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'Doing the right thing' – pledge to a code of practice.

Bacon sandwich start for double-diary win returned for 2018: a fellows-only, round table heads of industry preceded the 22nd National Courier Awards  at the IoD, Pall Mall, London SW1 on Tuesday October 9th 2018.

Doing the right thing', code of practice document nears final draft as IOC has looked outside the sector - at the table with BRC, (British Retail Consortium) and SHIFT, the leading expert in UN guiding principles on business and human rights. IOC reported back to fellows at the IoD event.


Download the draft pledge here  v2.9 PDF


Judges have sat. Front line delivery – final mile showcase – highlighted comments from the individual shortlisted nominations below.

2018 National Courier Awards on the evening of Oct 9th, hosted at the IOD Pall Mall will be the year of front line delivery with a bumper short-list of individuals from cycle and cargo bike and van making big scores in front of the team of judges - led by awards chairman, Adrian Smith from Swift.

Below you wil find highlighted comments from the shortlisted nominations of individuals.

Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport at the DfT published transport technical notices for a 'No deal' Brexit at the beginning of this week, Monday Sept 24th

The notices set out plans to be put into place in the event of the UK leaving the EU without a deal.

The Department for Transport (DfT) has published several documents. This information demonstrates the potential impact a 'No deal' scenario will have on areas of transport policy, including the haulage industry and those driving in and flying to and from Europe.


Birmingham declaration committing the signing governments to the vision of a zero emission future for transport.

Prime Minister Theresa May

Transport must be de-carbonised. With the aim of making a decisive impact on road transport emissions, we will take concrete steps to: Accelerate the transition to low emission vehicles...

Prime Minister Theresa May this week signed the ‘BIRMINGHAM DECLARATION ON ZERO EMISSION VEHICLES’ 

DfT report Sunday Sept 9th, clean cars, vans, and taxis could be equipped with green number plates under new plans to promote awareness of ultra-low emission vehicles.

IOC are supporting the green badge of honour for final mile, last mile express delivery.

If it's got a green number plate, it’s a clean air van; DfT propose new plate colours to identify the clean air vehicles, and the PM is showcasing all things clean air this week in summits on Tuesday and Wednesday.

IOC have long committed to LoCITY and have been in talks with GLA, DEFRA and other cities including Manchester to find clean air final mile solutions.

Prime Minster ‘zero emission by 2040

IOC in West London for the LoCITY Kempton Park showcase event for the road to zero emission.

Sept 5th - early morning roads full as school is back, IOC chair Carl Lomas was at Heathrow for the Kempton Park, third LoCITY TfL annual conference.

The IOC team were hands on all things alternative fuel, Van / HGV and policy across the board for LoCITY hosted by TfL. Fellows, including Rob Scott GLH, Sam Clarke Gnewt and Addison Lee Kevin Valentine met Tracey Worth for the LoCITY conference seminars.

Free to attend, seminars, bacon sandwich start, lunch free and car parking. A ride-and-drive event and an interactive debate on the day rich in LowCVP and chaired by Andy Eastlake.

This year's conference is delivered by GreenFleet and IOC are here to give you a full express final mile update.

Take a brief look at the live headlines and walk the vehicle gallery below.

Three and a half years in the making, funding is agreed and it's ready for training providers to dish up to the sector ! A sector that continues to explode in numbers, with career routes set for life.

The last part of the jigsaw fell into place today when Dept for Education, IFA published the funding band for Express Trailblazer level two delivery operative (Friday Aug 17). Band six places around four thousand pounds of levy fee available to candidates taking up the brand new express qualification.

TfL boss Mike Brown was on hand to congratulate IOC chair Carl Lomas who has been acting as secretary to the express employer group for the last three and a half years. Mike Brown is also the chairman of the DfT STAT group - Strategic Transport Apprenticeship Taskforce. Mike is holding this year's STAT annual review,  which details the Express sector. Lomas is showcasing the Express logos for the new qual that will provide strong support to new-generation drivers in or entering the final mile sector.


Cycle to work day 2018. It first began in 2012 as a means of getting people to ditch their car in favour of two wheels and has now become a full-blown cycling celebration.

This year, Tracey Worth used a Santander bike at Euston to get to TfL meetings in SE1, joining more than 20,000 people who pledged to make their way to and from the office by bike.

Doing the right thing

Following the latest Taylor issues after the Pimlico tribunal, IOC aligned the code of practice heads of industry to sit in the summer heatwave; ‘it will not wait for autumn.

The Aug 1st event was a fellows' full table with guests packed in at the sides. Lunch courtesy of Irwin Mitchell set a tone of interaction and exchange; the IOC sorted pudding in trade show style with Curly Wurly chocolate bars and the debate bag.

A code of practice for the express delivery sector.

The vote delivered Ethical Best Practice joint first concern with Environmental. Health and Safety next, with Employment Status right behind.

Dept for Transport and Jesse Norman MP Sunday 7am 12 Aug 2018 launched a consultation to look at whether a new offence equivalent to causing death by careless or dangerous driving should be introduced for dangerous cyclists. The Department for Transport has begun a 12-week consultation on plans to update existing road safety laws to protect pedestrians and cyclists.

The new consultation, open for 12 weeks from today (12 August 2018), will look at whether a new offence equivalent to causing death by careless or dangerous driving should be introduced for dangerous cyclists.