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Winners summaries 2008 - Team Prize

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Swift Despatch Liverpool

Recognition for multiple decades of dedicated service. - Forty four years of unbroken four wheel service from two van drivers who began work over twenty years ago. Independent courier Company Swift of Liverpool boasts this outstanding long service. The drivers themselves could list nominations but this is about the individual who creates the ethos and environment to boast such long stay records. Mark Davies running today’s operations is responsible for keeping the team together and what a star job he has done. Making the industry his life he should get recognition for outstanding problem solving, people handling and life skills which he has matched to industry knowledge and professional stature in the courier industry. Credentials of the drivers that have stayed on his team for so many years are the signpost that marks him out for a national courier award at an independent courier company. The two gentlemen of particular note, nurtured on Marks team are David and Phil. They started work with us within one week of each other and they have carried out 22 years of service each. There professional ability and skills have adapted to all the changes the industry has seen over the years and they have shown an outstanding wiliness to learn. We are proud that they have stayed with our company but also by their preference to continue working as van couriers with Swift under Marks leadership for so many years. In a changing industry he has kept both them and many others on a level footing and made their jobs their lives too. There can surely be few independents who could claim such a stay record and I believe Mark Davies to be key to the success of that record.

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