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NCA 2017

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Sunday, 16 October 2016 19:12

NCA2016 4 Wheels Award - short summaries

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awarded to Gary Brewer APC, Allan Hayes TNT,  Errol Rodney Gnewt, Lizzie Thistlebank CitySprint

4 Wheels Award


nca 2016 4 wheels gary brewer 600

Gary Brewer receives his award from Carl Lomas, Chair IoC with Master Carmen Stephen Britt and Master Farrier John Peacock

Gary Brewer

Parcel Express Overnight  - Driver, Age: 29, Industry  2 years, Location: Plymouth

Gary has long been known in our company as the extra mile helpful person. Always willing to assist a new driver, help when someone was off sick and do a little bit more when asked.  So it came as no surprise when in January 2016, Gary Brewer helped rescue a couple.  
An elderly and vulnerable couple had become trapped in their vehicle in the rising flood water in Plymouth in their vehicle.  The water was within eight inches of the top of the roof at the time Gary rescued them.  He had to break the window with his arm, injuring himself whilst doing so.  Not only were the couple elderly but the passenger was also disabled.  When the ambulance arrived they said “we may not have been looking at such a fortunate result without his actions”.

Added to this nomination we want Gary to be recognized as a highly regarded colleague and professional. Proud to be a driver, wearing his uniform, keeping an immaculate vehicle, always spending time when other drivers need help he is a team player. Polite and friendly to all, customers and mangers alike!



nca 2016 4 wheels allan hayes 600

Allan Hayes receives his award from Carl Lomas, Chair IoC with Master Carmen Stephen Britt and Master Farrier John Peacock

Allan Hayes

Job title: Van Driver, TNT, Age: 71, Industry 6 years, Location: Byfleet

Determination not to let down the client or his fellow team. Working beyond the extra mile.

Alan’s priority is to provide a professional but personal service to all clients and is testament to the work ethic and commitment with which he approaches every single day. Alan has shown real commitment to the job and has truly gone the extra mile.

A great representative for our company Alan’s charm and level of empathy always delights our customers, who in many cases ask for him by name to make their deliveries. He demonstrated true professional values throughout his working time, always maintains an excellent level of commitment no matter how challenging the circumstances.



nca 2016 4 wheels errol rodney 600

Errol Rodney receives his award from Carl Lomas, Chair IoC with Master Carmen Stephen Britt and Master Farrier John Peacock

Errol Rodney

Job title: Van courier, Gnewt, Industry 2 years, Location:  London

He spent months meticulously planning and refining his route’s until he had formulated the most efficient ways to deliver the most number of parcels. Errol has the ability to build genuine customer relationships. He has built these on reliability and offering extra customer services such as calling customers if they are not in, to see if there is another suitable place he can leave their parcel for them.

Errol joined the company over two years ago with no previous experience of being a delivery driver. Unlike most new recruits, he wasn’t fazed by the challenge.

Errol is incredibly determined to constantly improve; extremely reliable and an integral part of the team. He is always the first to offer his help to other drivers and has often taken on more rounds so everyone’s objectives are met.

One of Errol’s most observed qualities is his dedication to do his job to the very best of his ability. From day one, he was determined to be the best delivery driver he could; so much so, for the first eight months he took home the map of his area every night until he knew it off by heart.



nca 2016 4 wheels lizzie thistlebank 600

Lizzie Thistlebank receives her award from Carl Lomas, Chair IoC with Master Carmen Stephen Britt and Master Farrier John Peacock

Lizzie Thistlebank

Job title: Van courier, CitySprint , Age: 39, Call Sign CB09, Location: Cambridge

Lizzie always looks at the bigger picture and focusses on ensuring that the client’s requirements are exceeded. Client testimonial cites her engaging to build the show stand she delivered exhibition parts for and achieving the final goal for that client.

Lizzie has been an inspiring member of the courier team for a year now. Her exceptional customer service made a significant impact on the service, and she was immediately identified as a key member of an elite courier team.
Her positive attitude not only impresses our key clients but has a positive influence on our courier fleet in general, especially new couriers, who benefit from her “can do” approach to any job in hand.  In addition, Lizzie is always keen to grow her skills by adopting speciality work and undertake training sessions.


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