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Winners summaries 2013 - 4-wheel

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Shane Khan, Van Driver UPS, Congleton, Years in Industry 2


2013 winner 4 wheels shane khan ups


We would like Shane to be recognised for his outstanding behavior, under extreme circumstances that made our depot, UPS and our industry proud of him.

Asked for his van keys during a robbery, Shane said, 'No'

Shane had parked up between deliveries and was checking on his parcels when a masked man demanded the van keys and punched him in the face. A second attacker appeared but Shane overpowered both of them, wrestling one to the ground before the pair fled empty-handed from the scene in Stockport.

Shane commented that he was just angry that someone should just try this out of the blue he said 'I'm a pretty big guy but it happened so quickly you don't really have time to think.

Inspector Pete Smith from Manchester police was in praise of how brave Shane was to take these men on.

Shane forced one to the ground, overpowering both men when we believe both men were just as big if not slightly larger than Shane himself. He showed courage and we are delighted to support a nomination in his profession

'No one will stop me doing my job'

This may be an extreme case but it just shows what sort of a man Shane is and how proud he is of driving his van and making his deliveries and as he said to me 'No one will stop me doing my job'

Shane joined UPS as service provider, He completed his training and gained an NVQ in the process.

To Shane his customers always come first, whether that's getting there early or going back during the day to make sure the customer gets there package. Shane can always be relied up on to get the job done. He is also passionate about growing the business; he is constantly looking for new customers in his area. He is well liked by his work colleagues and gets on well with his customers; he has become a stand out team member with in the centre.


Ian Pomphrett, Van Driver TNT, Southampton, Years in Industry 2


2013 winner 4 wheels ian pomphrett tnt


During the snow blocked roads TNT received a desperate call from central support regarding a consignment of urgent tissue samples that had been sent through the network. Due to the severity of the snow the fleet had been recalled and several stranded vehicles on the industrial estate were blocking the road.

Asked to get the samples to the hospital for a patient who urgently needed them. Ian and two other drivers dug out vehicles and cleared the road. Ian went on to collect the consignment from the depot and carefully made his way through extremely challenging weather conditions in his Nissan NV200 to the hospital delivering the vital item.

Ian is a natural.

He has seamlessly fitted into his role without any difficulty so it was no surprise that he rose to the challenge when we got the call in during last winters harsh weather conditions.

Had the tissues not reached the hospital when they did, they would have been rendered useless and no longer viable for their use. It is thanks to Ian's actions that the samples arrived at all but also in good time for the patient to be treated with them.


Jaspreet Singh, Van Driver GLH, London, Years in Industry 2


2013 winner 4 wheels jaspreet singh glh


Since joining GLH only two years ago, Jaspreet has proved to be credit to the company. His constant willingness to assist and exemplary behaviour have made him a favourite with clients and the Courier Department alike.

Jaspreet was truly humbled by his shortlist nomination.

He is proof of the fact that respect, dedication and a positive attitude are three of the biggest assets you could ever wish to ever possess. These have certainly helped him to succeed in the courier industry.

In a sector where complaints are loud and thanks are thin, Jaspreet has received multiple recommendations from clients within the last year.

From Pooja at Shutl;

just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how polite and professional Jaspreet (T50) was when he delivered to us today.

From Bea at Shed Media;

I was in reception today and one of your couriers was so sweet to David (who works on reception and has just returned after a 3 month sabbatical) Lovely chap by the name of Jaspreet, T50 I believe. Just thought I'd pass my thoughts on.

Angela from Conel;

I just wanted to let you know how helpful Jaspreet was this morning and what a wonderful man he is. I have the return journey booked for Saturday and wondered if I may request him for this?


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