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Winners summaries 2014 - Contract Office

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Luke Turner City Link, Peter Jones Swift, Carl Balfe Citysprint

-His hard work and dedication is exemplary.

-Ambassador and an asset to not only our business, but also our industry.

-Customer testimonial 'He's amazing'




Luke Turner City Link Warehouse Supervisor

2014 winners co luke turner city link


-His hard work and dedication is exemplary.

As an example of his commitment to company's ethos of  'putting the customer first'. Luke went well beyond the call of duty when a significant customer had an IT failure with its printing equipment and consequently was unable to print the correct information to go with its consignments. A large number of time-sensitive collections entered our depot without live status, or adequate details to re-book the jobs.

Understanding the importance to the customer of correct and timely dispatch of these goods, he rose to the challenge and saved the day. Liaising with the customer, and driving his own team to work around the problem, He obtained the required information to book, sort and label the jobs, aligning his team members ensuring we were able to trunk the consignments on the required date to achieve the deadline.

Luke Turner is a Warehouse Supervisor who regularly goes the extra mile for our clients when working the 12noon to 9pm shift at the Gatwick Depot.

Luke's 'can-do' attitude has generated this nomination with recommendations from all his colleagues. He looks for solutions, and inspires others to work with him. Luke is always more than happy to help with any of the challenges we throw at him and at his team - and these can be demanding!


Peter Jones Swift, Service Co-ordinator


2014 winners co peter jones swift


-A true professional, ambassador and an asset to not only our business, but also our industry.

He joined our company as a Courier driver over 12 years ago - his communications and interpersonal skills, specifically with clients, were quickly recognised and within 12 months he was promoted to the role of senior technician within our Technical Courier Division, Where once again his tenacity and commitment to 100% client satisfaction was prized and highly sought after from many clients.

In 2008 our company won a national medical distribution contract, along with our commercial team he worked closely with the client to not only deliver a logistics solution but more vitally, understand their business and culture so as to ensure that our products continually evolved to match not only current demands but future developments in this ever changing and time/information/communications sensitive market. This contract has just been renewed for an amazing and quite unique 4 th term - an achievement not in any small way as a result of Peters commitment, integrity and diligence.

Working as an implanted service coordinator Peter has become an integral part of this clients Customer Services team, offering real time updates on the most sensitive and at times life critical shipments. Always high pressure and often (due to the nature of the goods) emotionally charged - Peter maintains his cool and professionalism in the face of having to deliver negative news. Peter never passes a problem, he doesn't just inform you of the issue but delivers a solution.


Carl Balfe, City Sprint , Client Operations Manager


2014 winners co carl balfe citysprint


-Customer testimonial 'He's amazing'

If we didn't have him guiding our team the seamless operation of the dispatch department would not operate to the high standards of excellence that he motivates our team to deliver. Packages, letters, all our products or something we just don't know - we ask him to sort it out. He's amazing!

His dedication to the business, and in particular to the team in Leeds, is exemplary. In the course of his duties he has given the highest standard of support to his colleagues, customers and couriers.

Carl's internal reputation is so good that a number of our clients service centre's will call him for advice. He is a true expert and, crucially, always willing to share this expertise.

In particular, he has played a central role in successfully managing large contracts with our clients. He has a central role within the company and he has proven himself to be exceptionally well suited to the position. Carl's knowledge of the business is excellent and his ability to bring this knowledge to bear on his job makes him a real asset to our company. Not only does he ensure that his own work is to a high standard, he acts as a mentor to colleagues and provide guidance and support across the company.


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