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Winners summaries 2014 - Contract Driver

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John Augustin, Rush, Ty Reeves DHL, Micheal Scully CitySprint, Gordon smith TNT

Average Age 40, typically 6 years service

-He is at the core of customer need when change arrives.

-'He has made an incredible impact on how we send our packages with you.'

-Saving patients from serious injury or illness on several occasions.

-The incident detailed shows outstanding integrity.



 John Augustin, Rush couriers


2014 winner cd john augustin rush


He is at the core of customer need when change arrives.

He is always be there to manage his own route, take overspill from other routes, return for a second route when finishing early and volunteer for the difficult areas.

He is the sum of everything we all look for in a courier..

•  With customers he is invariably polite & patient

•  With Deliveries he never misses a time

•  With collections he is accurate, timely & reliable

•  With operations, his attitude is always 'Can Do'

'John has been a fantastic addition to our fleet. His attendance and punctuality are second to none. If he ever does need time off he will always book it well in advance to make sure that we will be able to get cover for the period of time. He is very patient and polite when dealing with our customers and office staff alike. His supervisor can rely on John when he needs a driver to help out with extra deliveries as he always goes the extra mile and is a pleasure to work with'

I believe John Augustin is worthy of recognition as 'THE SUPERVISORS DREAM'


Ty Reeves DHL


2014 winner cd ty reeves dhl


Customer comment

He has made an incredible impact on how we send our packages with you.

He is one of the most genuine, kind people we have ever met and always goes the extra mile to help our company. There have been countless occasions where he has gone beyond the call of duty.

We felt it was very important to express our appreciation and thanks for the service he provides on a daily basis to us. He is by far the best courier we have ever dealt with and dwarfs all other courier drivers. He is a key reason why we deal with you so regularly.

Working from our Flint depot. In the last few years he has made a big difference to our regular clients collections. A route that through the rustic roads of Wales are never easy to drive especially in the winter months.

He will never miss a days work, he is always willing to do 'just one more collection today or one more drop off tomorrow' He smiles all the time and makes the customer feel as if theirs is the only package he has on board rather than the 88 deliveries he has to do!

He has been commented on for his relaxed appearance, manner not clothing; but don't be fooled this is Ty, he is nice, a genuine person who will help anyone and who will make sure he helps others to get the job done. He likes to see his van empty he says.

We review our driver's and we let them know when clients have written in. Ty gets so many good comments on his rounds that we just say 'Another good week Ty' now.

However we should not be complacent because each time we receive a good report from a client we remember that we have an excellent courier in our depot.


Michael Scully, CitySprint Medical Courier


2014 winner cd michael scully citysprint


-Saving patients from serious injury or illness on several occasions.

He has been responsible for saving patients from serious injury or illness on several occasions. Last year, he rescued a hearing-impaired patient from carbon monoxide poisoning who hadn't heard or noticed their alarm going off.

Mike was also instrumental in recovering lost routes from a competitor. His invaluable contributions to the service and dedicated attitude toward patients led to the Yatton Pharmacy submitting a petition to their area manager to ensure Mike would remain their regular driver.

Mike joined 'the family' in 2006 and ever since, has covered all manner of deliveries on both a local and national level. Over the last four years, Mike has been focused on providing Pharmacy's home delivery services in Yatton, SW of Bristol where he is charged with delivering urgent and time-critical medication for house-bound patients and care homes on a daily basis.

But Mike doesn't just courier medication - he also takes time to listen to and interact with patients, and sincerely cares about their well-being. He rarely takes time off for fear of letting 'his' patients down, who have come to trust him and indeed, look forward to his visits. Mike is a credit to our team and there is no-one more deserving of recognition for going the extra mile and demonstrating how every delivery matters.


Gordon Smith, TNT


2014 winner cd gordon smith tnt


-The incident detailed shows outstanding integrity.

On 24th September 2013, Gordon was making an out-of-hours delivery to HSBC Sheffield Eccleshall Road, when he noticed that a customer had withdrawn a sizeable amount of cash from the ATM, but must have walked away without taking the money. The money had not been drawn back into the machine.

On a tight schedule, and with an important, secure consignment to deliver, Gordon swiftly completed his task, and then recovered the cash before someone stole it. He then contacted the Police to make them aware. He also contacted our customer special services as soon as he was able, and returned the cash to the branch the following morning, handing it to a member of staff.

Gordon takes great pride in his appearance and looks after his vehicle and equipment well. He's always on time and is totally reliable which makes him one of our best and most trusted drivers on fleet.

Gordon's honesty and his dedication to his job are a credit to him, and reflect's extremely well on our company. Were it not for his diligence the cash would surely have been stolen but instead the Police were able to provide information from Gordon to the bank, which meant they were able to trace the rightful owner and return the cash.

The bank were so delighted with Gordon's honesty and integrity they sent a fantastic testimonial which included the statement 'Drivers like Gordon are great ambassadors for your brand. This is a fantastic example of outstanding customer service, and that has helped us to also deliver a great customer experience ourselves.'



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