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Winners summaries 2014 - Support Office

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Kathy Smart City Link & Dennis Coates City Sprint.

Average Age 55, typically 13 years service

Customer: 'she did not give up until she had the answer'

-Unsung hero, a powerhouse behind the scenes.




Kathy Smart, City Link Payroll Admin


2014 winner so kathy smart city link


-A powerhouse behind the scenes.

 One of our unsung heroes. "Back Office" Operations HR & Payroll don't always get noticed in awards like this, but she is a powerhouse behind the scenes who thoroughly deserves recognition for the value she brings both to the company and her colleagues.

 Our newly formed payroll team in our HR Hub has been working hard to improve processes and services. One such improvement has been issuing P11Ds to colleagues ahead of final submission. This is above and beyond what other businesses do and we have had some very good feedback. This year she introduced electronic payslips for all colleagues.

  Kathy strives to make sure the employees and the business get the service they deserve and then some! From the day she started, her dedication to company and job has known no boundaries to her time or to her patience. She will put in the hours with no request for recognition or payment and without complaint. She just wants to get the job done and get it done right.

Kathy provides a sympathetic ear and consistent advice to every employee who speaks to her. She reacts to, supports and coaches every person on her team and whoever contacts her. She may not have sold, serviced or kept a large customer contract, but in the past year she has played a major part in ensuring that our company employees get the service that is required and needed from the HR Hub, so they can continue their own work to achieve a great service. She works tirelessly to make sure that our colleagues get paid on time. It has been tricky, both with the volume of work generated by an organisation in transition and the new forming of a team this year in our HR Hub.


Dennis Coates, CitySprint , Customer Services Executive


2014 winner so dennis coates citysprint


'One of the best customer services executives I have ever worked with.'

He has been part of my team for the last 8 years. In this time, he has progressed from driver to one of the best customer services executives I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

He is always looking for ways to better himself and the business. Recently, he worked tirelessly to secure a great rate with a client and ultimately saving our top Platinum Client in the process. Considering this is an account that spends a six-figure sum, it is clear that his contribution to the business extends beyond his job description.

When I last met with our client they told me how pleased they were with the turnaround delivered by our company. The outcome of that meeting would not have been as positive were it not for Dennis's devotion to his customers and I feel that he is central to our relationship with the client.

Dennis is someone who does everything he can for the company. I have often seen emails sent by him out of working hours to assist not just major clients, but one-person enterprises as well. Dennis values all customers incredibly highly and his willingness to go the extra mile for them is an example to all of his colleagues. He has also been elected as one of our employee representatives and so helps to share information and consult with employees that he represents, all with the goal of making our company the best possible place to work.


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