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NCA 2017 Two Wheels Awards

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Awarded to Joseph Jotya and Tom Ayris

Two Wheels Awards

Individuals who have made a change of career step alongside some multiple decade candidates, all with client testimonials, all with a love of two wheels for the 2017 two wheel category National Courier Awards.

Presented by Minister of State for Transport John Hayes MP and IoC President Viscount Lord Falkland

nca 2017 2 wheels ayris s 700

Tom Ayris receives his award

Tom Ayris, Rush

Used his love of two wheels to change career, change city, and received client testimonials within a year.

This individual was a Chef but decided to change career and moved from Canterbury to London. As an avid two wheeler he brought his bike to the city and when looking for a job thought of doing what he enjoyed most and making a career of it.

Less than a year in the job he has proven himself to be hard working, reliable and with a ‘Will do - Can do’ attitude achieving client testimonial for a step beyond the norm.

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We had a client call with an urgent package, an archive box. Not quite the right package for a two-wheel courier but they were desperate and this courier was the only one immediately available. The client didn’t want to wait one more minute.  He collected, he reassured them how he was going to carry it, how he was going to take great care of the package, how it would not be damaged and how he would get it there asap. Tom delivered the goods and the client called singing the praise of the courier. The job well done, delivering safely, a clean and complete package unharmed and signed for.

The client was delighted and even though they admitted they were putting pressure on us to deliver they said that the courier had done an excellent job.

Other clients comment on his ability to make a delivery happen, quickly and to some very obscure places, yet he has found them all.

One year on, his attitude does stand him out from the rest, willingness and reliability.

He has a wiliness to start early and finish late if needed, working on the open circuit he never knows where he will go next or what for. The staff find him friendly and respectful, he has joined in with his colleagues like a long lost friend.

nca 2017 2 wheels jotyar s 700

Joseph Jotyar receives his award

Joseph Jotyar GLH

Two decades. A career courier, having spent twenty years in the saddle, the last two of which have been with us.

Controller states  a consummate professional

The courier states, I love the daily challenge of route planning, the freedom of motorcycling and the concentration levels required to negotiate London traffic, whilst staying ‘rubber side down’ on a daily basis.

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This is what I would describe as the consummate professional motorcycle courier. Always on circuit, come rain or shine. Possesses the ability to carry out roadside repairs when occasionally necessary and is always willing to assist the Control team. His impressive never-say-never attitude towards tight deadlines and challenging clients is an example to all.


This is capped by his equable composure when dealing with the nemesis of the London courier, unhelpful security guards! Our most deserving rider for a National Courier Awards

He even has a kind word to share with all the inconsiderate motorists that cross his path, but I’m not sure this word should be distributed amongst the present company !

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