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NCA 2017 Office Awards

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Awarded to Scot Brown, Clive la Touche and Chris Elia

Office Awards

Strong client recommendation, progression from road to office, learning and knowledge, helping others, clients and fellow team members and bringing issues of safety to the general public.

Presented by Senior Warden of the Carmen's Company Stephen Britt and David Stringer-Lamarre Chairman of the Institute of Directors

nca 2017 office brown s 700

Scot Brown receives his award

Scot Brown CitySprint

He has been in our industry for 23 years, the last 7 with us, he is a fountain of knowledge. A strong, competent leader who helps people progress and be the best they can be, with his knowledge and approachability I genuinely believe he is a huge asset to our industry as a whole.

He can turn an unhappy customer into a very happy customer, with his communication skills and understanding. He instils in us all, that good communication is key.

He has the magic ability to turn negative situations into positive ones – a skill not many people can master. He often brings in new accounts to the business, despite not working in sales.

He is always willing to get his hands dirty; I have seen him work alongside my warehouse staff, Control Room employees and Contact Centre representatives when we’re short without a word of complaint. The staff love having him on site, often asking when he will visit again.

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DK, Regional Support manager (London – Central)

 I have been with the company for seven years and worked with him over the last five. He has pushed and guided me over the years, and his guidance and experience have helped me progress my career, going from Fleet Liaison to Regional Support Manager.

Operations Manager (London – East)

He has been crucial to my development within the courier company, and he gave me the confidence to apply for my current position.  He has always made the time to help, no matter how busy he is. He is always happy and manages to lift the mood of everyone around him. He’s happy to get his hands dirty and muck-in, and is a great asset for us all.

Service Centre Manager (East)

Although he is not my regional manager – or even in my region! – he is always available to help and give advice. He has helped me feel comfortable within my role. Having him on the end of a phone, if and when needed, is always reassuring.

nca 2017 office elia s 700

Chris Elia receives his award

Chris Elia GLH

He joined our company as a van courier in October 2013. By November the same year his potential had been recognised and he was invited to work in the Courier Dept. as a Co-Ordinator.

He has continued to flourish and has been further trained to provide cover in our Overnight and International Dept. where he has received two commendations of note.

Emma, a client stated –

We have been working with this courier company for over 3 years and the Overnights Team are always available to us, He is very helpful when it comes to late requests or difficult deliveries and always has a solution for us.

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Sue, a client stated –

I am honoured to recommend him for the prestigious National Courier Awards. I cannot think of a more qualified candidate to be nominated in this way. As a Customer Services Co-ordinator, I believe that he definitely has the skills, education of the industry and charisma that qualifies him for this accolade. I know that the award is only given to candidates who shine within the Courier Industry. he has proven himself a worthy contender by going beyond expectations and excelling himself to do the best he possibly can, with any situation thrown at him. I have yet to meet someone as selfless and hardworking as him and I know that his dedication to the Courier Industry in general is absolute and unceasing.

Progressing in our sector, he has added to his skills by achieving NVQ’s in both Business Studies and Customer Services and more recently has been turning his hand to Van Controlling.

His Managers should be looking over their shoulders, as it seems that he harbours even greater ambitions for the future.

nca 2017 office latouche s 700

Clive La Touche receives his award

Clive La Touche Addison Lee

A former driver from circuit who has progressed to office and within a year he has shone and shown a pathway for others to follow from road to office.

Making a true progression step, strengthening our industry as a whole with next generation managers who have detailed knowledge of the delivery front line.

His excellent attitude towards our technology allowed us to fast track our rollout of a new project which was on boarded to many courier riders and drivers in a very short time frame.

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His front line knowledge gelled beautifully with the management team and should, it has made a change in our company; be recognised to others, it’s a difficult progression step in our sector, from road to office, with success.

He was a courier driver up to a year ago when he decided to join the ops team at head office. This is never an easy decision to make.

Since joining the team he has become invaluable member of staff.  

He has worked closely with our training and development department in making sure that our new recruits are fully trained so there are no surprises when they are on the road.

He is the go to person in the team when couriers have technical problems. 

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