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NCA 2018 Corporate Safety Award

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O'Donovan Waste receives the David Jamieson Corporate Safety Award O'Donovan Waste receives the David Jamieson Corporate Safety Award

Awarded to O’Donovan Waste Disposal for ‘Safety Above and Beyond.’

David Jamieson Corporate Safety Award


O’Donovan Waste Disposal

A final mile company two generations and fifty years, already recognised for its commitment to road safety, employee training, industry best practice and the safety of other road users. Looking for best practice, starting with risk assessments and independent audits to formulate a plan of action that would see a complete overhaul of health and safety with a clear target to engage every single member of the workforce via champions who lead by example demonstrating best practice to all.

This nomination recognises a top down approach to the safety of its operations introducing a theme, ‘Safety Above and Beyond.’ This theme ensures all staff are on board, focused and importantly, they understand and take ownership of the part they play in the safety of all. The result is higher staff morale, lower staff turnover and a companywide embracement of health and safety goals.


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