Multimodal 2019 - Diversity and Inclusion

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Tracey Worth at Multimodal 2019 with a board full of Year of Diversity pledges Tracey Worth at Multimodal 2019 with a board full of Year of Diversity pledges

DfT STAT next-generation logistics workforce at NEC

Tracey Worth talked DfT STAT next generation workforce inclusion on the IOC stand at Multimodal in the NEC.

Who is STAT? who are we and what do we do? Being at Multimodal was about taking away and doing that one thing, start your journey today, sign the pledge commitment board for diversity today, here before you leave. Placing 86 employer commitments here today.



Tracey explained

This is the DfT STAT Year of Diversity for logistics and transport. STAT is a voluntary, cross-sector industry body that has been given the responsibility for promoting awareness and access to apprenticeships, sector diversity and promoting transport as a career.


Here at Multimodal you are asked to sign a pledge and help build a toolkit for the future of inclusion in our sector.


2019 news jun multimodal 2019 diversity day1

Tracey Worth at Multimodal 2019 on Day 1 with the first to sign the Year of Diversity pledge board


STAT - Our aim for the Year of Diversity is:

o To create a network of transport people who are committed to tackling the lack of diversity within sector

o Create a culture where diversity is celebrated, and inclusion is the standard

o To raise awareness of the practices and activities organisations can engage in to increase diversity

o To encourage new demographics of employees to join the sector

o To build a cross-sector alliance of employers who have signed the pledge and will act of agents of change in the industry

o To implement and share learnings industry-wide

Tracey Worth

Adding value to your logistics company with inclusion of workforce. Think millennials and your next-generation workforce. Diversity & inclusion means changing your culture and makes your future workforce.


Key points for you to take away

-Ask your workshops to make D&I a pathway for your logistics workforce success.

-Creating ambition in freight workforce.

-Understanding representation, mirroring society, staff retention.

- Do one thing and champion diversity in your business.


All hot topics.

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