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Winners summaries 2008 - Office

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Ros Grinham / Prestige

Ros started with Prestige 22 years ago as a telephonist has moved on to bike controller, car controlling, car coordinating and now organises all the PCO paperwork, employing of drivers, complaint letters etc.etc. and generally is capable of doing anything! Nothing is too much trouble and the clients are delighted to deal with her. When asked to do something it gets done professionally and efficiently. She has dedicated herself to the company and the industry tirelessly aiming for better and better ways of giving a service to the customer. She is capable of supporting any one member of our team and knows how to get the job done. She is a marvel to Prestige and without her a huge gap would or could only probably be filled by several others. Her standards are high and she inspires those she works with. A true professional person who represents the company unfailingly. Without a doubt we would not have made it this far without her. She is also a single Mum who drops her child into nursery before school and still gets into our office come rain or shine by 8am. The whole company know how good she is and Prestige just want to say so.

Lee Lloyd / MPC Excel

Lee started as motorcycle courier at the age of 20 as a first job - “just to see what it was like” After 8 years on the road Lee found himself at MPC where he was the top earner for over 12 months. He was also the top moaner for 12 months and after one of his lectures of how to run a courier business, MPC’s sameday operations manager asked him if he wanted to cover a telephonist position for a week, covering a holiday period. The idea was to show him the pressures of a busy control office so he could never moan again. After his one week cover, Lee asked if he could cover a co-ordinators position for a week, again to cover a holiday. That one weeks cover was in 1999. Since then he has now risen to senior controller. Lee has a special quality that only a very few top controllers have. He is brilliant with the riders and drivers, having his own nicknames for them, he is excellent with the customers, often taking over an irate caller from a customer service staff member, placating clients with consummate ease. He never panics, loves Friday afternoons and really makes is job look easy. MPC have the lowest turnover of drivers which I believe is partly due to Lee running ‘his control desk ’ with a great deal of fun but never forgetting the professional side to the business. His character and professionalism was recently tested further by the merging of our sameday courier operation with Excel Couriers. Though he could see the benefits, nobody likes change and he had to keep the sprits high with fellow member of staff. He was an integral part in the merger of the two control rooms. Without him it would not have worked so smoothly.

Jean Lowe / Pink Express

Jean joined Pink in 2000 as a clerk in the finance department. She quickly displayed the professionalism and dedication to get promotion to Finance assistant, and then supervisor. In the following years she progressed to Finance Assistant Manager and then to her present role as Finance Manager. She is now a very important part of the management team and runs the entire finance operation. Along with this dedication to the professional side of the business she is also know as the company ‘mum’ and spends considerable amounts of her personal time helping staff with personal issues. Jean undertook accounting qualifications in her personal time to better prepare her for her finance role. She organises Pink charity donations which support numerous children’s charities. Party in the Park, Breast Cancer and Children’s Leukaemia. All in all she is a credit to Pink and to our industry. A customer reccomendation wrote: “When I deal with Jean I know she is dealing with the issue with the utmost attention and clarity. She never fails to be helpful and polite and will always ensure we are looked after. I am very happy to support a nomination for her professional ability”

Kenny Muir / DHL

Kenny Muir has been with DHL for almost 10 years which in today’s climate is a very long time to be dedicated to one company, he still shows his commitment and enthusiasm for the company by working tirelessly to help RFOM as much as possible without fuss or complaint. Kenny over a period of 8 months has been managing Aberdeen branch as well as Edinburgh. This has meant he has spent a lot of time apart from his wife and small child. While at Aberdeen he has undertaken the task of training all staff at this branch as they only started as he took over and keeping the branch ticking over by working all day and being on call through out the night. While there he had to train the couriers on how to use the very important HHCD equipment, and train staff. Kenny has had to do all the reporting for both branches i.e. overtime, P&L etc. When a new manager was appointed in April he then undertook the task of training him on the branch and reporting systems. As the new manager departed DHL Kenny stepped up again to help his RFOM keep the site running with the best of their abilities. On his return to Aberdeen the warehouse had to go through several movements and through sickness Kenny took it upon himself to do this. He also went through DHL level 4 security training to gain access to the warehouse as the staff on site were going through the checks for this. He took over OOH picking as they are not aloud out to the warehouse. Kenny found £3000 of lost revenue for the branch and has not claimed his overtime (60 hours) he is entitled to to save costs on the regions monthly P&L report. His mobile phone is on 24/7 365 days – even when he is on holiday!! And if the need arises he will cut short any holidays if possible and come to the office, which he has done this year. Also, on three separate occasions there have been alarm malfunctions at the Livingston Service centre and Kenny has spent the night acting as a security guard to ensure that the building was safe and naturally to ensure no harm came to the customer stock stored in the warehouse.Kenny has red and yellow DHL blood running through him and is a company man. With this sort of dedication he will and is an invaluable asset to the company

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