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Judging Panel 2005

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Tracey Worth an ex chairman of the National Courier Association and Member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport again headed the co-ordination of the panel of judges.

Lord Falkland alongside Steve Norris and Tracey Worth announced the 2005 panel of Judges for the National Courier Awards. In alphabetic order they are:

  • Jon Barber - Scarlet Couriers
  • Judy Benn - Arrow Express. Judy is the City Manager for Arrow Express Couriers. Judy has held managerial roles for the last ten years in the courier industry latterly of Swiftcall. Judy is a long time member of the NCA and APC networks which specialises in the inter-trading and overnight courier work. Judy supports all aspects of quality and has achieved IIP and ISI 9002 for the companies she works for.
  • Tricia Bing - Connections. New to the panel of judges in 2004, Tricia heads up Connection Delivery Services in the City of London who took top honours as the best Despatch Association Courier Company in 2003.
  • Marc Cheauveux - MPC. The Chief Executive of MPC Logistics, based in London SE1.
  • Mick Davies - Ears
  • Carl Lomas MBE - Camelot Training. Carl is an Ex Chairman of the National Motorcycle Council and present chairman of the Association of Learning Providers ALP Transport Group. An Ex Director of RHDTC the National Training Organisation for road transport and responsible for the NVQ development in courier skills. Carl is an Ex Vice Chairman of the Despatch Association and strongly active in the RHA.
  • Trevor Magner - BMF. Trevor is an executive of the British Motorcyclists Federation BMF. A member of the National Motorcycle Council and sits on the Government Advisory Group for Motorcycling. Trevor has been riding motorcycles for over 25 years and has been lobbying political and associate motorcycle issues for half of that time.
  • Ian Mutch - MAG. Ian is president of the Motorcycle Action Group MAG. Ian has detailed experience of motorcycling and is the editor of MAG news. Ian is a past Chairman of the National Motorcycle Council and holds a very detailed background in powered two wheeler issues.
  • Alan Savage - London Link
  • Steve Smith - Professional IT. Steven is an ex chairman of the Despatch Association. Steven has held directorships with some of the most prominent courier companies in London and has a wealth of industry experience. His company, Professional IT, works with a range of UK and International couriers companies, providing leading edge technology support systems.

Individuals generally take a two year role in the hot seat. Their task to judge the bet of the best same day. New boys on the list for 2005 are Jon Barber of Scarlet Couriers in Slough and Alan Savage of London Link in Milton Keynes. Instigator and mentor Carl Lomas has done the full ten years. Trevor Magnor and Ian Mutch bring a strong independence to the panel representing the UK rider groups, BMF and MAG.


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