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NCA 2019 Presidential Fellowship Recommendations

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Will Friar - Office Support, Rush Couriers
Monica Pound - Relationship Manager, CitySprint
Monika Haromszeki - Regional Logistics Planner, Hermes



Will Friar - Office Support, Rush Couriers

nca 2019 proposed fellows William Friar

William joined our company as a motorcycle courier and that was some 30+ years ago. It became apparent early on that this individual had a real flair for customer service and not just riding his bike around London like a lunatic. Since his transfer to the more comfortable environment of the office, Will has become the default go to man for a crisis.

Will is always calm and clear with the customers, he has mastered the art of turning a problem into an opportunity. With a skin as thick as a Rhino’s and a very good sense of humor, Will supports the courier and the client with effortless ease and manages to stay sane in one of the more stressful positions in a modern logistics company.

Monica Pound - Relationship Manager, CitySprint

nca 2019 proposed fellows Monica Pound

Monica has worked in the courier industry since the 70s having worked in many different roles to her current post as relationship manager. She is commended by us for her commitment and passion to the industry – and her sheer drive! She has especially been a real role model for women in our industry.

On National Women’s Day 2019 Monica was happy to share her wisdom, experience and knowledge with the company by posting a feature on the internal intranet. In this she mentions her first job in 1970, where she was approached by her manager who told her she was being given a pay rise due to the introduction of the Equal Pay. To this day Monica remains a staunch champion of equal rights.
Her exceptional people and relationship management skills have meant she gets things done. She ensures the people around her - who she needs to achieve her actions - are all equally passionate and committed to their goals and targets. It is Monica’s warm personality, passion and can-do attitude that has won her favour with clients and staff alike.
She shares her wealth of knowledge with everyone, supporting and helping junior members of her team to help further their careers and buddying up with team members who are struggling. Monica says ‘it’s been thoroughly rewarding to guide and tutor future Relationship Managers, helping them to develop and seeing them grow.’ She goes the extra mile and is recognised for her generous support and mentor abilities. She always does more!


Monika Haromszeki - Regional Logistics Planner, Hermes

nca 2019 proposed fellows Monica Haromszeki

Monika is a hugely motivated individual that works hard to ensure that the customer is at the heart of everything we do.
South London and the south East pose specific challenges in final mile delivery within recruitment and a high demand on proactive and reactive planning.  Monika has a continuing uphill struggle to recruit couriers in one of the most affluent areas of the country, she has driven this activity really taking it personally and ensures that the right message that our company and Weybridge are great places to work.

During the last 12 months this has led to reducing overall churn in drivers to below 5% This success was as a direct result of Monika (in the absence of the regional Delivery Manager) taking the lead, working with a depleted team and ensuring that all workloads were manageable.

These are not the normal requirements of her role and huge testament to her team’s belief in her. She has overcome daily challenges to sustain our quality standards and promise to Customers. Since taking on this challenging role as regional planner Monika continues to improve every performance indicator. Working smart, hard and with passion, caring for every customer to see that every last parcel is delivered for same day delivery 7 days each week.
Monika has a smile for everybody that enthuses buy in and commitment across the team.


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