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NCA 2017 Four Wheels Awards

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Awarded to Duncan Barney, Matt Templeton and Aytach Gullu



Four Wheels Awards

A high average age in the group, strong client testimonials, hero locations and even turning cash bookings into accounts with exemplary service.

Presented by Senior Warden of the Carmen's Company Stephen Britt and Master of the IT Livery Company Dr. Stefan Fafinski with David Stringer-Lamarre Chairman of the Institute of Directors

nca 2017 4 wheels barney s 700

Duncan Barney receives his award

Duncan Barney CitySprint

Excellent record of attendance and available on call most Sundays. He is a real asset to the fleet and completes all types of work from delivering ceramic tiles to secure MOD work and time critical medication for our local Hospital deliveries.

We have had several calls from our customers to pass on thanks for this courier,

Please pass our thanks on to the courier. He was able to help raise the alarm and alert a patient’s daughter and her husband upon hearing sounds of distress inside a patient’s house when trying to make a delivery. They were extremely pleased with his initiative, and he remained on scene until help arrived.

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3 months ago, Duncan was called out by our Out of Hours team to collect an urgent delivery of medication for an elderly lady at a private address. When Duncan arrived at the delivery address he knocked at the door and there was no answer. Just as he turned around to go to his van to call our Out of Hours team to say no-one was in, he heard a female voice shouting for help. In this instance, he called the next of kin as their contact details were on the package and explained that someone was shouting for help. He waited over 30 mins for the daughter of the lady to arrive. He was then thanked by the daughter and son in law of the lady as he could have returned the medication back to the Hospital that he collected from.

He has always maintained, no matter what if we are stuck on any work to give him a call. He has stepped in to cover Hospital shift work when a current driver had felt unwell; He wasn’t on call and was still happy to step in and help.

He shows his responsibility to make sure collection times and delivery times are met and sees through his work from the start to the end.

He has a great understanding of how to deal with people, he passes on feedback to the Service Centre. He also passes on new leads for potential new accounts and potential competitors while making deliveries.

nca 2017 4 wheels gullu s 700

Aytach Gullu receives his award

Aytach Gullu CitySprint

The main reason I would like to nominate him is for going above and beyond the call of duty during the recent Grenfell Tower fire in London. He was a real hero.

One of our customers wanted to organise food donations for the victims of the fire. We called on ‘a number of couriers’ to help with distribution of food at the scene at very short notice, which of course, was a hard task and potentially distressing work.

Theoretically, this courier was not available as he was on holiday at the time. However, when I told him what we needed couriers for, he dropped everything and made himself available for this work.

He spent the whole day and night collecting food and delivering this to the victims and emergency services attending the scene. Although it was a very sad and sensitive time, he managed to stay upbeat and highly professional. He is a real hero.

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This courier has worked with us for nine years and is one of the most professional 4-wheeled couriers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.’

He is nearly always the first courier to call on and last to sign off; he never says no to a job. His overall attitude is great and highly infectious. He is a positive influence on everyone around him.

He collects from my Service Centre every day and is the first to approach me if he sees or hears anything he feels I should know about; he is a credit to our company, a true gentleman and a pleasure to work with.

nca 2017 4 wheels templeton s 700

Matt Templeton receives his award

Matt Templeton GLH

Turned a cash booking into a regular customer. This courier joined us back in 2005 and has remained loyal ever since. Popular and reliable with both clients and Control alike.

Cash customer Bonnie telephoned stating that Matt was amazing! He was extremely helpful, polite and happily assisted with loading and unloading.

Because of his behaviour, she will ‘definitely’ be opening an account and using our company again.

Tom (client from TV Media Company) called to say how fabulous the courier was. Exceptionally helpful and that he was truly impressed with him.

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Asking Matt why he loves his job so much he recalls a delivery to Glasgow that unexpectedly required a return journey the following day. However due to an influx of travelling football fans he was unable to find overnight accommodation in the centre of the city, so had to venture further afield.

He contentedly recollects waking the next morning and opening the curtains to be greeted by the picturesque view of rolling hills and a Loch. Not too many jobs offer these opportunities he smiled!

The courier tells us that he loves being on the road, as opposed to cooped up in an office, as well as wet Fridays and the fact that he never knows which part of the country he’ll end up in?

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