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Winners summaries 2008 - 2-wheel

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Gabriel Alves-Dias / TNT

Gabriel is without doubt the best biker Vauxhall TNT depot has ever seen. He gets every job done with speed and efficiency. He does not know the meaning of the word ‘no’. Any weather, any day he is ready and willing to work with a smile on his face. “he is the most committed and professional courier I have seen in my sixteen years at TNT and we would struggle to replace him” says his manager. Gabriel is professional with his appearance from start to finish, he treats every job with the same level of respect. He maintains a clean and well maintained bike, he is courteous and polite to all our clients and his attitude is second to none, nothing is too much trouble for him. He ensures that he presents TNT in a professional light and advises his team of any delays. He works under difficult weather conditions but Gabriel gets on with the job making sure that riding safe gets him there on time. Gabriels key attributes include excellent communication skills and dedication to the job. He always deliver on time and in Gabriels line of work this is priceless. He is a conscientious individual who always ensures that his approach to work is methodical and professional, thus enabling him to achieve the highest standard of customer service. Customer testimonial: Gabriel is a very reliable, trustworthy and courteous rider. He is always security conscious when collecting and delivering our goods. When Gabriel comes to collect our goods we are 100% confident our packages will be secure and will get there on time. Secretary to a London City Hospital.

Will Hepworth / Connections

Will has been with Connections for over 5 years. He previously worked for another London courier company and 5 years ago they were oversubscribed with bikes so he came recommended to us. We do work for several large courier companies around the city and we feel that our couriers have a harder job of representing not only the industry but another courier company as well as Connections. Will is a mature man (over 60) who has been involved in the transport industry for many years having been a van driver, coach and bus driver as well as a motorcycle courier. Several clients ask for him by name if a job requires extra special care and attention. He always keeps us informed if there are any difficulties and we know he is totally reliable. He will always get up early if we have a collections or delivery to Manchester, Leeds or further etc where he has to be there for 8.00 am. He has 3 bikes available so that he can always be at work if one has a problem. He rarely has holidays or time off sick so we can always rely on him to be available.

John Powell / Post Haste

John worked as part of the Post Haste team for over twenty five years. John joined before the age of computers, mobile phones & e-mails, all of which he managed to catch up with and use as part of his daily routines. Throughout his time he has proven to be efficient, loyal and trustworthy. Post Haste have become accustomed to clients requesting John personally for a particularly sensitive or important delivery. Despite lengthy service, he shows the vigour and stamina of a man many years younger than himself. Ever cheerful, he shows himself to be the epitome of riders at all times and in all weathers.Over the years he has helped considerably to promote the company, and offered guidance to new recruits. Post Haste put forward the nomination that they felt would be a well deserved “pat on the back” for such a reliable and duty bound member of their team.

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