London Assembly Transport Committee investigation into Motorcycle Safety

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The London Assembly Transport Committee is investigating how to improve the safety of motorcycling in London.

Motorcyclist survey

"We (LA) are conducting an online survey of individual motorcyclists so they can share their views and experiences of riding in London with the Committee. The survey is anonymous and only takes a few minutes – it is open to anyone who rides a motorcycle or other powered two-wheeler vehicle in London, including those who live outside London."

"We (LA) would be very grateful if you could share the survey link with your organisation’s members and other contacts:"



Call for submissions

We (LA) are also inviting experts and stakeholder organisations to provide formal written submissions to the investigation, following up our discussion with leading experts at the Committee’s meeting in October. We have some specific questions we hope you will address, but please also discuss any other issue you feel is relevant.


Submissions should be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Friday 8 January.  Thanks to those who have already shared views at an earlier stage – these submissions will also be considered, but you are very welcome to provide a further submission.


 Q. What should be the main priorities of Transport for London for improving the safety of motorcyclists in London?


 Q. How can road design in London be improved to increase safety?


 Q. What can be done to increase awareness of motorcyclists among other road users?


 Q. What has been the impact of the policy of allowing motorcycles to access bus lanes?


 Q. How can the skills of motorcyclists be improved? What, if anything, should be done to increase take-up of post-test training?


 Q. How can the use of Personal Protective Equipment be increased among motorcyclists?


 Q. How can the police better enforce rules of the road to improve motorcycling safety?


 Q. What impact has TfL's Motorcycle Safety Action Plan been on the safety of motorcycling in London?


 Q. What can London learn from other cities in the UK or overseas about improving the safety of motorcycling?

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