers life’s work.

Almost one million parcels delivered. 26 years – Customer satisfaction score 97% - 818 customer support comments

He has been delivering packages with such efficiency and speed that it's truly impressive. Customer testimony – ‘he is the best, kind helpful and offers help’.

Dean is a self-employed driver who has worked for Yodel for 26 years and has delivered nearly 1 million parcels in his time. Based in Coventry he is nearly at the final mile of his career seeing out peak 2023 before he retires and heads off to the South of France to enjoy his well-deserved retirement.

Not only that, but he always goes above and beyond to make sure the packages are delivered safely and on time. His dedication to the work is truly inspiring. He works long hours and often must navigate difficult weather conditions, but he never let’s that get in the way of providing excellent service to his customers. It's rare to come across such a hardworking and reliable courier, and I think they deserve to be recognized for their efforts. Dean is a true asset to the courier industry, and I hope his dedication and work ethic inspire others in the field.

Apart from his impressive career as a courier, Dean has also played professional football for Coventry City. During his time at the club, they even managed to reach the FA Cup Final in 1987 beating Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley.

Dean is an inspiration to all of us at Yodel Coventry and I believe that Dean deserves to be recognized for his outstanding contributions to the courier industry. I urge you to consider him for the Courier Awards. As an example attached to the nomination are just some of the amazing 818 customer comments Dean has received over the last year. As a result of such great and committed service, Dean’s customer satisfaction score is a competitive 97% percent.



Iain Muir EVRi Blackburn Van driver

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700Van driver who has become a pillar of his community and 'always goes above and beyond'.

Community in East Lancashire tells a story of their van courier who has become a pillar of their society.

One resident said: "You are actually the best delivery man. You always have time for everyone. You are always smiling even when you must be shattered and cold. Thanks for putting my parcels in a safe place."

What makes this van driver so special? Maria told LancsLive: "I have a business in the local area and he delivers to both my business and my home. He just goes above and beyond for everyone. One Christmas, he delivered a parcel at nine o'clock at night on Christmas Eve, in case it was a present. "He also speaks through the door to people, if no one else is in the house. One person said he kept them going through the pandemic."

The van drivers round cover Cherry Tree and Feniscowles, BLACKBURN. His customers recently came together to raise more than £1,000 as a thank-you for everything he does.

Maria Fogarty set up a Go Fund Me page on behalf of her neighbours as a thank you for going "above and beyond" as he delivers parcels to the people of the area. The intended target was to raise £100 for Iain, but as the community rallied together, it has now reached £1,629. Maria thought the fundraising page would only raise about £100 for a 'Christmas drink or whatever he chose'. It took less than a month for it to exceed £1,000. "It just keeps going up and up, he's really happy about it," Maria added. "I've set it up so it pays him directly and I think he wants to go on holiday with the money. "All the businesses in the area are really thankful to him too. Sometimes when my business is closed or I'm not in, he'll deliver it to my house because he knows where I live - he's really thorough."
Another wrote: "Ian, when you actually told me a while back the number of hours you worked in one day, one week I was totally flabbergasted. Enjoy what I presume will be a limited time off work. As Tina Turner sang, Your simply the best !!!
Iain himself also replied to the post, writing that he wants to thank everyone who donated "from the bottom of my heart." He added: "I am truly speechless and humbled by this showing of gratitude and kindness and for all the kind words of support and appreciation it really is a pleasure and a privilege to work in your community.


Damien Szysz - Absolutely van driver Park Royal

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700Motivated and confident - Go to person communication with new starters on fleet.

Client testimonial – ‘Driver is consistently excellent’.

He’s motivated, confident & can quickly master new tasks and eagerness to progress in his role. He is my go-to person when communicating with our driver fleet & new starters.
He enjoys sharing his knowledge with new couriers & has a great understanding of our temperature-controlled service offering work which he has embraced brilliantly.

