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NCA 2017 MOD Awards

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Awarded to Paul Cross, David Wilkie and Shaun Stevenson

Military to Civilian Award

Presented by Senior Warden of the Carmen's Company Stephen Britt and Head of BFPO Colonel Andy Moffatt OBE with IoC Founding Fellows Marc Cheauveau, Jeffrey Ritterband and Kevin Grey

nca 2017 mod cross s 700

Paul Cross receives his award

Paul Cross MBE, Rico Logistics, Slough HQ

A candidate with former military career who has become successful in the Courier and express sector.

With regard to the National Courier Awards, I would like to nominate Mr Paul Cross M.B.E for the ‘Former Military to Civilian’ award I have known Paul for many years in his role as Fleet Manager.

After a military career in the Guards and resulting in the award of MBE this individual entered the express and courier sector.

He is a dedicated man bringing into the industry a military precision, looking after the substantial fleet of company owned vehicles, from his base at the Head office at Langley near Slough.

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Despite being disabled and needing two sticks to walk, he never complains about his disabilities and is always at his desk on time all the time and cares deeply about his role to keep the fleet on the road.

Described as meticulous this man will know how to coheres, cajole and incentivise anyone to comply. Paul will always work to the letter of the law and is a dog with a bone until it is done.

He has been in this role for 15 years and continues to add to his work load in Health & Safety, compliance and waste removal that were not there 15 years ago.

He accepts evolution, welcomes change and draws others with him to comply to the new laws. Every day he goes the extra mile and in this time sensitive world of Express we all know how important that can be.

Military Reserve Award

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nca 2017 mod wilkie s 700

LCpl David Wilkie receives his award

LCpl David Wilkie 562 Sqn 151 Regt RLC

The LCpl nominated for the 2017 National Courier awards reserve soldier is a committed and reliable Junior Non Commissioned Officer, who is the embodiment of a model soldier.

For his performance during a Regimental ‘Assured Training’ Exercise and ADE this LCpl has proven he was one of the best JNCO’s within the Regt and deserves to be recognised as such.

The LCpl has completed his Cat C licence this year in preparation to be a fully trained RLC Driver specialist and will undertake the Dismounted ADE as a fit and vibrant soldier representing 151 Regiment. The LCpl is also nominated to receive a Brigade Commanders Commendation.

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In a Sqn with limited JNCOs, LCpl Wilkie has quickly become vital to the effective delivery of tasks and the Regt looks forward to seeing him flourish in his new role with further trade-specific training.

LCpl David Wilkie has recently transferred to 562 Sqn151 Regt RLC having previously serviced with the London Regt as an infanteer. He initially was assigned a Section 2i/c position within the Sqn Task Troop, but frequently acts up as a Sect Comd. During his short time with the Sqn, LCpl Wilkie has excelled himself and been noticed both within the Sqn and Regt for his positive attitude to soldiering, as well as his professional confidence and effective delivery.

Being new to the RLC, LCpl Wilkie attended Ex CANINE TRIDENT where he threw himself into the transport role, providing much needed command and control within a Sqn with few JNCOs. Despite his limited knowledge of the logistic role, LCpl Wilkie was able to effectively command those within his convoy packet to bring about effect by utilising his past experience and clear command ability to motivate his team while learning his new role.

LCpl Wilkie further demonstrated his skills and experience during the 151Regt’s dismounted ADE to Italy, Ex ROMAN STAR in 2016. Throughout, this ADE, but particularly during the field phase, LCpl Wilkie was the ‘go to’ person to rely on if work needed to be completed. Never one to shy away from a task, LCpl Wilkie demonstrated a positive outlook and a can-do attitude, which when combined with a suitably firm delivery proved his obvious competence compared to his peers.

He was able to seamlessly combine the demanding role of Section 2i/c with the ability to mentor some of the more junior soldiers in the section, while still being able to maintain discipline within the sect.

Military Distinction Award

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nca 2017 mod stevenson s 700

SSgt Shaun Stevenson receives his award

SSGT Shaun Stevenson SNCO IC Postal and Courier detachment 29th Regt RLC

Deployed to Estonia on Operation CABRIT in April 2017 as the Senior Non Commissioned Officer (SNCO) In Charge (IC) of the Postal and Courier detachment, part of the National Support Element, enhanced Forward Presence.

This SSgt proved himself to be an enterprising self-starter; he highlighted a number of procedures that had initially been established in regards to the movement and make up of protectively marked material. He improved procedures through close liaison with the Defence Courier Services (DCS) in BFPO London. As a result of SSgt’s rigorous and energetic approach, all departments that utilise the service, now fully comply with all relevant publications and procedures, and subsequently the SSgt became the SME for all matters regarding DCS for Op CABRIT.

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The SSgt also implemented the use of military flights in addition to the routine civilian flights for the movement of Protectively Marked Material. This was as a result of sizing restrictions on the civilian aircraft. With his pragmatic and resourceful approach, and the excellent and trusted relationships that he formed with DCS.

He much improved the efficiency of the delivery of highly secure, protective marked material to the operational theatre.

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