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NCA 2019 Office Award

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David Bates - Tuffnells
Adrian Purewell - CitySprint

David Bates - General Manger, Tuffnells

nca 2019 office David Bates

This new manager walked in to what was a very difficult and troubled depot circa 6 months ago and has completely turned the place around. Not only have we seen the service improve but we have seen a significant improvement in the service to the network. He has worked every shift, loaded every vehicle, travelled every route, fully engaged with every colleague, is coaching and guiding daily at ground level up and is taking the turnaround personally. This has been achieved through looking at things in a new creative way and by addressing the culture and living the values.

He has also spent just over a month assisting another location and we have seen again significant improvements in performance of the location. His enthusiasm and drive to get it right for all can been seen in all areas of the business – operations, commercial, finance and H&S safety. Customers would never be allowed to this site before based on previous standards now our top 5 customers have visited. He has even organised a staff open day on site and held a BBQ for all staff and families.

I am nominating this person based on how quickly he has changed the standard of our service for the better but more importantly how he has changed the Culture which can be more difficult. The pace he has moved to do so hasn’t been seen before in our business. This individual is truly living our company values.

Adrian Purewell - National Sales Support Co-ordinator, CitySprint

nca 2019 office Adrian Purewell

Accepted by his proposer

He is a friendly and supportive person always there and ready to help if you need him. He works in sales support but recently played a big role in the implementation of new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which has impacted the majority of the sales teams with regards to data retention, commission related issues being rectified, and much more at an astronomical scale! He’s also extremely patient when it comes to explaining the intricacies of the system to those of us who aren’t as technologically adept, to ensure we get it right. Not his job role.
He ensures everything is done to the best of his ability, he takes pride in his work and cares about the success of his colleagues and himself. Not only this, but he provides support for the entire company during very stressful and busy periods, making everything more manageable for everyone else.
Adrian is truly our sales champion. Not only does he work tirelessly to make sure we all get paid and any amendments get processed on time – he also takes charge of reporting any issues and fighting our corner whenever needed.
He always puts others first and helps the whole team whenever he can – he is selfless, hardworking, resourceful and I am in awe of how hard he works every day; never letting us (our office) or our company down. He can truly be relied upon and without him we would all be lost.



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