Damien is a van driver based in park Royal London, displays exceptional driving skills, professionalism and positive attitude towards every job and task he carries out within our business. He has great organisational skills & nothing ever seems to faze him.
Damian joined us back in 2019 as a driver, he has progressed and developed within his role. He is always willing to offer assistance & has excellent rapport with many clients & colleagues. because of his effectiveness Damian is often given additional responsibilities & carries out tasks efficiently. He always goes over & above; Clients will ask for him to carry out specific jobs they have booked with us as a regular driver knowing their business needs. Damian is a great asset to our business, he wholeheartedly takes his role to the next level, he effectively communicates with people within our organisation & with the client’s business. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Damian without any reservation & I am sure all his colleagues will also vouch for is ability to always carry out such tasks with exceptional professionalism.
Client manager testimonial – ‘I hope this finds you well, it just dawned on me we don't often report in when things are going well, and we really should. Case in point: your driver Damien is consistently excellent - if Michelin stars were awarded to drivers, I dare say he'd have a few under his belt. First thing is he's a great driver, we feel really assured when he's driving for us; he almost always arrives on time, he is regularly faster than Google Map predictions and our goods arrive without damage. Then on the few occasions he is running late, he calls us in advance - as you know for us this makes the world of difference, so long as we have advance warning we can work around it. On top of this he's a pleasure to deal with - he makes good connections with our staff and is genuinely courteous and personable - I've never detected an ounce of road rage in him, and that side of the job must be stressful. This is not to discredit any of your other drivers, but Damien certainly represents Absolutely well; we hope, and if not, we wanted to make sure, this is known by the management there.’


Sheyzad Hussain CitySprint Heathrow Electric Van Driver

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700Electric van driver, 10 years exceptional dedication. And delivers new business and customer support.

‘One of the hardest-working and accommodating couriers I have ever come across.’

Client says impeccable service.

This courier has been working for us over 8 years and in my fifteen years, I can honestly say that he is one of the hardest working and accommodating couriers I have ever come across.

Sheyzad is employed to cover the next day international work but always helps with the Ad hoc work when needed even though it’s not part of his remit. Going beyond, he also assists with the processing in the warehouse when he returns to the hub.

He makes himself available when needed, covers the warehouse supervisor doing all the processing and makes himself available at the weekend to cover Trunk runs. In a nutshell he is an exceptional courier and a pleasure to work with. Multiple client accounts have benefited because of his ‘never too much trouble’ attitude.

‘We recently won a new piece of business. Part of winning this account depended on us being able to supply an electric vehicle. I employed a courier to cover the route which is covered daily but we would need a reserve courier in an electric van to cover when our other courier took annual leave. Shaz agreed to cover the route whenever needed which shows his dedication, commitment, and desire to please and go the extra mile for or CitySprint family.

Client - Lucie S, Customer Care and Facilities Coordinator, - “Our experience with Sheyzad Hussain, was when he was covering the annual leave period of our regular driver Martin, while he was on holiday. Sheyzad was very courteous, polite and friendly when dealing with our reception team and was happy to take on any requests that were asked of him in this period.” “Also, for the period he was working with us, his punctuality was impeccable, and we have nothing but good words to say about him”.




Contract Awards

5 winners

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700

Contract winner group photo





Karl Davis SW84 CitySprint Oxford 4 wheel contract van

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700Over 200 5* reviews from contract customers. A role model in contract client dedication.

Client testimonials ‘Always above and beyond.’ ‘Hands down, One of our best drivers.’

We have received many reviews not just about his politeness and being friendly but also how he is happy to wait if a customer is not in, he has even corrected a delivery when loaded with the wrong goods by the store.

This year alone Karl Davies has had over 200 5* reviews from customers due to going above and beyond consistently, regardless of the day or weather. He always puts the customer first regardless of the situation. He took it upon himself to go back to the store to collect the correct goods to make sure the customer did not have to wait days to receive them, along with no financial incentive for doing so.

Away from the contract work he completes; he is always requested by other Swindon clients due to being such a reliable and dependable worker. His customer service skills are exceptional, and he acts as a proud ambassador of CitySprint, holding the attitude that he is only as good as his last delivery.

Karl’s excellence is the ultimate aspiration couriers should look to be, and he is a real role model. When he sees new couriers in Wickes, he is always happy to help load or show new couriers how their app works along with giving guidance and advice. We can’t thank you enough Karl for being you!!

