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First Monday of February, Hermes announce self-employed driver holiday and guaranteed work, they are to call it ‘self-employed plus’ status.

Martijn de Lange, Hermes UK CEO, speaking to the IOC said:

This new option allows couriers to retain the flexibility of self-employment we know is so important to them and gives them the certainty of guaranteed levels of earning, the security of holiday pay and a strong voice.


We’re proud to be leading the way with this pioneering development which we hope will encourage other companies to reflect on the employment models they use.


We have listened to our couriers and are wholeheartedly committed to offering innovative ways of working to meet peoples’ differing needs.

Standing-room only on the Guildhall red carpet.

Let’s talk about the future of ‘Thermal Engines’

City of London set the stage for all things future in our vehicle fleets with a cracking opening day event stacked with hands-on vehicles in Guildhall Yard, rows of exhibition stands and keynotes for New York to Stockholm on all things clean air, alternative fuel.

Day two turned to technology and focused on battery and future technology. Not thermal engines, things that don’t make a sound. Andre Lagendijik asked the audience how much petrol was left in their car before turning to the myths of battery power. Sound, became a key theme for electrics, working dark shifts without disturbance is a big win alongside clean air.


ULEZ racing towards City of London. City of London set the stage for all things future in our vehicle fleets.

Electrification of Montreal, keynote opening for the two-day Future Fleet conference at Guildhall in the City of London.

Two days with a gala evening of Future Fleet Awards, agenda packed to busting from New York PD to City of London,

Biodiesel in Iowa to Stockholm for clean air with an exhibition of latest clean air vehicles to boot.

Are drivers skilled? measure by salary - future immigration paper.

After the Tuesday vote, a paper titled ‘The UK’s future skills-based immigration system’ was published the following day by the Home Office. It aims to set out the UK’s approach to immigration after Brexit.

The proposed new system, which would be introduced in phases from 2021, envisages scrapping the current cap on the number of skilled workers that can be admitted from the EU or elsewhere, while there will be a consultation on a minimum salary requirement for skilled staff applying for five-year visas.

Talking to the IOC, Alan Lewis, employment partner with Irwin Mitchell solicitors said

The minimum salary of £30,000 required for skilled staff to apply for 5-year visas will, if applied to drivers, be likely to be prohibitive to recruiting anywhere near the numbers required for current logistics requirements.

One honorary fellowship is awarded by the IOC each year; Carolyn will receive her hood of hon fellow at the IOC fellows' gowning in the House of Lords on March 1st .

She joins hon fellows of recent years, including: Leon Daniels OBE, former head of surface transport TfL, John Holland-Kaye, CEO Heathrow, Mike Brown TfL commissioner, Sarah Bell Traffic commissioner, Sir Peter Hendy Network Rail chair, Prof Liz Barnes, Vice Chancellor Staffordshire Univ.

The City of London Corporation’s excellent work on green and safe transport initiatives was recognised last year at the Institute of Couriers' 22nd Annual Awards.

CO2 down almost a third for final mile food at Ocado.

Hatfield Ocado site – £3 million investment for Natural Gas

Green trucks running on green fuel for final mile food. Corporate social responsibility at Ocado in next step to gas for trucks north of London at the Hatfield site.

Three million pounds of investment into Ocado Hatfield site brings 20 per cent of Ocado’s HGV fleet powered by alternative fuel. With the launch of gas at Hatfield, 29 heavy goods vehicles will be powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), blended biomethane replacing existing diesel vehicles.

Daniel Allin, Diamond Logistics, reflects and gives IOC fellows his exclusive peek in to post-Peak 2018. ‘2018 was the least traumatic peak in over twenty years.

Daniel Allin,

Well, Peak 2018 for the parcel industry is all but over. Just the post-Christmas returns and January bargain hunts to now cater for – and what a peak it’s been. It’s probably been the least traumatic peak I’ve been part of for some 23 years!

Daniel delivers his exclusive review to IOC.

Royal Mail team had a Boxing Day delivery to remember on the River Derwent in Derbyshire.

The Royal Mail Team contracted for delivery by water; they entered the Matlock Bath Boxing Day raft race in full red team colours.

Their raft was dressed as a post van to battle the Boxing Day rapids from Matlock, through Matlock Bath to the Arkwright Mill at Cromford.

Time to act on your two-year-olds; are they in or are they out?

The Institute of Couriers 1976 CX500 courier bike is not compliant for ULEZ; no surprise there, but what about vehicles in the grey dates? - a few years ago? - may have been Euro 6 but the manufacturer did not register them as such.

It's time to act, some of the new-ish vehicles may have the wrong compliance on the register and if you don’t do the paperwork they will be charged at a hundred pounds a day for heavy vehicles.


TfL full house opens with Alex Williams

TfL is committed to working with you to achieve Vision Zero.’

TfL full house at Palestra for peak period freight meeting.

Opened with paramedic road traffic video by Vicky Lebrec from Roadpeace, ‘I was hit by a tipper truck

Focus on Vision Zero. ‘It's not just those run over, it’s the driver too.