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Louise Kingham CBE VP at BP - ‘No bigger topic than energy’

‘Our aim is affordable clean energy for all’

The Courier Company Nationwide Ltd on Town Hall steps with donation for those in need.

Dozen for what may be the most difficult decisions in final mile.

Highest number of nominations in the 26-year history of the awards.

A new workbook lens for on-job learning in express sortation apprenticeship.

Dr Tracey Worth, CEO at the Inst of Couriers was at Whistl to see the launch of their candidate groups on the new sortation apprenticeship.

She had a gift for the candidates - hot off the press, latest version ‘on the job learning IOC workbooks for the express sortation apprenticeship.’

In the workbook, the learning lens to candidate is based on job - it's interactive and in the real world of work - earn while you learn, learn well and progress in our sector of key worker critical infrastructure.

Ethos of the IOC work book for express sortation is hands on, it opens - ‘This is a career - get your protected boots and gloves, put your high vis on and let's go sorting.’


IOC CEO Tracey Worth was at the heart of equality in transport for PACTS' (Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Strategy) October meeting.


Sir Peter Hendy was awarded an hononary fellowship of the Institute of Couriers during his time as TfL Commissioner, in recognition for focus on freight traffic for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Hot off the press, it was announced on Friday, (14 October 2022), that, as part of the 2022 Political Honours, Sir Peter would receive a life peerage.

Renault partners with Lyon cargo-bike maker Kleuster to make Freegônes model at  2100m2 facility at Renault Trucks Vénissieux plant.

Transport hosted by City of London Corporation at Guildhall October 2022

TfL on priority to find cargo cycle exchange space.

Scooter numbers left across city is growing.

Thirteenth for pair of runners raising six thousand pounds for WoodenSpoon Charity.


South West region Job Centre Award to Matt Prowse