Testimony from Wickes Swindon Extra: “Karl Davis is an absolute legend, he's always going above and beyond for both customers and Wickes staff, looking out for the customers best interests when loading and delivering and helping the Wickes staff and ensuring the best quality items are sent out.

‘It is a pleasure to work with him, always up for a laugh and banter. Karl puts the customers first by ensuring everything is safely loaded onto his van and is in mint condition.’

‘Karl is always there if you need anything and never shies away from a problem. Even if it's a personal issue, Karl's always there to listen. A friendly shoulder to all.’

“Karl is hands down one of your best drivers! He always comes in soon as he can with a smile on his face and always goes the extra mile when dealing with us and our customers on site. if we are up against it he will get his hands dirty and load as much as he can himself. If there are any issues on site he will call us and gets it all sorted and never leaves a job not sorted.
Carl deserves every recognition going, he's a great guy!”

‘Perfect Gentlemen Courier Service. Very good experience. I had texts of delivery times, the day before -which was refined on the day of the delivery, giving me ample notice to be prepared.’

‘As soon as the courier ( Karl Davies) arrived he was incredibly helpful and attentive. He carried the large cumbersome package to where (I thought) I needed it, and was very polite when I changed my mind, and moved it to another more suitable location, at my request.’

‘What a friendly chap who couldn’t do enough to ensure my delivery was where it needed to be. Very chatty too, which is always a bonus. Call sign sw84 karl davies, thank you for your cheery disposition.’


Ruben Esmera TVS SCS Leeds Warehouse operative

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700Undeniable asset to the business.

Profound impact across different sites sharing regional variations of best practice. It is the tireless efforts, consistent performance, and unmatched dedication that make him a beacon of excellence in the workplace.

In the dynamic realm of logistics, it's the relentless and adaptive individuals who uplift our industry, one impeccable service at a time. As a warehouse operative, this individual, embodies dedication and adaptability, setting him apart as an undeniable asset to our company and the wider business.

Some of Rubens key achievements are shown by his unwavering dedication and unparalleled commitment evident in his willingness to assist the business at short notice, frequently traversing the length and breadth of the UK.

Instead of limiting himself to his daily roles, he is versatile and transfers his skill set seamlessly across divisions, a testimony to his multifaceted prowess.

He is an integral player in Move Projects getting involved in site moves spanning Belfast, Dublin, Aberdeen, Manchester, Norwich, and Plymouth; all of which speaks volumes about his profound impact. His pivotal contributions have not only ensured smooth transitions but have also fostered cross-regional synergies.

Supporting Statement by Peter Aldsworth – ‘It’s the backbone workers like Ruben who ensure that our promises are met, deadlines are honoured, and standards are raised. While the extra mile is often talked about, Ruben has sprinted it, time and time again. His consistent dedication, coupled with his adaptability, makes him a prime candidate for the nomination. It's not just about recognition; it's about celebrating an embodiment of commitment and excellence that Ruben represents.

Ruben's tireless efforts, consistent performance, and unmatched dedication make him a beacon of excellence in the workplace.’



Marcus Pordoy TVS SCS West Drayton Courier Alliance Manager

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700Monumental impact in new project to match couriers to loads.

This individual has had various roles in the business over the last 8 years and is now leading our Courier Alliance Platform which is a new and exciting venture for us in matching couriers to loads inside and outside the business.

He plays a pivotal role in driving a transformative initiative within the UK courier industry. He is a strategic cornerstone of our brands future.

Marcus has showcased remarkable proficiency in overseeing every facet of this project, from its inception and meticulous design to its triumphant implementation. His impact is nothing short of monumental.

What truly distinguishes Marcus is not just his unwavering dedication to his assigned responsibilities, but also his eagerness to go the extra mile. Beyond his day-to-day duties, he generously shares his expertise, offering invaluable support to a range of operational projects. This versatility underscores his importance in enhancing the organization's adaptability during periods of change and uncertainty.

