Andrew Lumb - Four Wheels Driver, CitySprint
Miklos Istok - Four Wheels Electric Driver, Gnewt


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Filip Boshnakov - CitySprint
Les Emmerson - Hermes
Stephen Gray - CitySprint
Chris Wilkins - Tuffnells


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David Bates - Tuffnells
Adrian Purewell - CitySprint

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Becky Ahmadi and Mandy Scott, Hermes


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Mandy Freedman - Account Manager, Rush Couriers
Shervonne Timmer - Customer service Agent, CitySprint

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 Step Change ‘Micro Hub’ delivery - leading a team effort for DPD is Graham Goadby

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Will Friar - Office Support, Rush Couriers
Monica Pound - Relationship Manager, CitySprint
Monika Haromszeki - Regional Logistics Planner, Hermes


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The 23rd National Courier Awards, held at the IoD, Pall Mall, London SW1 is Tuesday October 15th 2019.

Sir John Hayes for the gala final mile event recognising express, last mile courier best of the best.

Clean air big on the shortlisted winners

Panel of Judges for the National Courier Awards, chaired by Adrian Smith, sat to decide the final mile best of best.


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Curly Wurly special for fifth year delivery speed question?

Next-generation Inclusion for logistics workforce.

Carmen Cartboard 500-year journey to ULEZ.

The ‘A’ list diary slot for logistics at the NEC; IOC fellows were in strength at the NEC for Multimodal.

Take a tour of the show from your laptop on our exclusive IOC Gallery below...

Take the IOC #Multimodal19 survey

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DfT STAT next-generation logistics workforce at NEC

Tracey Worth talked DfT STAT next generation workforce inclusion on the IOC stand at Multimodal in the NEC.

Who is STAT? who are we and what do we do? Being at Multimodal was about taking away and doing that one thing, start your journey today, sign the pledge commitment board for diversity today, here before you leave. Placing 86 employer commitments here today.


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