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NCA 2019 Contract Office Award

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Mandy Freedman - Account Manager, Rush Couriers
Shervonne Timmer - Customer service Agent, CitySprint

Mandy Freedman - Account Manager, Rush Couriers

nca 2019 contract office Mandy Freedman

This is her second nomination, her first was as a van driver. Since then she has moved into the office as a telephonist before moving into the control team as a coordinator. More recently she really seems to have found her niche though as an account manager looking after a major account. This is a person who we trust and knows each area of delivery.

Her diligence and previous experience have led to her becoming an essential part of the customers operation. She is amazing at allowing communication to flow between both team and very demanding customers, ensuring a consistently smooth level of service. She is the lynch pin that holds it together but also keeps the cogs on the wheel well oiled. She does her job but she makes that job run so smoothly, eases away difficult decisions and focuses on the solution.

We are proud that she made career choices that have benefited her and for those who she works with.

Shervonne Timmer - Customer service Agent, CitySprint

nca 2019 contract office Shervonne Timmer

She joined us from another courier company and she is by far one of the best additions to our team. She works in a busy and pressured team but takes this all in her stride. She goes out of her way to support the team and because of this she is rated highly by them and hugely respected.

She works directly with our clients, working in a mailroom environment that can sometimes be fraught, with tight deadlines to meet but She always goes the extra mile to assist and make the customer experience exceptional. She goes out of her way to keep morale up, and support others in her team wherever and whenever she can.

She is very conscientious in her work, is always happy to take on tasks outside of her usual duties when needed.




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