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NCA 2017 Individual Awards

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Awarded to Darryl Claypole, Mike Daly, Justin Waite & Shaun Wright and Point2Point Couriers

Community Safety Award

Presented by Minister of State for Transport John Hayes MP and IoC President Viscount Lord Falkland

nca 2017 community safety tarmac s 700

Justin Waite and Shaun Wright receive their award

Justin Waite & Shaun Wright Fleet Managers at Tarmac                                              

Two managers teamed up to raised awareness of blind spots and potential risks around  vehicles well beyond their normal call of duty.

They aimed their road safety at all members of the public from Schoolchildren through to construction workers, footballers and show ground visitors. Finishing at the Hertfordshire show to showcase blind spots to over 500 visitors.

An extra mile step for road safety that went well beyond their call of duty.

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Shaun and Justin organized an event held at a primary school in Tottenham where children were given the opportunity to look around a vehicle and were highlighted to the blindspot’s of a vehicle so that they could understand the need to keep well clear of turning vehicles. Over 100 children were involved in the event throughout the day.

Another school visited by the team was the Charlotte Sharman school were again over 100 school children were invited to look around the vehicles and learn about the risks around these large vehicles. Explaining the view in the mirrors to the children.

The two managers conceived the idea to give the children free bags and other goodies to help reinforce the message, help them remember their day and encourage them to speak to their parents and friends about what they’d learnt.

They also showed over 300 workers at Tottenham FC around the vehicles and made them aware of the limitations of the trucks when on site andalso the dangers around the working parts of the vehicles. This was in addition to covering the blind spots and the associated risks.

Not content, they widened the audience further, spent two days at the Hertfordshire Show highlighting the risks around the vehicles. This was a great opportunity to talk to members of the general  public and spread the safety message.

We estimate that over 500 people visited the stand over the two days.

Ambassador Awards

Presented by Minister of State for Transport John Hayes MP and IoC President Viscount Lord Falkland

Darryl Claypole CitySprint

nca 2017 ambassador claypole s 700

Darryl Claypole receives his award

A courier with an ‘I can – I will’ attitude and his passion is very infectious. He has a wide number of customer testimonials.

He participated in an online video to help launch our courier companies new website and encourage new couriers to consider joining the business, talking about his role as a self-employed courier and what it means to him.

He has also appeared on the Saga website to advertise the role of a courier to senior recruits. He has become our ambassador to the next generation team.

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Almost ten years with our company, since 2008 has experienced some of life’s ups and downs. But he has never given up. There has never been a job which he will refuse to help with. He is totally committed and helps other couriers by offering them support and advice on the best way to maximise their earnings as a self-employed courier. This has helped our courier retention.

He will do whatever he possibly can to make sure that our clients receive the best service. Our clients appreciate his hard work and dedication and have regularly let us know what a fantastic courier he is. No matter what challenges he may be faced with – he keeps smiling and stays positive. 

This gentleman is always smart in appearance and on hand, willing and waiting to help us. He is always available for work – not just for Nottingham but for any geographic.
In January 2017 Darryl was named our ‘Courier of the Year’, a title which he fully deserved and a role which he has taken great pride in developing and helping us with. He has become a true ambassador.

On a number of occasions we have heard from some of our largest clients, asking us to pass on praise and thanks to him for the help that he gives them on a daily basis. On his current route, his happy and upbeat personality is always noted by customers.

Please find below a few examples of customer comments about Darryl:

RC, Business Development Executive,

I would like to praise the driver for the due diligence shown on the Lincoln round. Since he took over the round the number of errors has reduced dramatically.

NP, Business Development Executive,

Could you please pass on how exceptional this guy is as a driver? He is pro-active, conscientious and D2S errors are virtually non-existent on his patch. I have only just taken over LN postcodes and I wish all drivers were as good.

Mike Daly (Former DTS / Clipper Logistics)

nca 2017 ambassador daly s 700

Mike Daly receives his award

Mike Daly ambassador to the express courier industry with the National Two wheel Transaid motorbike run.

Mike Daly former boss of DTS, the green rail van team who moved clothing garment rail delivery into a new age, now part of Clipper logistics is already an ambassador for HRH the Princess Royal's Transaid, African transport charity.

Mike a household name in the London rail garment platform stepped forward this year to reunite two wheelers for a motorcycle charity run, nationwide from across the UK to find their own logistics route plans and deliveries to land at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham.

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Mike Daly made it happen with a burger lunch finish as courier and express industry took to two wheels to join the network.  Mike showcased the two wheelers from trade shows Multi Modal to Intralogistex.

Stepping forward to unite others in a common goal that serves both express and the wide sector transport teams across the UK.

Community Spirit Point2Point

nca 2017 community spirit p2p s 700

Point2Point receive their award

Immediately following the news of the Grenfell Tower disaster Point to Point Couriers opened up a Free collection service for anyone wishing to donate food / clothes / toys to the survivors.

The team willingly gave their time and services to driving vans making collections all over London, sorting at the warehouse and re-distributing the goods to the charity stations located around Grenfell Tower. The drivers helped out on arrival, off-loading and lugging boxes and bags so that local volunteers didn’t have to move the parcels again. Making more collections and deliveries to assist the local support services.

All the team at Point to Point worked to ensure that collection, sortation and delivery was fast and efficient, that basic supplies got to the right places and people immediately. Tirelessly working and giving their time and vehicle costs free of charge to aid the recovery for those who survived.

A goliath team effort that is recognised as Community Spirit in our industry.

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