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NCA 2019 Diversity Innovation in Express Award

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Diamond Logistics for their “Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion” Innovation policy


Diamond Logistics for their “Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion” Innovation policy

Delivering the DfT STAT keynote at Portcullis House for express logistics 2019 it was said ‘Logistics and traditional delivery has been slow to adopt diversity policy’ This company are proud to be innovators in the sector and are holding the banner for new ways of working – embracing diversity evolution and pursuing passionate adoption of EDI policies.
In embracing the demands for a radical rethink of the future of same day delivery, a radical transformation to embrace equality, diversity and inclusion to proactively foster a dynamic and forward thinking team on the forefront of logistics evolution has happened.
The team is empowered and actively pursuing equal opportunity policies to ensure growth and access to new pools of talent.
On average over the last 3 years half the team at HQ and home service centres are female. Currently 67% of the team are female. In 2017 there was a 50/50 split between male and female, in 2018 there was a majority of 63% of the team being female and a 60% female majority on the board of directors.

We have always run a meritocratic business that embraces equality, diversity and inclusion. In 2017 we had a gender ratio of 14:10 in favour of women. In 2018 and 2019 we have an equal gender ratio. Our board of director statistics are even more ground breaking with a ration of 4;2 in favour of women. We are the exception to the statistics particularly in our sector.


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