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NCA 2017

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Sunday, 16 October 2016 19:09

NCA2016 President's Awards

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NCA 2016 Presidential Awards NCA 2016 Presidential Awards

The four Presidential awards for 2016 are, Client Collaboration - awarded to UK Mail, Courier Team awarded to Hermes, Corporate Safety goes to Swift Despatch Liverpool and Services to Industry is awarded to Justin Moore FIoC CitySprint.



Corporate Safety Award

nca 2016 corporate safety 600

Vince Friery accepts the award for Swift Despatch from Mike Brown MVO, TfL with Lord Falkland, Mark Davies FIoC, Stephen Legg and Master Carmen Stephen Britt and Master Farrier John Peacock

Swift Despatch Liverpool

In 1984 Swift Despatch was started as the town's first motorcycle courier company; a ‘one man band’. The owner and director quickly realised that he would have to rely on other people to succeed and took the conscious decision to always look after his employee’s. Investing as much as the company could afford rather than how little it could get away with meant ‘Investing’ in each staff member.

The team has increased year on year and personal development for every team member has been the building blocks for personal as well as company development. From Office Junior or Motorcycle Courier to becoming Company Director individuals are invested in and safety of all is at the core of this development.

Health and safety is not just for the office or warehouse; the company sees the investment of ‘safe driving’ as the corner stone of driver development and the delivery of their service to the client. Drivers as well as office members attend workplace Health and Safety courses but in addition ALL and that means every driver working for the company is involved in ongoing Institute of Advanced Motorist driving courses.

The company invests in the individual driver paying in full for relevant driver training that develops their skills to be safe on the road. With a team of drivers and staff members like Stephen Legg the Health and Safety manager, this company is confident that their drivers are employed to be safe as well as efficient. Investing in ‘individual’ safety development that repays the company by the safe delivery of their service.

This company has been singled out as a business investing in development of individuals by their local council business awards of excellence and the CILT transport awards for excellence and today we recognise the contribution and investment that this company makes into each and every driver to become a safe driver.


Client Collaboration Award

nca 2016 client collaboration 600

John Nolan FIoC accepts the award certificate for UK Mail from Lord Falkland with Master Carmen Stephen Britt and Master Farrier John Peacock

UK Mail - John Nolan FIoC

UK Mail achieved success when their client asked to provide a two day definitive service to meet their customer demands. The collaboration between client and express service was deemed such a resounding success by all involved – the client, committed to a longer-term contract that spurred the client to ask the express service company to reduce their costs even further by implementing a sorting service as well.
"I am extremely pleased with how the implementation went and how quickly we have been able to make the cost savings outlined to us. The service has helped us to achieve our business objectives."  
UK Mail has achieved more than we expected and because they listened to us our company and our clients benefitted. A collaboration that gave us more than we expected, they provided an excellent service so we could.


Courier Team Award

nca 2016 courier team 600

Wendy Davis accepts the award for Hermes from Lord Falkland with Master Carmen Stephen Britt and Master Farrier John Peacock

Hermes - Wendy Davis

This team of professionals were specifically formed of senior employees handpicked from different departments, working closely together to develop and execute a precise strategy that led to our most successful peak season to date. The team having to factor in the many variables and site co-ordination for sortation and delivery.
The specialist team of experts all taken from different disciplines having not worked together before. Their teamwork proven by each member maximising their own skillset and taking responsibility. The success of the team was demonstrated by realising the most efficient and successful peak season to date (30.3m parcels in December). The Service levels were raised; despite a growth in volumes. Client reviews over the peak period reflected positively. “Our experience with the company through the peak period has been exceptional”

The team, headed-up by Ashley successfully integrated members from across different departments. Each member had their own area of ownership and provided necessary insight and expertise required to meet the demand.

The success of the team led to understanding the priorities for the 2016 Peak Planning & Delivery review which; it included - Improve IT Infrastructure - Understanding client behaviour and communication and the all-important question of, How many couriers do we need? This team were brought together, working together and delivering together for the customer.


Services to Industry Award

nca 2016 services to industry justin moore 600

Justin Moore FIoC accepts his award from Mike Brown MVO, TfL with Lord Falkland, Master Carmen Stephen Britt and Master Farrier John Peacock with Jeffrey Ritterband FFIoC

 Justin Moore FIoC

Justin has worked in our industry for over 20 years.  He evolved from his original industry beginnings as a DHL customer sales assistant. First job after school but keen as mustard to succeed. This first job igniting the passion in Express logistics. The industry bug was imbedded in his soul forever.

His passion being a quality that for him also means commitment, giving each and every job role his personal devotion to do the best he could for the client; something Amtrak benefitted from. His personal commitment making sure his company offered the best possible service to the client. The client being always at the forefront of his commitment to service.

Business Development, Sales, Marketing opportunities are listed as his skills on todays ‘social media’ sites but closely followed by innovation. He is not afraid to be the instigator of innovation, will put himself in the firing line when he truly believes it will make a difference and should be done.

He continues to show the excitement of getting his teeth into something new, continually looking to innovate, evolve and support the growth of the industry through development. Whether the innovation is technology, systems or operating processes he is driven, committed and passionate about the development of people.

The Institute of Couriers became involved with the government initiative called Trailblazer. This was led by the government department called Business Innovation and Skills; three words that describe fully this individual’s commitment to the industry. Supporting his business, innovating to succeed and looking to develop the skills of those working for our industry.

He has led and increased the wider industry awareness of this very event. Chairing the judging panel of the National Courier Awards. He has taken the lead to chair the employers group for Express Courier Trailblazer, he has successfully seen the ideals of all employers come to fruition by the Express Trailblazer standard being recognized at level 2 and level 6. This meaning skills development for all individuals whether a driver on the road or a senior member of management in our industry.

Without his passion or commitment to this project, supporting individual professional development for the industry; the industry would not have achieved this Trailblazer recognition.  The industry has benefitted from this individual’s passion, his innovation and his commitment to skills development of individuals that work in our industry.

Patrick Gallagher, CEO CitySprint commented on Justin Moore's Services to Industry win

I would just like to say how proud I am of Justin for this richly deserved recognition and I am so pleased that a number of his colleagues are here tonight to witness this honour. We, of course, know all about Justin’s quality’s and I am so delighted these have been recognised by the industry as a whole. Justin’s passion knows no bounds and is truly infectious. Coupled with staunch sense of integrity and fairness, he really is the perfect person to represent CitySprint and the Institute of Couriers. So, Congratulations on-behalf of everyone in the CitySprint family.


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