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Oct 26th 2021 IoD London

Sunday, 07 October 2018 18:25

NCA 2018 Contract Wheels Awards

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Awarded to Paul Roach, Liviu Stanciu and Artur Skalecki

Contract Wheels Awards

Contract category, driving for the express delivery contracted / regular client service, strong client recommendations, comments included, ‘shining example, getting it right, without hesitation, flexible, reliable, World class, does not understand failure.’

Paul Roach, contract van driver, Yodel Basildon


2018 nca contract wheels roach

Paul Roach receives his award

He has been a self-employed van driver for over 16 years, he is the one we ask our new drivers to go out with as part of their training as he is a shining example of the company values and his understanding of our service and the importance of getting it right for our customers is exemplary.

Earlier this year, while on his round He saw a young man lying on the floor. While others walked by, he pulled over to see if the man was ok. Realising he was unconscious, he spotted a card which indicated that the young man was epileptic. Without hesitation he followed the instructions on the card, including making sure nobody moved the man until he regained consciousness. He stayed with the man, making sure he was ok.

Paul’s dedication, consistently high service delivery to our customers is second to none.  Customer comments received talk of his great delivery, speed and efficiency.

“100% satisfied with my delivery, he listened and did what I needed. Thank you” “He was fast what a great delivery”  Client Testimonial.

Liviu Stanciu, contract van driver, CitySprint Plymouth


2018 nca contract wheels stanciu

Liviu Stanciu receives his award

He is one of the most exceptional couriers I have ever come across. He is polite, friendly, courteous, flexible, reliable, eager and always willing to learn. He responds positively to all requests without fail and carries out his daily duties to the very highest standard. He is, quite simply, world class.

A recent example of his great attitude: During the recent heavy snowfall here in the South West, he battled through the weather to reach the pharmacy and waited there until staff arrived to make sure medication reached patients. He doesn’t understand the word ‘failure’!

He is a regular route driver for a Hospital and comment on his hard work and dedication. Any issues with deliveries are always communicated promptly, points out potential problems before they are problems. He has a positive attitude, strong work ethic, good communication, excellent time management and smart problem solving. The hospital staff truly love working with him!

“Liviu is a valued member of our team. He goes out of his way to provide a good service and go above and beyond the day job. He is helpful, kind and courteous. Liviu is never afraid to make suggestions on how we can improve practices and streamline processes. Many suggestions have been acted on and have improved the way we work. Liviu is an absolute delight to work with” Client Testimonial.

Artur Skalecki, contract van driver, Yodel Peterborough

2018 nca contract wheels skalecki

Artur Skalecki receives his award

He has been with us for three years, a key player at our Peterbourogh Office, he plays a vital role in the community, delivering online shopping orders in Huntingdon and the surrounding areas.

In January, he was out on a particularly windy day. Despite the weather the roads were quite busy, he was surprised to see an elderly lady lying on the grass covered in mud.  He immediately stopped his van and ran to her aid. It transpired that despite so many people being around, the lady had been lying there for over 20 minutes, she was in shock and very upset. He helped her up and took her home to a neighbour. He then went back to retrieve her shopping and look for her door key, which she’d lost in the fall. The lady was extremely grateful and thanked him for all his help, when everyone else had walked past.

“Artur has been a key player at Peterborough since he joined. He is now one of our early drivers, delivering parcels to couriers in outlying areas as well as delivering his own round, delivering up to 200 parcels a day. He has always had consistently high customer satisfaction and extremely high first-time delivery rate of around 98%. He goes out of his way to help his customers and colleagues in any way that he can and is highly regarded by all.”


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