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NCA 2019 MOD Awards

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Military To Civilian Award - Mike Doe, Clipper

Military Reservist Award - Sgt Simon Miller, 158 Sqn RLC

Military Distinction Award - Major Ian Mckinney, BFPO



Military To Civilian Award - Mike Doe, Clipper

nca 2019 mod military to civilian Mike Doe

Having joined the Royal Navy 1984 at the age of sixteen he served as an operator and maintainer of radars and weapon systems, the Type 42 Destroyer commonly known as a work horse ship. Having served on convoys in the Straits of Hormuz past Iran, Dubai pre the first gulf war, the Falkland Islands and the West Indies; helping to track down drug smugglers in the Caribbean.
Royal Navy logistics is not just parcels and weapons. Fourteen Vietnamese boat people off the coast of Australia clearly struggling in their boat and we rescued them. Leaving the naval logistics behind after thirteen years my second career in Logistics was to begin.

Implementing his skills and knowledge was difficult in a clearly different environment. Support both personally and with training in civilian skills he worked his way across many facets of the logistics and supply chain areas working proudly as a member of our team.


Military Reservist Award - Sgt Simon Miller, 158 Sqn RLC

nca 2019 mod military reservist Simon Miller

This soldier started his career serving with both Northumbria UOTC and 101 Regiment Artillery simultaneously. Later transferring to158 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps where he currently serves.

He progressed his career reaching the top of his trade and completing promotional courses that secured his position as a substantive SNCO earlier this year. He always leads from the front and inspires others to succeed, not missing an opportunity to push the boundaries for himself and others.

Balancing civilian and military life is hard and requires sacrifices. He has rearranged his work commitments to attend earlier on training nights; committing his own time to oversee essential vehicle servicing which allows everyone to attend the vehicle training sessions. He puts in more of his own time to also run additional PT sessions to improve fitness, encourages others to take part and were additional support is required he goes out of his way to do this.
Sgt Miller is an exceptional individual, who demonstrates the highest values and standards of civilian and Military careers.


Military Distinction Award - Major Ian Mckinney, BFPO

nca 2019 mod military distinction Ian McKinney

Ian McKinney sits at the centre of busy Headquarters British Forces Post Office (BFPO), who operate a complex global distribution network to deliver official and personal mail for Sailors; Soldiers and Airmen; their families and Other Governmental Departments. Ian is the acknowledged subject matter expert within BFPO and the lead planner for the entirety of its outputs, including the couriering of the UK’s Protectively Marked Material, routine support to military operations in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan and the Horn of Africa, supporting Embassies around the globe and ensuring ships at sea receive their mail. His superlative performance in delivering postal and courier support of our Armed Forces justifiably earns him the Institute of Couriers’ National Award in the Military Category.

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