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Transport Secretary sets out 18 point package of measures to improve safety and public confidence.

An action plan to ensure smart motorways are as safe as possible has been set out Thursday (12 March 2020) by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

Work will focus on getting help to broken down drivers much quicker and making the schemes less confusing.

September 28th launch date confirmed

Leeds City Council has confirmed that the Clean Air Charging Zone (CAZ) will go live on 28 September this year

IOC are talking to Leeds on van scrappage deal values similar to TfL; there is a vehicle checker launched, more details below.


Express courier logistics announces first female boss at the giant brown postal machine.

Carol Tomé to succeed David Abney as UPS CEO.

News coming in the week following International Women's Day signposts the express courier sector as a place with diversity opportunity from flexible work patterns.

Visit the High Street or get home delivery?

Visit the supermarket or get your food shop delivered?

Are we about to see the biggest peak of final mile?

Amongst the unknowns of SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus impact, the stay at home stance, aligned with the ongoing shift from high street retail to home delivery, looks set to peak final mile exponentially.

The new Express manager Degree contains dynamic risk and external impact - one thing for sure, top level thesis titles for the next generation managers look set to lead on the impact of the virus on final mile.

DHL CEO Frank Appel, ‘It’s currently hard to judge how strong the impact of the Coronavirus will be’ 

A practical reality update from Alan Lewis, IOC keynote speaker, his Constantine Law summary on sick pay implications self-isolated or GP note is below.

House of Lords terrace packed full for double decades of the Millennium

IOC President steps to Emeritus with a Golden ticket.

Road safety and education mark 2020 Double honorary fellows.

Sector signs Race Charter.

2020 IOC Fellows' Gowning, a family of fellows.

Two Honorands, a life services award, twenty fellows, and a military associate.

Last mile, final mile, express courier sector in force for Friday Feb 28th Institute of Couriers ceremonial gowning at the House of Lords. Sold out full house, express couriers event of the year for final mile.

Lord Falkland, President of the Institute of Couriers in a rousing step to Emeritus receives a golden ticket.

Express courier, final mile breaks the transport trend.

Call to action – Tracey Worth asks you to tweet #iwd2020 #iocouriers today….

Express courier has been breaking the transport sector trend in gender equality, flexibility of hours in final mile has been balancing numbers and driving women to engage with the final mile workforce.

IOC CEO Tracey Worth was in Parliament with Baroness Vere, DfT permanent secretary Bernadette Kelly and transport apprentice Tsamaija Forsythe-Gidharry to mark today's Women in Transport day.


The government is consulting on the introduction of E10 – a lower carbon fuel – at filling stations across the UK.

Focused on petrol, drivers across the UK could soon be filling up their cars with a greener, lower emission fuel, DfT announced today (Wed 4th March).

2020 IOC Fellows' Gowning, a family of fellows.

Two Honorands, a Life Services award, twenty fellows and a military associate.

A golden ticket for an Emeritus President.

The 2020 IOC ceremonial fellows' gowning enjoyed worldwide networking to catch up with fellows, friends and industry.

Guests talked down-under electric from Bob Black's latest thousand EVS at Australia Post to Madrid sustainable cities and Dutch NL Post with Tiemen Van Bruggen and this week's news of almost a hundred Royal Mail electric vans for Mount Pleasant SO.

London red turning green for Royal Mail

Mount Pleasant Mercedes eVito & Peugeot Partner vans

Royal Mail turning London green with almost a hundred zero emission vans as it introduces 87 new EVs to one of its largest mail centres in London at Mount Pleasant Mail Centre.


Chocolate and flowers, add a broad spectrum of gifts for final mile

Final mile food perfection – Using the whole licence weight to minimise vans on the road

BD Auto van maximum use of weight to licence fit at 4.25t

Valentine's Peak One 2020 delivered with storm resilience in a final mile success for the sector.