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NCA 2019 Contract Courier Award

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Filip Boshnakov - CitySprint
Les Emmerson - Hermes
Stephen Gray - CitySprint
Chris Wilkins - Tuffnells



Filip Boshnakov - Four Wheels Contract Driver, CitySprint

nca 2019 contract courier Filip Boshnakov

He has been a courier since April 2017 and during this time has demonstrated his dedication and professionalism. Great attitude to customer service as well as good driving knowledge and skills. Always a clean van and always willing. A recent contract required a courier with a long-wheeled base vehicle to go to charity clothes banks on public streets and university halls, bag up all the clothing and other products at the location and then return all the bags back to the stores once the items were delivered.
He is known as an extremely trustworthy and reliable courier with good communications skills, so when the job opportunity was given to our company we called him without a second thought. He attended a meeting with the customer and our compliance officer at one of the clothes banks to understand the process and since then has built an incredible relationship with them.
The customer has constantly sang his praises all the way through the six-month trial contract that they offered us more towns and other areas to cover and to top things off, we’re also currently in talks with them about completing their work Nationally next year!


Les Emmerson - Four Wheels Contract Driver, Hermes

nca 2019 contract courier Les Emmerson

A courier who hits 10 out of 10 week in week out for the last ten years. He has received a high number of customer satisfaction comments and consistently represents our company as one of our smartest couriers, impeccably dressed. He is reliable and works come rain or shine, he faces all challenges head on whilst out on the road to ensure delivery in a timely manner.

He is an active role model for other drivers, he is very re-assuring and has the skills to show people new to the company, how to do things correctly and gives up his own time to come in on Sundays to help others. Les has built a fantastic reputation and relationship with our company and our client’s over the years and has consistently done this for a decade.
We will never fail when Les is on a delivery.


Stephen Gray - Four Wheels Contract driver, CitySprint

nca 2019 contract courier  Stephen Gray

If ever someone epitomized the ideal courier, Stephen is the strongest candidate by a long shot. He is an incredible role model for the job – and our business.

I always refer to him as my best sales executive as he is always professional, polite, friendly, flexible and eager. His customer facing skills are exceptional and brings a smile to many on his daily delivery runs.
For the best part of 12 years, I have always been able to depend on his availability and his experience. He understands the pressures of our industry and embraces our challenges as his own. No matter what time of the day or day of the week, he is the ever-reliable courier.
In the main he covers a daily contract run for us. His professionalism has played a huge part of our service and is one of the main reasons this account has not only grown for us, but for our client as well. They regard him as their “Sales Guy” and member of their team. A true Role Model for others.


Chris Wilkins - Four Wheels Contract Driver, Tuffnells

nca 2019 contract courier Chris Wilkins

He is a really caring guy, a naturally thoughtful person he is always helpful especially when delivering between depots he will often help out and has excellent driving skills.

He was on his way back from Bristol to Dewsbury with a full load when he spotted a dog on the hard shoulder of the motorway. He stopped with care and caution not to put himself or others at risk to rescue the dog. A small terrier which was sodden and freezing. He wrapped it up in his coat, putting it on his passenger seat and brought it back to the depot. Chris gave the dog food and water and in the morning took it to the vets where they were able to identify the owners. It transpired that the dog was over a hundred miles from home when it was found.

Thanks to this driver the dog was reunited with its owners within a couple of days. The owners were exceptionally appreciative and expressed their deepest thanks for saving a life. The driver was not late on his return to the depot either meaning not only did he save the dog but he also made sure the freight was on time into the depot. 

Chris does not do anything out of the ordinary, he considers road safety as the ultimate value of a driver and was very concerned how others may see his action but defends it with common sense and ‘thinking before stopping’. He is reliable and courteous, keeps a clean vehicle and provides perfect ‘paperwork’. An ordinary driver who does extraordinary things.




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