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Winners summaries 2014 - 4-wheel

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Robert Reid TNT, Joe Dodd City Link, Brian Anderson DHL, David Hosler GLH

-A courier driver who went above and beyond his job role

-Highway agency support to get the package delivered.

-Customer comments, 'he played a blinder for us.'

-Public spirited and brave




Brian Anderson DHL


2014 winner 4 wheels brian anderson dhl


A courier driver who went above and beyond his job role

No one was willing to help but then your driver pulled over and moved her car out of danger. He then was able to call me from his mobile phone with a number my mother gave him. He also called for roadside assistance and spoke on my mother's behalf as she was very distressed. He then stayed with my mother until I arrived to take over.

customer's recommendation:

My elderly mother was on her way home from her weekly shopping trip in Kettering when she broke down. She was on her own and due to her age does not understand mobile phones. She was very upset and distressed with cars passing and sounding their horns due to the dangerous location of her car on the road. He was a true hero today and I would really like to show my gratitude for the support, help and courageous efforts that he showed towards my mother. He is a real credit to your company and I would be very grateful if you can pass this on to the right people to thank him for his efforts.


Robert Reid TNT


2014 winner 4 wheels robert reid tnt


Highway agency support to get the package delivered.

 He is one of our most trusted and reliable four-wheel drivers on our fleet. His reliability and diligence mean he is often trusted with vitally important consignments, some of which can have life or death consequences. His attitude to when things go wrong is so focused, he communicates and makes sure that everyone is in the loop, during his M6 incident he liased with Highways agency to complete the medical supplies delivery. He try's to do everything in his power to make the delivery. He is a shining example of a professional courier and we and the client are proud to have him.

On this particular occasion he was making an urgent, time-critical delivery of vital medical supplies to the Royal Preston Hospital on behalf of the customer but whilst heading North on the M6 at 17.20hrs just as rush hour hit, he suffered a puncture to his offside front tyre. He made it to the hard shoulder and immediately called the depot but because of where he was and the traffic conditions, there was no chance of getting a replacement vehicle to him swiftly.

He then called the AA and established a first response vehicle would be there in an estimated 20 minutes. Shortly afterwards Robert received another call informing him that there was a delay of 45 minutes for the traffic. The impact revised ETA until 19.00 for the delivery to the hospital. A Highways Agency response vehicle came by at 17.50. Robert quickly told the officer what he had on board, and the critical nature of the consignment, and how close they were to the hospital. In a great credit to the communication skills of Robert the Highways Agency then took him and the consignment direct to the Royal Preston.


David Hosler GLH


 2014 winner 4 wheels david hosler glh


Customer comments, 'he played a blinder for us.'

 Jacqui commented that he had been extremely helpful on one of their 'film shoots', even assisting her staff to pack and wrap items prior to loading his van.

Melanie praised him for his efforts whilst transporting FC Bayern Munich's kit during a recent Champions League visit, stating he played a blinder for us, he was absolutely brilliant and we really enjoyed working with him, he is credit to your company'.

David (known by the whole control team for his motivation and positivity is called Happy Dave ) he has been a Van Courier with us since June 2011. His cheery demeanour and jovial personality make him a pleasure to work with.

In the last 12 months Happy Dave has had two commendations of note; Topping the tables is what Dave does, good in all areas of the courier work and shines above others.


Joe Dodd City Link


2014 winner 4 wheels joe dodd city link


-Public spirited and brave.

 A family man, he is clearly responsible, public-spirited and brave, being unafraid to approach the accident victim despite the potential danger of staying by a casualty who was in the middle of a road.

 He was driving his van across the Pennines when he came to the aid of a motorcyclist in distress in the middle of the road. As he got closer he saw that the man, who was sprawled on the carriageway, was clutching his chest and was in considerable pain. Joe immediately stopped to help and phoned 999.

 The operators who answered the call immediately dispatched an ambulance and then talked him through how to care for the injured man safely until the ambulance crew arrived.

The man was conscious and was able to tell Joe that he had lost control of his bike on the wet and slippery surface. Joe talked to him and kept him distracted while waiting for emergency services to turn up. While Joe would say that he was only doing 'what anyone else' would do, his actions speak of a generous spirit and exemplify the high standards of helpfulness that he brings into his job. Both depot and client were kept informed and the client very understanding of the circumstances saying 'We already know your staff are caring people and this incident just highlights what we know to be true. Well done Joe we are proud of you'


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