Marcus's unwavering commitment to the success of the Courier Alliance Platform, coupled with his multifaceted contributions to operational projects, highlights the profound mark he has left on the organization. His exceptional leadership, innovative thinking, and adaptability are a testament to his exceptional abilities and his relentless pursuit of success within the company. In summary, Marcus's remarkable contributions consistently position him as a cornerstone of achievement in our courier business, fostering growth and prosperity for all.




Office Awards

9 winners

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700

Group photo


Bryan Duncan Viking Leicester Carrier Manager

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700Thinking differently to significantly bring down claims.

This individual took on customer loss with third-party carriers, he decided that a more collaborative approach was required. His innovative and nuance approach looked to move away from the usual procedure.

Getting "buy in" from the carriers Through this change of approach with customers, claims were significantly reduced in just one year and continues to do so.

In early 2022 Bryan , he initiated a weekly call with the highest impacting depots, getting the loss prevention teams from both Viking and our final mile partner, Menzies Distribution involved. The calls are clear evidence that his desire to think and act differently was making a difference. This type of call frowned upon or ignored by other carriers, not wanting to give that much access to the customer.

Significant claims were gained in 2022. Through this collaborative approach Viking reduced customer claims significantly in just one year and continues to do so.

2021 – 1024 claims
2022 - 334
2023 - 146

Our business and that of our clients are now seeing and reaping the huge cost benefits from this initiative. The weekly call is also driving compliance and a better depot understanding of loss. This was solely created, driven and carried out by Bryan through his desire to make change and do it differently.



Carl Walton Yodel Northampton Regional Manager

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700Courier to Regional Manager – 24 Years - Making team feel like a family.

He has been with Yodel for over 24 years, delivering exceptional dedication to the business and making his team feel like a family.

He has been an member of the team since as a self-employed courier almost a quarter century ago. Moving on into an employed driver's role, he moved up through the ranks as an operations manager, Depot Manager, and now a regional manager always gone above and beyond.

As a regional manager Carl Walton, has always gone above and beyond to ensure that his team receives all the necessary support and resources to excel in their roles. His has a unique ability to motivate his team and instil a sense of confidence in them, which has resulted in a significant improvement in their performance. Over the last few years He has supported Yodel with the growth of its courier platform whereby 47% of our volume is now delivered by local drivers in the area, helping us as a business improve our capacity within the last mile.

In addition to his exceptional leadership skills, Carl is always approachable and accessible to his team. He listens to their concerns and provides guidance and support whenever needed. Carl's support has made a huge impact on the success of Yodel, and we are grateful to have him as our Regional Manager. Carl is not a boss that says, ‘Go and make sure you do it’ he's a leader that says, ‘Let’s go and make it happen.’

This nomination is backed by all of the Regional Managers within Yodel, including Paul Graham, Regional Director of Services North who said:

“Carl is a real success story, he started out as a driver many years ago and has excelled in his career before being promoted to team manager in Loughborough in 2014 before moving onto his next challenge as Service Centre Manager. In 2020, Paul offered Carl the promotion of becoming Regional Manager due to Carl’s wealth of experience and knowledge. Since then, Carl has been instrumental and one of the key players in the turnaround of the organisation and Carl’s region has led the way, setting an outstanding example to the rest of the regional teams.”



Bevile Ngilana CitySprint Controller Manchester

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700Controller working outside the box to resolve issues.

She started as a warehouse operative. Overtime, developed and worked her way through to the operations team as an operations coordinator and now an operations controller.

She will always support and help her colleagues and focuses strongly on new operations coordinators to make sure they have the best training even when she has her own tasks to do within her control role.

To show you how valued by her colleagues she is, at the beginning of the month five team members had nominated her for the City Sprint Hero Award!

In addition to her day-to-day controller role, she also monitors deliveries on the weekend to make sure all the deliveries for the service centre are completed on time and is also there for the drivers when they require assistance. She has been covering the Saturday work for a year and has been doing a fantastic job - she is the one of the very fee controllers who is happy to support the operation every weekend.

