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Oct 26th 2021 IoD London

Sunday, 07 October 2018 18:25

NCA 2018 Two Wheels Awards

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Awarded to Peter Rodriguez and Andrew Stutchbury

Two Wheels Awards

2018 sees one of the two wheelers with a decade of service. Both Individuals who have made a positive impression with a willingness to help both clients and colleagues, punctual and with ability to make tricky deadlines.

Peter Rodriguez, Cargo Bike Courier, CitySprint, London

2018 nca 2 wheels rodriguez

Peter Rodriguez receives his award

“Firstly, he took some time to share how the cargo bike works and how he likes riding them, absolutely enjoyed the conversation. And yes, the items were delivered on time!” Client Testimonial.

Controller, ‘Where to begin with the superlatives for Peter? He was one of our founding members to the ‘Cargo Crew’. His passion for riding cargo bikes, positive impressions on clients, and willingness to help the company expand the fleet are just a few of his contributions to the industry.’

Prior to joining the ‘Cargo Crew’, Peter rode a cargo bike for a small coffee roastery. When he found out about our emission free fleet he quickly joined. At first, he rode a manual bike and helped the operations team realise that an e-cargo bike is a more effective way to carry a greater load and travel faster in central London/congested areas and at peak times. Hailing from New York and a lifelong cyclist, many have seen the smile on his face as he glides through London. Simply put, Peter represents the future of the industry with his positive energy, and dedication to his zero-emission vehicle. We can all learn from his leadership as we work towards achieving a cleaner, greener industry.


Andrew Stutchbury, Cycle Courier, CitySprint, London


nca awaiting image ioc 600x400

Andrew Stutchbury receives his award

“It’s staggering how the efforts of one person can truly make a difference. Andy is a pleasure to work with. Not only for the way he completes any job with no issues, but for his cheerful attitude and friendly manner.” Client testimonial.

He has worked for over a decade as a pushbike courier, and during this time has demonstrated unparalleled commitment and professionalism – making him a standout member of the business and industry.  

Staff or customers haven never made a complaint – quite a remarkable achievement across a decade-long career. This is due to his faultless punctuality and ability to make tricky deadlines, as well as going beyond his day job to support the growth of the business.

Andy has been instrumental in helping others on the fleet; acting as a supportive mentor for those starting out in their careers.



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