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Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has reappointed Sir Peter Hendy CBE as Chair of the Board of Network Rail Infrastructure Limited and Network Rail Limited.


Sir Peter Hendy’s interim report into transport connectivity outlines potential for a UK Strategic Transport Network, with £20 million committed to develop plans

Prime Minister Boris Johnson sets out vision to level up and boost connectivity across the UK through improved transport infrastructure.

CitySprint Women in Express Logistics

Sam Sturges and Sam Currell

IOC senior fellow Rosie Bailey, ‘An insight into our female team leaders at CitySprint’.

Diamond Logistics asks Bristol-based, Amanda Watkins-Smith about her career in Logistics for International Women's Day.

At Diamond Logistics, celebrating women isn’t a new thing; IOC fellow, Kate Lester has as many bold women as bold men across her operation.

Still, they love International Women’s Day, so they reached out to one of their favourites – Amanda Watkins-Smith ,Managing Director at Diamond Logistics Bristol and Kate asked her a few questions about her career in transport...


Melanie Stancliffe takes a deep review on the Uber appeal impact on employment status,

‘The Supreme Court has the final say on the employment status of Uber drivers’

Melanie Stancliffe, expert employment lawyer, delivered one of the first keynotes to the IOC on the Taylor review of modern work practice in express courier logistics, she was at the IOC round table back in 2017. She is tipped to keynote at the IOC fellows' heads of industry virtual round table, May 18th event.

Here she explains the implications on working in the express courier sector with her colleague at law firm Cripps Pemberton Greenish, Camilla Beamish.

Dwain Macdonald talks Brexit. – ‘a bigger mountain to climb than COVID.’

‘How we got Brexit-ready at DPD UK. And why it was more of a challenge than COVID-19.


Home improvement retail giant Wickes, has announced that it has signed a new three year, multi-million Pound contract with CitySprint.

 Extra £4 million for investment in next six months.

Record service levels and significant new business.


 IOC fellow Grant Cochrane explains...

We are now shipping the newly (FDA-)approved COVID-19 vaccine by Johnson & Johnson, on behalf of McKesson, to dosing centres throughout the U.S.

Since December, our team has shipped millions of COVID-19 vaccines and supply kits to all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Washington D.C. and throughout Canada.


 GeoPost and DPDgroup announce their 5-year strategy. ‘Together & Beyond’