IoC news - Fellows Gowning

IoC news - Fellows Gowning

Institute of Couriers' House of Lords Fellows' Gowning 2023


A night to remember - Evening of Friday 3rd March

A new President – two dozen ceremonial gowns – two honorary fellows.



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 Fellows' Gowning 2023


high resolution images of the 2023 event are available for download in the photo bank



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2023 - Two honorands, TfL commissioner Andy Lord and former Aldermanic Sheriff Alison Gowman. A new President, as Viscount Falkland passes on the mantle to Peter, Lord Hendy of Richmond Hill. Two dozen new fellows are received in line.

2022 – Two honorands, TfL commissioner Andy Byford and head of the DVSA Loveday Ryder – Services to Industry for Trevor Hoyle, a thousand years of service in the ceremonial fellows of 2022.

2018 - John Hayes CBE elected new Vice President, Honorary Fellowship awarded to Leon Daniels. Kate Lester takes  Services to Industry hood.

2017 - The honorary gown was awarded to Heathrow boss John Holland-Kaye.

2016 - Fellows hand the gown to their President and recognise eighty years...New TfL boss took honorary fellowship & first-ever honorary associateship for the Army. Viscount, Lord Falkland, celebrating his eighty years...Sixty-four years since Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne...TfL boss Mike Brown awarded the hon fellowship, 12 new Fellows were gowned by IOC President Viscount, Lord Falkland.

24 senior IOC fellows gowned at House of Lords for 2023.

Institute of Couriers announce new President.

Meet the 2023 fellows

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2023 The new – 24 senior IOC fellows gowned at House of Lords

On March 9th, 2023, the IOC gowned a new President, recognised two Honorary fellows and hooded more than two dozen Senior fellows.

Meet the new fellows below...

Over a thousand years of service to last mile Express sector.

Two honorands– a pair of apprentices – services to industry and a thousand years of CV rainbow.

Friday was IOC Fellows' ceremonial gowning – Feb 25th 2022.


Meet the ceremonial fellows of the 2022 Institute of Couriers fellows gowning.

Two honorands, a life services and 30 gowned to make a 'millennium' of the express final mile, last mile logistics sector.

Fellows gowned of the Institute represented Govt Stakeholder of critical infrastructure for key worker delivery to the door.

A rainbow of sector colours from national to regional and SME.

Ceremonial gowning hosted by the IOC President, Viscount Lord Falkland takes place once a year, 2022 was two years in the making for lockdown.

Education and latest apprenticeships at the heart of the key notes, best practice and next generation as the new formed order for the formal photo of hoods.

Meet the fellows with a summary of their backgrounds below, it’s a 'millennium' of years of contribution for 2022.

House of Lords terrace packed full for double decades of the Millennium

IOC President steps to Emeritus with a Golden ticket.

Road safety and education mark 2020 Double honorary fellows.

Sector signs Race Charter.

2020 IOC Fellows' Gowning, a family of fellows.

Two Honorands, a life services award, twenty fellows, and a military associate.

Last mile, final mile, express courier sector in force for Friday Feb 28th Institute of Couriers ceremonial gowning at the House of Lords. Sold out full house, express couriers event of the year for final mile.

Lord Falkland, President of the Institute of Couriers in a rousing step to Emeritus receives a golden ticket.

2020 IOC Fellows' Gowning, a family of fellows.

Two Honorands, a Life Services award, twenty fellows and a military associate.

A golden ticket for an Emeritus President.

The 2020 IOC ceremonial fellows' gowning enjoyed worldwide networking to catch up with fellows, friends and industry.

Guests talked down-under electric from Bob Black's latest thousand EVS at Australia Post to Madrid sustainable cities and Dutch NL Post with Tiemen Van Bruggen and this week's news of almost a hundred Royal Mail electric vans for Mount Pleasant SO.

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