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Winners summaries 2008 - Contract

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Raymond Beer / TNT

Ray is commended by his client (Financial sector) for his tireless and never ending dedication to getting the job done. He regularly meets the incoming flight from the Channel Islands, often the weather hampers take-off and those delays impact on his schedule. Often waiting for the work to arrive, aircraft cancelled and arrive at a totally different time. Ray is always willing to assist and because of the close rapport he has built up with the airline they often advise him of flight status and arrival times directly. A director of the aviation company wrote in commendation of Ray, “Ray has a great sense of humour which is tempered with enthusiasm and professionalism” It is this enthusiasm that makes Ray see a difficult situation as an opportunity to shine. Ray approaches his work in the same way that he approaches his home life. “I treat people the same way I wish to be treated with respect and humility” He delights in exceeding expectations in everything he does and is well known by his colleagues as a man who will put himself out for others. His attention to detail is remarked upon as is his appearance starting the day with a crisp, white ironed shirt and freshly shined shoes. His painstaking approach to the cleanliness of his vehicle is also an example of how dedicated he is. Ray is liked by all his colleagues and on one occasion Ray noticed a member of staff was not her usual self. She broke down in tears whilst speaking with him. Ray took time out to console her and offering her some words of encouragement causing her to comment “I wish I had a Grandad like Ray” He is one of the most respected couriers we have ever had and has many testimonials from customers commenting: “how courteous, smart, timely and well mannered he is”

David Green / Post Haste

David has worked as part of Post Haste APC team for 18 months delivering on a daily basis up to 60 consignments a day in London East postcodes. These are areas that were new to our depot but when we were asked to service these areas by APC David personally helped to make the transition from one depot to another as smoothly as possible. His previous four years experience was invaluable during this time, and with his help many new clients were introduced. Since joining our company, we have been impressed by his reliability and professionalism, his coolness under pressure and his can-do attitude that every multi-drop driver needs. Nothing prepared us for the event that took place in May 2007 when David was attacked in the Custom House area. The attackers knocked David to the ground, stole his vehicle, including the remaining APC deliveries and callously drove the vehicle over David in order to escape. After being resuscitated at the scene and airlifted to the Royal London Hospital David’s injuries were described as life changing, although for a time we thought that it may be life threatening. His wife and children were devastated by this event and upon hearing that the Metropolitan Police were treating the attack as attempted murder. David’s recuperation took over six months, but with support and encouragement from family, friends, colleagues and customers we were delighted when David returned to work in time for the Christmas rush. During his absence we would often receive calls from customers and regular delivery addresses asking for reports on his recovery. Of course the reports on the various news programmes and newspapers ensure that he will remain a celebrity, but we remember that he is a competent and able driver who does his work to the best of his ability, day after day. In similar circumstances many drivers would not have returned to work or would have requested a change of delivery route but not David. His commitment is an inspiration for his colleagues and his enthusiasm infectious.

Paul Johnson / DHL

Paul is an individual that stands out from the rest of the crowd. Running from DHL Heathrow depot our van couriers deal with a variety of on the spot changes as well as not knowing whether the job is local or national. Over this last six months Paul has been collecting material from a particular city legal firm from the DHL aviation depot at Luton Airport. Paul has handled objectives such as material not being labelled therefore delaying the release from Luton, he has contact DHL or the client and updated on any problems enabling control to rectify, Paul then would transport shipments to LHR, whereby he has on occasion re-packed the shipment (due to rain damage) to make ready for handing to British Airways Secure area after it had been refused due to the same reason, he has personally marked and labelled the shipments sometimes totalling up to 50 which is time consuming, and ensured all paperwork is processed with DHL Aviation in LHR and British Airways. As Paul is an owner driver and this is out of his normal remit, I feel that should he not have gone the “extra mile”, this would have caused major delays to a high profile client, knock on effect resulting in loss of revenue, this has occurred on more than one occasion and DHL strongly feel this individual has showed true commitment and dedication to the business needs. Paul is also very polite and his Customer Service skills both internal and external have been noted.  Indeed British Airways Commercial Operations Manager has called DHL personally to reiterate his thanks and praise Paul for his efforts and assistance.

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