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NCA 2019 Two Wheels Award

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Fernando Lopes de Silva - Addison Lee

Ailton Sena - Addison Lee



Fernando Lopes de Silva - Two wheels Driver, Addison Lee

nca 2019 2 wheels Fernando Lopes de Silva

The first nominee Fernando has been part of the Courier Family since August 2015 Since his arrival he has been very popular with all the team and clients. He makes peoples lives easy by the way he goes about his work.

He is just the perfect day to day courier. Always willing to do what is required. Out in all weathers on two wheels, never shy’s away from any job and in some cases sees it as a challenge. Always works with a smile and is the ultimate professional.

One of the unsung heroes of the courier fleet, who without our fleet would be a lot poorer. I hope this gives you a reflection of the value we put on this candidate. 


Ailton Sena - Two Wheels Rider, Addison Lee

nca 2019 2 wheels Ailton Sena

Our second nominee has been a courier since 2009, he came to the company inexperienced but willing to learn.

Within no time he has grasped the nettle and was one of our top riders. Always willing to do what others were shying away from, his theory being, work hard and do whatever is given to you and I will always be able to pay the bills and eat well.

In September 2013 he was stolen from the couriers by our car department, much to the annoyance of the courier team. Again he was a big success and very popular with clients but he became bored with life in a car and some of the people he had to deal with.

But in January 2016 he came back to the family of couriers. This time as a van driver. we are delighted to have him, he is still a very hard working man who will help anyone. He is the kind of courier that the team will say “wish we could have lots more like him” just because he makes everything easier for everyone.

He has never delivered a baby, made citizen’s arrest or saved a life as far as I know, but because of his attitude and professionalism he has certainly saved the day on many many occasions.



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