Bevile has recently been looking into the Manchester service centre’s quality and looking at accounts that seem to be experiencing issues. She will investigate the reasons why and relay this to our controllers, which has led to less fails and customers are happier with the service just by looking into data and communication with the drivers. Bevile’s attendance is 100% since she has been working for City Sprint, her performance is always 100% and her call logging performance has never been below 100%. Bevile is a very valued member of my team and for all her hard work and punctuality she is well deserving of this award. Bevile’ s customer service skills are outstanding; she is very understanding and polite when speaking with customers as we can see from Cheryl’s feedback which has been noted.

Cheryl T – Customer feedback – Vvvvvv Ltd Manchester: I just wanted to be in touch to let you know how brilliant Bev has just been. I had a mix up with two couriers that I’d effectively ordered for the same job, I thought I’d cancelled one, but hadn’t. She has just been so efficient & patient sorting it all out, calling the courier back from the first job, amending the booking & cancelling the one no longer needed. Very impressed with the service, it really helps to have this great customer support. Bevile will always go above and beyond not just for customers but for her colleagues and couriers. She is a true superstar for Manchester and her dedication does not go unnoticed.


Jessica Rodriquens CitySprint London

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700

Courier Communications Manager, e-learning video, benefiting the entire business.

Her extraordinary work ethic and dedication to go beyond merely assisting her immediate team is fantastic.

She always extends her support to everyone in the office. She revamped the training process by moving all courses online.

She established "The Courier Hub," a valuable resource for couriers, providing 24/7 access to crucial information, resulting in significant time savings and increased efficiency for the couriers.

Additionally, she revamped the training process by moving all courses online to The Courier Hub, reducing training time to 20-30 minutes and enabling couriers to start working faster while also promoting sustainability by reducing paper usage and unnecessary travel to service centres.

Recently, she has taken charge of conducting surveys to gather feedback from couriers on our systems and training, aiming to identify areas for improvement and enhance the overall service quality. Furthermore, Jess is currently finalising the implementation of a new starter presentation, which will be available on The Hub for all new couriers. Previously, this presentation required three hours of weekly commitment from a colleague, but with Jess's innovative approach, it has been transformed into an efficient, time-saving e-learning video, benefiting the entire business.

Jess initially joined the Fleet Team as a Courier Recruitment Administrator. The following year she showcased her hardworking nature and adept problem-solving skills and earnt a promotion to team leader. As a team leader, she not only fostered her team's growth but also extended her support to other teams. This year Jess was promoted again to the Courier Communications Manager role from which within a couple of months she has already transformed the engagement with couriers and implemented innovative new processes to maximise courier support and retention. Her unwavering commitment and dedication have led to her recent promotion to courier management, a testament to her invaluable contributions to the company.

Ref - Michael Petersen, Project Manager, CitySprint:

“Jess has shown she is an exceptional talent not just in her current role as Courier Communications Manager but in her previous role as Team Leader for our Courier Compliance team. As a Team leader she has been more than dependable being the go too person for help or support. She is always happy to help and does it with a smile on her face. She supports her team in all situations regardless of her own workload. In her new role as Courier Communication Manager, she has been a breath of fresh air, always looking to better communications and understand the best way we can communicate with our couriers.


Tracy Costaras. Absolutely Customer Service Manager - London North

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700More than decade – a bright talent – passionate about customers. Clients love her – testimonials attached.

During a fire in a building opposite she negotiated road access to depot

She has been with this brand for 11 years and has delivered first class customer service. She quickly emerged as one of the brightest talents and gained promotion to Customer Service Manager where client testimonials praise her at the highest levels.

Starting as customer services support for our overnight service, Tracy is passionate about customers and will go the extra mile to do whatever it takes to make our clients happy. With a fantastic team ethic, she is the heartbeat in the office and very popular among her colleagues and drivers. Our clients love her and appreciate the outstanding effort she makes to look after them. Nothing is too much trouble and if staying on past her finish time or working at the weekend is required to help them, she readily will.

