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Monday, 26 October 2015 02:22

NCA 2015 - 4-wheels - short summaries

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Four Wheels category National Courier awards 2015

2015 an exceptional group of National courier awards nominations shortlisted, Presented by Sarah Bell, Traffic Commisioner for the West of England



25 year service, client testimonials, teaching others, passing on skills for the next generation and even driving routes regularly in different countries are highlighted in the four wheel van driver category that sees one individual at the young age of seventy!

Four Wheels.

Mandy Freedman     Sameday Van Courier with Rush Same day  W1

nca 2015 4 wheels mandy freedman rush

Mandy is often requested by customers who appreciate just how careful she is with their goods and has become the real go to person when there is a job that just has to right.

But the standout reason I feel Mandy is truly worth this nomination, is due to her complete and full understanding that we’re in a service industry and just how important the courier’s role is in the relationship between us and our customers. When a client knows they can call in and request someone by name for a delivery that is incredibly important to them you know you’ve got an exceptional courier.

Martin Gibbons            GLH Van Courier, Call Sign Tango 67 working London

nca 2015 4 wheels martin gibbons glh

Martin has a faultless attendance record, a helpful attitude make him a favourite with Control and clients alike. Client says ‘an extra big thankyou to Martin.’ In the last 12 months Martin has had two commendations of particular note;

Katrina wrote in to praise Martin, as she felt he went far beyond the call of duty during a particularly awkward and fragile delivery of a valuable scale model and added that it had been a pleasure to meet him.

Richard  wrote in to ask us to say AN EXTRA BIG THANKYOU to Martin when he spent a day with them ferrying around staff and props for an important photo shoot. He said that not only was Martin patient and helpful with his staff, he also possessed a wonderfully calming influence when dealing with the photographers and models and ‘you know how they can be’!?

Jason Kefford, city Sprint Same day van courier & team leader for drivers, Call Sign: NR08 Location: Norwich

nca 2015 4 wheels jason kefford citysprint

Jason has always gone the extra mile and is loved and respected by  customers and staff. I could not think of another courier more deserving in recognition.

We had a project this year involving Danone, which required time-sensitive deliveries over the summer weeks. This involved following stringent rules around Tube stations in London in order to get a large account with the client. Not only did Jason show up with a great attitude in London at 3am, but he took full responsibility for organising the safe delivery of over 30 pallets a time. This meant coordinating multiple lorries with a staggered delivery time to pin point precision, and was a job I would not have sent any other courier on because of the importance of the customer. He performed this flawlessly, resulting in a very happy and satisfied customer.

Colin Martin,             TNT Same Day Driver, Age: 67, Location: Ramsbottom

nca 2015 4 wheels colin martin tnt

Colin is a model driver, always fully uniformed, punctual, flexible and extremely pleasant at all times. On one particularly hectic week a resource issue was created by a bereavement, which impacted three of the key drivers on the highly demanding Banking contract. In order to maintain the service levels, Colin volunteered to stay late on a busy Monday for a last-minute cover driver to collect freight and return to the depot, so he could then check it all in on debrief. The following evening, Colin covered an extra run into Bootle as no other resource was available. He also did the same on the Wednesday, despite having completed his working day.

Colin has demonstrated flexibility on so many occasions; he always goes above and beyond in order to help the team. Colin was needed to deliver an insulin pump, address details were incorrect and determination saved the day.  Colin avoided what could have been a desperate situation for patient, proving what a great example he is of persistence and dedication as one of our most respected contractors. Colin is valued by the company, other contractors and importantly our customers.

