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NCA 2017 Contract Awards

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Awarded to Dee Saini, Lee Thomas, Amy Joyce and Graham Smith

Contract Awards

Contract category, working for the courier company inside the client environment, strong client recommendations and typically ten years of service for 2017.

Presented by Senior Warden of the Carmen's Company Stephen Britt and David Stringer-Lamarre Chairman of the Institute of Directors

nca 2017 contract joyce s 700

Amy Joyce receives her award

Amy Joyce CitySprint

14 years in the sector she joined at the age of 16. Client and team testimonials say it all.

In short, this lady is one of the most productive members of staff I have, we have just been awarded a new contract that she very quickly took charge of, this is something I have worked on before and is a very difficult contract to service however thus far she has made it look seamless again with no issues.

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Service Centre Manager

 Her communication is impressive. She comes across as very friendly and professional – thank you Amy, keep up the good work!


I want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you for the work you have done with our company, especially on the personalised orders. The handovers I receive from you are a big help. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed and we are very grateful!

Client manager

 She is always extremely helpful and professional. She deals with requests promptly and always communicates with us. In my opinion, she is a very valuable member of your team. Please don’t move her from our contract!

Courier company Regional Manager

Since Amy has taken over the warehouse function, the reports are done early, the Portal is in excellent shape and she has managed to improve the debrief function so that London East is performing above 98.5% for first time delivery. Her ability to get into the detail and then make necessary changes has made the process much improved. Cheers!

Compliance Incident Manager

Amy is an asset to our business for many reasons. In all my dealings with her she shows a can-do attitude and a genuine desire to help. She takes on board queries willingly and provides feedback promptly. If she does not have a definitive response she will always come back and say so. She is positive and conscientious and this shows in her approach to work.

nca 2017 contract saini s 700

Richard England receives the award for Dee Saini

Dee Saini The Courier Company Cambridge

A shining example of how we want our drivers to perform. He inspired the contract client to expand the work with our company and comes with a client recommendation.

The level of responsibility required to carry out this contract is very high, the goods being imported and exported are on behalf of leading pharmaceutical companies and how they are handled is vital to maintain the integrity of the samples contained in them. Constant security checks, temperature monitoring of dozens of parcels each night made it a very busy contract for him.

All of the many types of customs paperwork and accompanying forms all having to be spot on for any of these goods to be taken by airlines to be shipped around the world. Such was his ability; our customer often went to him for advice on how best to deal with problem shipments.

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Client recommendation

I understand our supplier (courier company) has nominated this individual for an award in the category of Contract Driver. I would like to add my view on this driver as we have found him to be invaluable in the role he has worked for us. The night run that we asked our supplier to organise is not an easy run to carry out, it requires various training certificates included full ADR and RADAC. There is also a need for constant re-packaging and re-icing of samples which entails handling dry ice. Dee has proven to be very adept at getting around his run in good time and ensuring that all the paperwork, which is vital, is all in order. We put a lot of trust in him and he delivered night after night, in fact, we would often ask his advice on the order of the run and how best to go about it.

The Contract:

Our biggest customer approached us to take over a regular run which they were running in house but were struggling with logistically. They import and export pharmaceutical items on a daily basis and they wanted us to coordinate a run to Heathrow every night to deal with the goods being exported as well as collect any goods that were being imported.

The contract was of a complicated nature and only our best driver would be able to carry this out to the customers satisfaction. This courier put himself forward immediately, despite the fact that it was anti-social hours.

He volunteered to undertake all the training required and passed all of the necessary exams first time. The qualifications required for this contract were, Full ADR ticket, a Radioactive permit, full security course to allow the driver to go airside at any UK airport, security training for carrying "Known" freight and dozens of modules on particular packaging required for different types of cargo.

He completed all of this within a 2-month period and commenced with the contract a month earlier than the projected commencement date.

nca 2017 contract smith s 700

Graham Smith receives his award

Graham Smith CitySprint

This individual completely immersed himself in the business when creating this contract delivery proposition.

Spending weeks out on the road with couriers, spending time with Clients to understand their processes and identify potential pitfalls. Working with operations and service centres to find solutions to the problems that were identified along the way.

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He used his solution design and project management skills to take a concept and turn it in to a real-life delivery service that was ready to take to market. He then worked alongside Sales and Client Services to identify opportunities, sell the proposition and set up trials of ‘client to home’ P2H service for our company.

He was fundamental to generation, creation, development and implementation of the Pharmacy to home (P2H) delivery proposition.

He has worked diligently with the High Street client to get the P2H service into their account. Despite three different contact changes within the client, meaning having to go back to square one each time, he persevered and this paid off with the trial currently ongoing with them.

We fully recommend him for a National Courier Awards in the contract category, recognising his tenacity to take a vision and bring a new step to a new market for our company.

nca awaiting image ioc 600x400

Lee Thomas receives his award

Lee Thomas Swift Liverpool

Client:-  This individual is on contract to us from Swift

He has been a crucial aspect in helping us maintain and improve our client delivery for approximately 10 years. Every morning and afternoon, he visits our office to collect and deliver items without fail. We can’t fault his work ethic. He works tirelessly to ensure the demands of our organisation are met, regardless if it goes beyond his working hours.

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Even in the unlikely circumstance when there is an issue, he goes the extra mile to ensure it is resolved so it does not affect our operations. Like any business, there are opportunities to switch couriers, but we regard this courier as an indispensable part of our team.

He has built a customer relationship that goes beyond our expectation. He is without question the most reliable, personable and professional courier we have encountered since we began trading in 1992.

I have enclosed our nomination paper for the National Courier Awards 2017. Yours sincerely, Chief Executive. Nomination direct from Client.

Swift endorsed the client citation: Courier Manager:

He has worked with us for over 10 years and is a great courier, over this period we have received numerous comments from customers complementing him on his fantastic attitude and work ethic. We are delighted the client wanted to make a direct nomination.

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