Case Study – Fire opposite – road access negotiated for depot.
One such time was when the building opposite us caught fire and the road was closed meaning our customers parcels were stuck in our warehouse. Tracy talked her way past the police and firemen who allowed her to open up the depot and tend to our clients’ urgent parcels. She organised a couple of drivers to pick out any urgent medical or perishable items and they carried these out by hand along the closed road, to waiting vehicles the other side of the police cordon. It would have been easy to just call our customers and say sorry but we can’t do anything the road is closed. This was not an option for Tracy who felt a personal duty to salvage what she could for those critical deliveries our customers had waiting.

Client testimonial - It was so nice to speak with you over the phone just now. It's been a pleasure communicating with Tracey.
Tracey has been extremely helpful and easy to deal with. You can always expect a fast reply from her and get help with whatever you need. She's short and concise in her answers, still replying to everything asked. It's been a pleasure collaborating with Tracey and I hope our collaboration will continue on. Thank you!


Justin Roberts TVS SCS Sales Office

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700Sales champion and inspiration to all of us.

His remarkable journey epitomises the qualities we value most in our sales professionals: excellence, innovation, collaboration, and leadership. He has not only achieved outstanding results but has also left an indelible mark on the whole sales team.

He is true trailblazer in our organisation not just a sales champion; he is an inspiration to us all. What truly sets him apart is his ability to think innovatively and implement ground-breaking ideas.

Justin initiated several pioneering programs that have since been adopted company-wide, revolutionising our sales strategies which is massive for a global
business such as ours. Justin's innovative approach to customer relationship management and his ingenious sales funnels have led to unprecedented growth, forging stronger connections with clients and prospects alike. His unwavering dedication, outstanding performance, and pioneering spirit have not only propelled him to over achievement but have also catalysed trans-formative changes within our sales organisation.

Justin’s journey with TVS SCS has been nothing short of remarkable. His consistent drive to exceed sales targets and his relentless pursuit of excellence have set new benchmarks for the entire team. Justin's sales figures speak volumes about his passion and commitment to his role.

Justin's willingness to share his insights and mentor his colleagues underscore his commitment to collective success. His collaborative spirit and readiness to guide others have fostered a culture of innovation within the indoor sales team, benefiting the
entire organisation. We are thrilled to see Justin shortlisted for an award in recognition of his exceptional contributions to the TVS SCS indoor sales team.


Yomi Akosile eCourier Linkedin Ambassador

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700Courier ambassador behind the Monday Motivation posts on Linkdin.

He is an exceptional individual whose unselfish dedication and commitment to fostering motivation and a positive mental attitude within the express courier sector has left an indelible mark.

His contributions extend far beyond the confines of his role as a courier in his role as Motivational Mondays guru.

Those of us who follow Yomi at eCourier on LinkedIn have had the privilege of experiencing the transformative impact of his brainchild, "Motivation Mondays." This initiative, initiated by him, has consistently delivered a dose of inspiration to kick-start our weeks. Through insightful and motivational quotes, he has not only uplifted the spirits of eCourier's customers and staff but has also profoundly influenced the broader courier sector.

Yomi Akosile's dedication to fostering motivation and a positive mental attitude within the courier sector reflects a deep commitment to the well-being and success of his colleagues, competitors, and the industry as a whole. His selflessness, passion, and tireless efforts to motivate and uplift others deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated.

In summary, I wholeheartedly nominate Yomi Akosile for the National Courier Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the courier sector through his "Motivation Mondays" initiative. Yomi's unselfish attitude and commitment to promoting positivity and motivation have had a profound impact, making him a true asset to our industry.

Justin Moore, ‘Honouring Yomi Akosile with this award would not only be a fitting tribute to his contributions but also a source of inspiration for all those who seek to make a positive difference in our field.’


Steve Main Smiths News Swindon

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700Facilitating a 40% saving in pre-run mileage.

Exceptional achievements in reducing mileage and emissions in the final mile.

His innovative approach and strategic implementation of pre-runs have demonstrated a remarkable impact on operational efficiency and sustainability.

He recognised a critical challenge during peak delivery times, where payload capacities often exceeded 90% due to the distribution of newspaper supplements. In response, he meticulously optimized pre-run routes to focus on excess weight deliveries, effectively mitigating stem mileage during these critical operations.