Gareth Morris,          DX Van Driver & Team Player, Location: Shrewsbury

nca 2015 4 wheels gareth morris dx

Driving in two countries, but commitment beyond driving,  sorting systems, checking trunking, in and out and seeing scans are completed. Saturdays he is back in to help with routes and phones. Gareth’s commitment to the Depot is second to none. He is the first driver in, normally leaving his home in Welshpool @ 04:30 Monday – Saturday (6 days a week) to get here for 05:15. Once the trunk arrives he gets stuck in and helps unload the lorry, helps to do the sort, then helps to reload the lorry with the empties. He then assists in scanning the routes up, while preparing his own route.                                                                                                                               

His normal route consists of SY23 / SY24 / SY25, but due to poor driver performance, he now takes out SY15 – SY20 as well as his own route, so an increase in around double what he normally does, averaging 70 stops in 2 countries !! He still gets finished around 17:30.                                                            


Clifford North              APC Sameday Van Courier who is also training the next generation working from Scarborough, Yorkshire, 20 years in industry.

nca 2015 4 wheels clifford north

Yorkshire driver for twenty years with strong client testimony, Cliff supports the next generation as he  teaches new drivers on their Epod handhelds.

2014 saw this company celebrate their 25th year of Serving Yorkshire. Part of that celebration included Cliff North completing his 20th year of continuous service.

Cliff currently covers the Scarborough area of the YO postcode and customers look forward to his Christmas ritual of wearing his Santa hat whilst completing his round each day.

Roger Paisley,  DX Sameday Van courier, Exeter

nca 2015 4 wheels roger paisley

Roger Paisley is one of the longest serving drivers on our 3.5t fleet, having started through the agency and driving a company 7.5t vehicle out of our site in Dawlish.

Roger will do whatever it takes to achieve the service level required.  He is the type of driver who hates to bring deliveries back to the Service centre. His returns are the lowest recorded on the depot. Add to that, he has the largest square mileage of any driver in the Exeter fleet, most of it villages with only a couple of towns, yet he never has trouble getting the deliveries done, including regular collections at the furthest point from the depot.

Silviu Pristavu, Same day courier for city Sprint ,  Call Sign: PL18, Location: Plymouth

nca 2015 4 wheels silviu pristavu citysprint

Silviu creates family within the team he gives outstanding service to our clients and dedication to his fellow couriers. Whilst bringing an excellent work ethic to the job.

He readily volunteers to take on additional work as he recognises how important this is to managing and sustaining long-terms accounts. He has exceptional skill at planning, collaborating and executing complex jobs with efficiency. He also brings a zest for life and contagious energy to the job that engages all of his colleagues by bringing a buzz to the office in the morning and evening.

Sandra Shepherd            Van Courier, age 70,  City Sprint Call Sign: LE10. Location: Leeds

nca 2015 4 wheels sandra shepherd citysprint

Seventy years old, ‘She is always pleasant and easy to deal with and she never complains, just gets on with the job. Her work ethic is second to none and throughout my time I have never come across a more dedicated and professional courier. I would be delighted if her contribution could be recognised by the body which she has served so well.’

A controllers super star with client testimonials working out of Leeds. LE10, Sandra, is a true professional. She always has a smile on her face and is always available for work. She regularly works 7 days a week, which is especially commendable given her years, and remains constantly diligent and extremely positive. Our colleagues in Out of Hours are always quick to praise her and all refer to her as a “superstar”. I know that she has received praise from several clients who are impressed with her attitude and her work ethic. On a personal and professional level, she is loved and respected by colleagues and clients alike. If we have a new client, we call LE10!!

Balbir Singh (Bill)                    DX Van Courier / 4 Wheels, Years In Industry & Company 25, location Bristol

nca 2015 4 wheels bill singh dx

Bill has put the years in with dedication of customer service that has delivered too many client testimonials to list, so dedicated to the clients, senior controlers statement sums it up ‘Bill, 25 years, our customers are his customers.’

Controller, ‘I have known Bill to have a family function in Germany so his family attended before hand and he completed his Sat route and then flew out and returned on a late flight Sunday to complete his route on a Monday Morning.

His attendance over 25 years beyond excellent as well as his attitude to deliver to our customers (his customers) in all weathers /conditions /fuel shortages or strikes.

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