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NCA 2000

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2000 The Quarter Deck HMS Belfast, The Thames, London SE1

The 2000 awards ceremony was held on the quarterdeck of Londons foremost landmark the battelship HMS Belfast. Moored on the South Embankement of the Thames in Central London the event was as high profile as the battle  ship its self.



2000 - Three Motorcycle Courier Winners from 10,000

Shortlist in alphabetical order

                        Clive Baldock SecuricorDistribution
                        RichardBarrowclough   GLH
                        Stephen Carrington Wallington Cars
                        James Fairfield Mercury Despatch
                        Adam Machin Prestige
                        Malcolm McCabe Quicksilver
                        Tony Moses Swiftcall
                        Richard Pledge Security Despatch - DMS
                        Steve Thomas Quicksilver
                        Dave Thompson Cyclone

Stephen Carrington Age 45 Wallington Cars -

Stephen is 45 years of age and has been a despatch rider for more than 12 years. His time keeping is impeccable. He is never late and is always around at the end of the day to mop up any work outstanding. He takes pride in his appearance and is always willing to start early or work late if required. Stephen thinks of his work as more than just a job. He talks about clients in a friendly manner and professional way. He sees the task of delivering goods as a mission and will leave no stone unturned when there is a problem in order to make a delivery. Another asset of Stephen is his willingness to help his fellow riders, whether it is locating a place or filling in work sheets correctly.

Adam Machin Age 31 Prestige –

Adam was made redundant in early 1998. He came to London for a fresh start. It was immediately apparent to Prestige that Adam had the application to become a first class courier. He had a willingness to learn, realised and seized upon his chance. Originally hailing from the Midlands, he was lacking in knowledge of London but made up for this with sheer graft. Adam completed training, gained his courier skills NVQ and has adopted a serious approach to his work, which has progressed him to become one of the top riders. Without exception Adam is always the first bike on the road in the morning. The company, other riders and clients benefit from Adams willingness and Adam himself reaps the rewards for his hard work through motivation and professionalism.

Steve Thomas Age 48 Quicksilver –

Steve has been in the business too long to mention! Married with children and grandchildren he is an anywhere, anytime type of guy who rarely takes time off work. Steve is a gentle man whose generosity is endless, he was recently seen on TV in a dog rescue program. Steve is always punctual, presentable and has vehicle to be proud of. As an ex-military Pioneer Corp, he carries out his duties with precision and in a courteous and polite manner. Steve is quick to communicate problems with the controller and client as he represents both excellently. To this end many clients ask for him personally and he is committed to ensure continuous high standards as an ambassador in his industry.

Special Bravery Award - James Fairfield Age 38 Mercury Despatch –

A true Londoner, Jim has been a real trooper. Day in, day out always complaining but always there. This year Jim was ridding along a busy road and became involved in a road traffic incident which he could not have known the horrific chain of events that would follow. Much of the incident is still not settled and will not be mentioned here today. The panel of judges have identified that Jim put his own life at danger to help save another motorcyclist during his work. He may have been a hero for the day but someone out there will thank him for the rest of their life.

2000 Two Office Winners

Shortlist in alphabetical order

                            Paul Barton Courier Systems
                            David Brown Prestige
                            Martin Cousins Securicor
                            Mary Gray XL Couriers
                            Kwangu Nyirenda Moves

David Brown Prestige Couriers – At Prestige Couriers, David manages 150 employees, their wage queries, customer liaison, insurance, maintenance and a host of other time consuming duties. This follows a 16-year career in the industry, which began, on the road. During 1999 the company decided that an entire new computer system was required. David negotiated, arranged and implemented the new system, which has revolutionised the way the entire company works. To avoid disruption to customers many late nights and weekends followed at the same time his new baby daughter Holly arrived. The new system followed onto email and interactive internet access to all departments. Without a doubt David is the driving force behind Prestige Courier Services and has successfully raised the standard of service levels and technology within the company. He has contributed enormously to the expansion and success of Prestige with total dedication and commitment. The directors and staff of Prestige unanimously feel that David offers an example to everyone, continually motivating and encouraging all who come into contact with him, both personally and professionally.

Kwangu Nyirenda Moves Group –

Kwangu is in his fourth year at Moves. He is a role model for multi role activities, which have taken him through a solid career path in the Moves team. In his role as a booking Co-ordinator he worked as part of the booking office team who are the shop front of Moves. He has brought outstanding people skills to a very demanding position in which their have been no negative comments.When one of the Moves controllers was ill, Kwangu volunteered to act as link man in the ops room and displayed yet another side of his talents. ‘He earned his spurs’ and much respect from the operations room staff by filling his role as though he had done it for years.Kwangus 3rd hat is that of a very capable account manager. This developed as customers consistently requesting to deal with him directly. Kwangu is totally professional. He is always helpful, diplomatic and above all consistent in both dealing with clients and his colleagues.


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