Steve recognised a critical challenge during peak delivery times, specifically on Friday and Saturday nights, where payload capacities often exceeded by 80% to 90% due to the distribution of newspaper supplements. In response, he meticulously optimized pre-run routes to focus on excess weight deliveries, effectively mitigating stem mileage during these critical operations.

The significant impact of his initiatives cannot be overstated. Over a 27-week period, starting from March and concluding at the end of Smiths News' financial year in August, the part pre-run initiative led by him has resulted in a substantial reduction of 95,000 miles from our network. This amounts to an impressive average weekly reduction of 3.5k miles, projecting an estimated yearly reduction of approximately 180,000 miles—an outstanding 40% decrease in pre-run mileage.

Steve’s visionary leadership, problem-solving skills, and unwavering dedication to optimising operations at Smiths News have not only improved operational efficiency but have also made a significant positive impact on sustainability and cost-effectiveness within the newspaper and magazine distribution sector.



Karen Thompson Reliance Rainham Operations Manager

nca 2023 placeholder winner 70013 years bringing positive impact to our company.

She has been working with us for over 13 years and has consistently demonstrated excellence, professionalism, and dedication in her job role. Her positive attitude and work ethic has a beneficial impact on our company and the sector.

She represents our brand values and delivers quality service to our customers. She contributes to the safety and sustainability of the sector by following the best practices and regulations.

She is always eager to learn new skills and improve her performance. A solution driven individual that supports each and every customer with a duty of care. She is not only a reliable and efficient member of the team, but also a friendly and helpful colleague. She always greets customers with a smile and goes the extra mile to ensure service satisfaction.

She has received numerous positive feedback and commendations from customers who appreciate her punctuality, courtesy, and care. She is also a great team player who supports her colleagues, and always goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Karen oversaw handling a customer order that needed to be delivered to Europe as soon as possible with a tight deadline for a show. She had arranged for a courier service to pick up the package and transport it across the border, but she encountered some problems with the customs clearance. The customs officials demanded additional paperwork and fees, which threatened to delay the delivery and jeopardise the customer's deadline. Karen tried to negotiate with them, but they were adamant that they had to follow the rules. She contacted the customer and explained the situation, apologising for the inconvenience, but this did not deter Karen. The customer was understandably frustrated but appreciated Karen's honesty and professionalism. Karen managed to resolve the issue with the customs after a few hours of back and forth and confirmed that the package was on its way to the destination. She followed up with the customer until the delivery was completed and thanked them for their patience and understanding.



Martin Reaves Ops Manager Courier Company Nationwide.

nca 2023 placeholder winner 700Super busy Nine years of outstanding contribution - Supporting relocation.

This individual has delivered 'Outstanding contribution to the business over the last 9 years'. He has been instrumental to our success.

His actions stood out when he embraced the difficult task of keeping a live operation going whilst moving premises. He dealt with all the communication installs and updates, taking time out of many of his weekends to ensure minimal disruption to our operation during the move.

Martin Reaves was instrumental in the smooth move of our operation. ‘Late last year we were forced into moving premises at short notice and there was a lot to deal with. Whilst our whole team got involved, one person in particular stood out, and really embraced the difficult task of keeping a live operation going whilst moving premises. He dealt with all the communication installs and updates, taking time out of many of his weekends to ensure minimal disruption to our day-to-day operation. He spent many hours outside of work getting our new offices up and running, so that when the actual switch over day came, we were in great shape.

In addition to all that, since our move, we have grown quite a bit and he has stepped up from the lead controller to what can only be described as an Operations Manager. He has embraced the need to introduce protocols and procedures to ensure that our customers are getting the best possible service. He has introduced and carried through new ideas and policies to help us stay on top of a rapidly growing fleet. His diligence, which was off his own back, has really provided a smooth transition from our move and started to build a good foundation for growth in the future. We cannot thank him enough.

Martin said: "I'm delighted to receive this amazing accolade for my contribution, and I must also thank all of the team here at The Courier Company Nationwide' for their support" he added "It's been a super busy 9 years since I joined the team, and I am looking forward to the next decade with the team"



Services to Industry Award


nca 2023 placeholder winner 700From driver to COO, IOC fellow Carl Moore at Yodel.

