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Oct 26th 2021 IoD London

Sunday, 07 October 2018 18:25

NCA 2018 Four Wheels Awards

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Awarded to Iain Baines, Malcolm Jones, Tania Pinkerton, Marcus Ridley, Kenneth Ronaldson


Four Wheels Awards

A bumper nomination of four wheels makes 2018 year of the final mile van driver, comments include, ‘one of the best, buoyant, positive, incredible.’ From weather in the North to three decades of service, supporting Santa in peak and getting almost 400 kilos to the third floor. One client searched Facebook to send the thanks.

Iain Baines, van driver, Hermes Bolton

2018 nca 4 wheels bains

Iain Baines receives his award

Iain has been a self-employed courier for Hermes for 3 years and is a model courier. Iain is always at the top of the leader board in terms of service kpi’s.  He is consistently above target for service delivery, at 100% for ETAs and collections, has very few enquiries and has never had a claim since he started with us.

Iain has a great understanding of his customers’ needs and knows exactly where his customers want him to deliver his parcels to if they are not in when he calls. He is also conscious of any special circumstances relating to the customers on his round which results in an exceptional delivery experience.

Malcolm Jones, van driver, GLH London


2018 nca 4 wheels jones

Malcolm Jones receives his award

In our industry, sometimes we must look to what each and every person who partakes in courier work has to endure and into this mix add a driver who has worked with us for 30 years.

Increased traffic, higher customer expectations, lowering of speed limits job restrictions that can incredibly frustrating at times. He remains buoyant, positive, helpful, loved by the customers (many testimonials), loved by his colleagues, hardworking and still wanting to sort the problems out.

That is the standard we set, why nominate continued excellence in couriering but really? Thirty years and still top of the game, being welcomed and loved by customers when he enters their doors. I think to do this so long deserves more. The reason Malcolm has been nominated is he is the essence of what an excellent courier is. There should be a film about this man.

“Sometimes it is not the obvious or measurable things that make someone great at their job. I can quite happily speak for all of us and say that Malcolm Jones is the greatest Smile Maker. Here is to another thirty years of smiles!”

Tania Pinkerton, van driver, Yodel Corby


2018 nca 4 wheels pinkerton

Tania Pinkerton receives her award

She started as a self-employed courier in 2012 delivering in and around Corby. Christmas can be stressful in the parcel industry, but she takes the time to spread the festive cheer. She decorates her vehicle and customers just  love the tinsel, lights and red fleece, you may even believe that she’s one of Santa’s helpers.

A few days after she had taken the decorations down a client’s customer was returning a faulty item. On collection she was informed it was actually a child’s Christmas presents and they had told him that Santa and his elves would fix it for him. Wanting to keep the little boy’s belief alive, Tania quickly found her red fleece and went to collect the faulty present and ‘return it to Lapland’. She apologised to the little boy and said she would return it to Santa.

“Tania is consistently commented on by customers, in their words ‘10/10’ with comments about her friendliness, how well informed she keeps them and her speedy and efficient deliveries.  As well as always putting her customers first, she also actively engages with, challenges and supports her peers. She is very community focussed and is the first to support any charity work”

Marcus Ridley, van driver, Yodel Leamington

2018 nca 4 wheels ridley

Marcus Ridley receives his award

In August 2017, while on his rounds, Marcus witnessed a collision involving two vehicles on the M40 roundabout near Banbury. Marcus pulled over to check that the occupants of both vehicles were ok and stayed with one driver and her baby until the emergency services arrived, ensuring that they were both safe and redirecting traffic, despite a number of frustrated and aggressive drivers.

After the incident, Marcus carried on making his deliveries, but the female driver was keen to track him down in order to thank him for the care he showed her and her baby. She put out an appeal on Facebook and successfully made contact with us.  “He showed great chivalry and bravery in stopping and redirecting the fast traffic and ensuring the safety of those involved. He kept the office informed and we the client; the delivery was not affected”

He became a courier in 2015 and is very well respected by his peers and popular with customers. Feedback on his recent deliveries included “Marcus was so polite and cheerful on a dreary day” “I could tell he had handled my parcels with care” “The driver was willing to walk up those five flights of stairs when our receptionist had a broken ankle” Client Testimonials.

Kenneth Ronaldson (ED17), van driver, CitySprint Edinburgh


2018 nca 4 wheels ronaldson

Kenneth Ronaldson receives his award

He will do anything for anybody whether they are staff, fellow couriers or customers. He is one of our best. HE has worked eight years for us and is an incredible credit to both our company and profession. He is a lead courier for new recruits, trained for contract runs as well ad hoc delivery.

A great example of him going “above and beyond” can be seen only today: For our client we have an agreement to deliver to the 2nd floor of any building. Today we had a request from a store to deliver 390 kilos to the 3rd floor. Kenny was more than happy to complete the job and make sure the customer is happy.

Despite some difficult times in life outside of work, Kenny has always put the company first and never lets us – or our clients. He is a strong character, a great man and a great courier!

Kenny is very cool, calm and very easy to deal with. One word sums him up: Dedicated.

Kenny without hesitation has more than proved his dedication to our clients, time and time again.

No matter what you send Kenny or where you ask him to go, he just gets on and gets the job done and gives it 100% at all times.

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