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NCA 2019 Courier Team Award

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Becky Ahmadi and Mandy Scott, Hermes



Becky Ahmadi and Mandy Scott, Hermes

nca 2019 courier team Hermes

Becky is Operations Development Manager and leads various initiatives to improve our products and services for customers, she has been with us for 2 years joining our IT change programme team initially and moved to join the operations team in November 2018 for the self-employed plus development. She is a change manager on technical IT projects typically and has in a short time studied and travelled the operation, navigating all the systems and process to manage the design and development of the se + solution. 

Mandy is Network Delivery Support Manager now. Previously a courier, Mandy worked up through the ranks of field manager, regional manager, divisional manager over 26 years that gives her the experience to now coach the networks management team. She specifically supports the development of the field management team, using her relationship skills, knowledge of the field operations and the courier industry.

Collaborating with our Couriers and the GMB Mandy and Becky brought about the delivery of the ground breaking Self Employed Plus Contract. With 17,000 Couriers it was a huge undertaking, successfully delivered through the cross functional collaboration and by the skill of Mandy and Becky all within 7months.
Often the most simple sounding actions can have huge ramifications so with care and attention to detail, Mandy and Becky worked on each challenge to find a satisfactory solution.

“there’s nothing and nobody that Mandy does not know about our courier network - she’s just the queen of courier!”

“a technically brilliant hard working and consistent manager who works with passion and great empathy and holds respect for everybody”


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