This individual has had an extraordinary life journey of almost four decades in the express final mile industry. Starting as a van driver in 1984. As a driver his first goal was to achieve HGV One which he did quickly on his vehicle progression. Earlier on in his career he was ambitious, and I worked tirelessly to prove myself. From there he moved inside to follow a career path that would take him all the way to Chief Operating Officer.
‘If I had my time again starting at the age of 19, I would do it all the same way.’
Between the Operational and Commercial teams Carl has gelled lots of different skillsets across many complex processes to achieve the best team success. He has ensuring that every internal stakeholder from senior leadership right through to the colleagues out on the road delivering parcels has the same clear objectives, paramount to success f delivery.
‘One thing I do know for certain is that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my family, colleagues, and some fantastic mentors.’
I love that every day is different. Even after almost 40 years, there is still so much to learn! I really look forward to coming to work, and there have been some incredible achievements.
I love my job!

Carl Moore, COO Yodel - How did you get into the parcel industry and tell us about your personal journey? ‘I started as a van driver in 1984, it’s as simple as that. I absolutely loved van driving, but my main goal was to become a Class 1 HGV Driver and I achieved that relatively quickly. My pathway to becoming Chief Operating Officer at Yodel has been full of highs, and even some lows.
One thing I do know for certain is that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my family, colleagues, and some fantastic mentors. In truth, there has also been some luck involved too, sometimes it can be about being the right person, in the right place at the right time, and even though I’ve worked extremely hard to get where I am today, this does play a part. Reflecting on my personal journey I would say one thing, if I had my time again starting at 19 in this industry, I’d do it all again, exactly the same way. That’s a true testament to how much I’ve enjoyed the success and challenges that have come my way.
How important is communication & collaboration in a role like yours? We couldn’t function without it here at Yodel. We’re all singing off the same hymn sheet, and this ensures that all parties are pulling in the same direction and working together. We do a great job of that, specifically between the Operational and Commercial teams. We have lots of different skillsets and there are many complex processes to understand. Ensuring that every internal stakeholder – from senior leadership right through to the colleagues out on the road delivering parcels - has the same clear objectives is paramount to success.

What does success look like for you and has that changed over the years? I think earlier on in my career, I was incredibly ambitious, and I worked tirelessly to prove myself. I’d even say maybe too ambitious! I moved my family across the country multiple times, and they have sacrificed a lot for my career, and perhaps back then success to me was climbing the career ladder. As you get older and more experienced, you get a little more relaxed in your own skin, you understand the success that you had as that young person is different to how you think of it now. One of the greatest successes for me is building people; having great relationships and seeing people I’ve supported in their careers succeed whilst making friends along the way is something I’ll always look back and be proud of. You can’t put a price on that.

What motivates you? I love that every day is different. Even after 38 years, there is still so much to learn! We’re like a family here at Yodel. I really look forward to coming to work, and there have been some incredible achievements. I love my job!

What’s your biggest learning so far in your career? It’s that you need to treat failure in the same way you do success. I’ve always been a believer in this and learning to recover from setbacks is not just important in business, it’s important in life, because setbacks – and failure - happen to the even the best of us but offer opportunities to learn and grow.

What keeps you grounded? There are a few things, and one of those is that I’m not COO at home. I’m Dad, I’m Carl and that’s important to me to keep work and family life separate. I never take my work home. It’s funny actually, my kids for years didn’t even know I worked with trucks and vans, they do ask me why I never really mentioned it and it does make me laugh. I still have a relaxed outlook on life.

What advice would you give to someone starting out and looking to progress? Just be yourself, just be authentic. That’s the biggest advice I could give. We’re all different and that’s one of the great things about people, everyone has something valuable to contribute and sometimes it takes a different mindset or approach to see solutions. Also, in my career, I’ve found that it’s so important to keep going even when things aren’t panning out the way you planned. I have enjoyed so much success, but also having that resilience to carry on has proven to be key in my own experience. I’ve found that the strongest people are those who don’t give up.




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