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Winners summaries 2002 - all categories

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The 2002 Winners

Despatch companies from far and wide gathered for the annual National Courier Awards at the The Institute of Directors, London on June 25th.

The event was sponsored by Camelot Training, Ears Radio and Professional IT and representatives from the courier and biking industries made up the panel of judges. With over 100 companies putting forward their best workers, competition was always going to be hot and according to the panel, the standard of nominations this year was particularly high.

Office Category

Paul Bevan - MPC.

    Paul has worked with our company for 6 years. He started as a van driver working on both day and night shifts before moving into the office four years ago as a trainee controller on the van circuit. As the company has grown rapidly over the last four years so have Paul’s responsibilities. His natural ‘can do’ attitude and positive approach to the many issues that challenge any courier operations desk on a daily basis act as excellent role model for those he works with.

Paul Brown/Nick Jewitt - Prestige.

    Paul and Nick are very much key factors in the success and growth of the company. By far their most important assets are intelligence and patience. They always work with the drivers and riders, anticipating problems before they arise. New arrivals, whether they are ‘seasoned pro’s’ or novices are molded into the firm and given plenty of help and encouragement to succeed. They are fair with the work allocation, giving all riders the chance to earn what they are capable of. They do more than just control; they help with pricing, fleet management and have even been known to change an odd toilet roll!

Angela Norman - Citysprint.

    Angela joined the company 4 years ago after a previous 14 years with another reputable London firm. She was eventually appointed as the Call Centre Manager after holding other internal posts. She started in this role by reviewing the existing departmental procedures paying particular attention to the quality of service on offer to the customer. As a result of this review Angela devised and wrote a completely new induction and training programme that she called ‘Right from the Start’. The title is the basis of her philosophy of quality. Angela believes that if she and her team can do it ‘right from the start’ that a lot of potential problems can be avoided. Every existing member and new member of staff in the call centre now goes through this training programme and Angela then holds refresher courses on a regular basis to make sure no bad habits slip in.

Richard Woodward - Mercury.

    He started out in June 1985 as a rider, went on to become a Controller then an Operations Manager and now today he is the General Manager. He rebuilt a company that was in despair by bringing it into the 21st century. Richard didn’t stop here he brought, with his extremely progressive views a small London courier company in to the world, by introducing overnight and international services. His priority has always been dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction and requirements, he continues to extend our services to luxury chauffeur services and facilities management. Today we now provide mail and reception staff to some of the leading institutions in London. From paper dockets to fully computerized system, he has dedicated all of his working life to not just our company but certainly to the whole industry. The whole company is unanimous in wanting to put Richard forward for recognition for his life long dedication to the courier industry.

Contract Category

Aydin Up - Securicor.

    From joining the company Aydin impressed his managers with his smart appearance, attention to time and record keeping. He is known for his self discipline and wiliness to help everyone he comes into contact with. His normal everyday job as a sameday courier is always tough but Aydin manages to make everyone smile. His immaculate presentation of himself and his vehicle whatever the time of day is hard to follow. Customers have described Aydin as an extremely reliable, responsible and conscientious courier who demonstrates excellent customer care through his ability to ensure and deliver customer service. They feel that he recognizes they are more than just another delivery or collection point. So it was no wonder when our company was asked to supply a guard/driver for the ‘World Cup Trophy’ on UK tour, we chose Aydin. A 9-day tour of the UK from Scotland right down to Cornwall. An arduous schedule with huge responsibility and implications. The main responsibility was to provide continual guarding of the trophy and timely delivery of the World Cup Trophy to its respective destinations.

2 Wheel Category

Andrew Carwardine - GLH.

    Andy has many years of experience to give to the job and as a company rider he has proven that time and time again. He carries out his duties to the highest of standards, checking his paperwork, calling in and getting it right first time. Making an effort to exhaust all possibilities before troubling the controller or client. He consistently ensures that the simple things are done. When a client asks for the signature straight away, he does it, if the client asks to check the delivery is given to the right person, he does it. It seems to us that these are the core aspects of the job but are not always done well. Andy has consistently done this from day one and never failed us. To try and give an example of his abilities seems impossible because it is the care he takes to every aspect of the job that makes him stand out from the rest. Every job just seems to go smoothly and whenever we have a client ring up with a problem, whether the job was yesterday or last month if Andy did it we have all the answers. He is a professional and does all aspects of the job right first time.

Lester Shore - Citysprint.

    He started in the industry in the early 80’s with On Yer Bike, then Security Despatch as their first motorcycle courier. His call sign has always been Y01. Over the years he has shown a great deal of loyalty and dedication to the company throughout it many changes. Our most highly respected courier and liked by couriers and customers alike. Lester’s strength is in his ability to deal with all different kinds of people. He has built up extremely good relationships with his controllers who trust and can rely on him for the most sensitive jobs and knowing they will be done in an effective manner. He is articulate and conscientious never failing when he is called upon to do the most difficult of jobs. He will go anywhere at any time. We are proud to have him working for us, as he is a great advert for the industry with his unfailing reliability and dedication to the improvement of service. Lester wants the customer to feel they have received ‘the best’ service. He is an exemplary ambassador for the industry.

4 Wheel Category

Dave Cullum - Securicor.

    It is evident in his approach to work responsibilities that he recognizes and demonstrates that client relationships are very important. He displays exemplary qualities of client ownership. His conscientious attention to detail through efficient paperwork and excellent customer skills have received praises from customers who have applauded Dave for his considerate care and understanding of their requirements. If you have to point out one thing that makes Dave stand out from the others you can’t. He takes a responsible approach to his own job and the service as a whole provided for the customer. He is always there when you need him, he always does the job right and certainly you know that his is the pride of the fleet and will conduct himself in a professional and courteous manner.

Elaine Hodson - Hays DX.

    Elaine started with us over 10 years ago. She was willing to learn and wanted a chance to show that she can do a good job. We quickly realized that she was exceptionally, she learnt very quickly what was expected from her as a representative of our company and what was necessary to do the job. She very quickly achieved a recognition by clients, we received telephone calls complimenting her on her ‘attitude to the job’ ‘ her friendliness’ and ‘her knowledge and understanding of the circumstances’. A customer soon becomes bitter if they think there package is not the ‘be all and end all’ of our service. Elaine has a way with customers to make them feel confident and relaxed about the delivery. Care, attention but also the ability to deliver, a professional manner that ouse's confidence making the customer feel relaxed about the job. Taking the sting out of a customer is Elaine’s specialty calming and being considerate to their needs has brought rewards. Customers stay with us and ask for Elaine; just the fact that Elaine is working today gives the customer the confidence that a delivery will be done well.

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