Cycle Logistics & Last Mile Deliveries - TfGM Oct 17th

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IOC Chairman Carl Lomas was a guest at the Manchester lecture at TFGM to hear Richard Armitage talk about his Manchester Final mile cycle Courier Company.

2015 news nov 17 armitage

Richard Armitage, director, Waggle Ltd Cycle Logistics for the last mile –  Lecture at transport for Greater Manchester Oct 17th

Dr David Lascelles opened the Manchester transport lecture at the offices of Transport for Manchester and introduced, Richard Armitage. Director of Cycle logistics Manchester courier company Waggle.

Richard outlined his concerns for the cycle courier, ‘How do urban planners plan for cycles. Eu objective city distribution C02 free by 2030. A big issue for cargo bikes is where the ridder stores such a large bike. Density for drop rate is success in the modle, 7 drops an hour by car/van but the bikes can achieve 10 maybe more. Our ridders are as fit as a butchers dog. How de we decarbonise last mile deliveries....... And logistics in general. Can the cargo bike play a role. Issues of focus, viable business, riders health, will the riders earn enough? Electric assist bicycle legalities to harmonise with Europe.  So the bike is still a bike not a motorised vehicle. Cycle logistics is not new! Royal mail posties on a bike are history. Changing the urban landscape, Manchester city centre freight and delivery strategies in draft 2015. Is there enough width for the larger cargo bikes. How does the city develop the cycle environment

Richard detailed the International cargo bike festival- annually in April Holland Neimagan? Secure boxes are needed for parcel security.

And then delivered a case study on Cambridge cycle courier company, Outspoken delivery. They began 2008 with cargo B2B deliveries, including bio medical deliveries. B2C and C2C

The issue of consolidating the branded parcel services is very difficult. DHL and DHL or UPS would not have their parcels on the same vehicle. Consolidation collection points in Camden, bath and Bristol have not been financially viable. White label collection points. Are box collection points in public areas.

Doddle is consolidated brand service providers to collect and return parcels for the public.