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Winners summaries 2014 - Operations Office

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Steve Bruce CitySprint, Tom Walker City link, Paul Lathan Diamond Logistics.

Three Operations office winners for 2014 Average Age 41, typically 17 years service


Steven Bruce, CitySprint Operations Controller


2014 winner oo steve bruce citysprint


I could not ask for a better manager.

I was recently on holiday at a time that we won two new contracts. He took full responsibility for these and worked more than 30 hours of overtime in three weeks to ensure that the accounts were properly integrated. He learned the new systems at short notice and was instrumental in managing the accounts.

As a courier, a deputy, and a mentor, he has consistently proven his worth. His commitment to the company knows no bounds and he never lets up. The fact that he does all of this despite suffering from diabetes makes it all the more impressive and he is an inspiration to all of his co-workers in the Edinburgh office.

Steven started his career as a courier and so he really understands the challenges faced by couriers on the road and the communication needed with customers and the controller. He is an expert on GPS system and is always on hand to help couriers with any of their issues.

Steven was a great courier, as he stepped into office role, despite losing an excellent courier the company retained an outstanding employee when he came on board as a Customer Service Assistant. After a short period of time where he showed excellent customer service skills, he was promoted to Edinburgh Fleet Controller as well as becoming my assistant.

I could not ask for a better manager to be my deputy and Steven has proven his worth in all aspects of the business. As well as his day job, he runs office administration very efficiently and he is always on hand to help employees and to fix issues. He has consistently shown his dedication to the company.


Tom Walker, City Link, Supervisor


 2014 winner oo tom walker city link


The commitment and dedication shown is really astounding.

During December of last year he was suffering with stomach cramps during a shift at work. The pain became so severe that later that evening he was rushed into hospital with suspected Appendicitis. Doctors decided his condition was so serious that an emergency operation was required and during the night Tom underwent surgery to remove his appendix, an operation which proved successful.

This all happened in the run-up to Christmas, the busiest time of the year in the business and His passion for the job saw him return to his desk only six days after his operation. This is a clear example of an employee going the extra mile and more.

Mindful of the seasonal rush and concerned to ensure that his colleagues in the depot didn't struggle during the busiest two weeks of the year, Tom was determined to be there and do what he could to help his team. Obviously, given the fact that he had only just had an operation, we were mindful of what we could allow him to do in order to ensure he had a speedy recovery. We were very grateful for his assistance and his contribution to the smooth running of our Southampton Depot during the seasonal peak was invaluable.

For Tom to return to work so soon after his operation when he could have easily sat back and let Christmas pass by from the comfort of his home, we believe shows his dedication to profession, the company, depot and to our customers. This is just one of the many times when Tom pulls out all the stops to assist in anyway he can.


Paul Latham, Diamond Logistics, Derby Depot Owner


2014 winner oo paul latham diamond


Creating jobs and delivering a service to businesses in derby.

He is recognised for bringing the military skills to bear on the civilian industry and promoting the ease of which logistics can be transferred between the two. Creating commercial success in a new Derby Business.

Delighted to find that the Derby postcode was available he went ahead to step from army and join our industry. With help from the head office team he was able to get his business up and running within a couple of months, taking on the franchise in December 2013 he was trading immediately by the time he officially left the services in March 2014. He had already secured his business premises and, in February had employed a business development specialist (also with a military background) who had lined up two major customers even before the business had its first vehicle and opened the depot doors.

The Derby franchise has now been operating 6months and business is good. He had a three year plan to grow the turnover to £1 million but he's now revising that timescale to achieve the milestone within two years. 'It's superb being my own boss' he says 'but knowing that I'm part of a dynamic and fast growing network is a great motivator and tremendously exciting.'

Paul has adapted incredibly well to civilian life - showing how a franchisee model can ease the transition from the forces to self-employment in a profitable and growing business in just 6 months. Creating jobs and delivering a service to businesses in Derby.

Paul Latham joined the Army when he was 19 and served a 24 year term, including tours of duty in Kuwait, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. He became a driver by trade, rose through the ranks and by the time he finished his non-commission he was one of only 21 Master Drivers, supervising driver training and road safety plans for 72 units.

Nearing the end of his time in the Forces, Paul was looking for his next challenge and wanted to use the skills he had developed in his time in the army, including planning, project management, logistics, communication, training and development and, of course, driving! The prospect of franchising in the logistics industry appealed to Paul as he 'wanted to work for himself' so a franchise in logistics seemed to fit the bill. He looked around at the various options open to him and identified three potential franchise packages that were of initial interest.



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